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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

@golden beers, Man you traded your Soundtracs topaz for a Soundcraft delta? Seems like a downgrade to me? Then again you can't take a guy who owns a Mackie 32x8 seriouslyhidz Neato 'keyboard racks' - that looks like a home jobbie? Got to look into that as I have like over 6000$ (just the jp6 &...

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Your philosophy about a HW-based gear setup for electronic music?

...and a drawmer 1978 stereo compressor (generally on the mix bus). I have all that running into an old soundtracs topaz (macro) 24 channel mixer, which has the drawmer on the master insert and running into a pair of genelec 8030A's and/or a tascam dr-05 recorder. I have a load of other stuff...

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Soundcraft LX7ii vs Auto vs Sountracs Project 8

...between this 3 that are in a similar price range and similar good condition: Soundcraft LX7ii 32 Soundcraft Spirit Auto 24 Soundtracs Topaz project 8 24 24 channels is more than enough for me. I just want good sounding console (the less noisy the better) to use with an Apollo 16 mkii. Any opinions on this will be...

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