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THE SERIES 6000 MIXING CONSOLE. The Series 6000 Is the first of a new generation of consoles designed to meet new standards oi perfor- mance that wlli outstrip any digital equipment available now or in the loreseeabie future. We believe thatthe specifications attained are unique for this class of console. Input facilities Include Individual phantom power, phase reverse, low-cut filter, 4-band sweep EQ, and 6 independent aux sends. Also provided are programmable muting, and solo-ln-place as well as PFL The output modules include monitor sections with 2~band E0, two aux sends, and PFL and ON swit- ches. The group summing amplifiers use an advanced hybrid discrete/Integrated configuration that re~ duces mixing noise significantly. The vital mix summing amps use similar but even more sophisticated low- noise technology. The Series 6000 attains its performance by utilising Innovative concepts and circuit configurations (some of which we have patented) rather than by using expensive components, making It highly affor- dable despite Its sophistication. Almost all of the electronic parts are Industry standards and widely ob- tainable; it Is their application and arrangement which Is special. A newly developed Input preamplifier covers the complete mic gain range of 2 to 70 dB with a single control, eliminating the compromises Inherent in using input attenuators. The common-mode rejection sets new standards, remaining extremely good down to low frequencies where it is most necessary. The Line gain range is from ~10 to + 20 dB and accepts aii the usual operating levels without Internal adjustment. The Soundcraft Active Panpot Is a unique system that renders panpot operation virtualiy perfect. The panning law Is generated by law-synthesis techniques that give a much closer approach to the theoreti- cal sine/cosine characteristic than the conventional ’resistor-bending' method, giving smooth panning without level shift. The left-right isolation when panned hard over is also improved by 25 dB or more, an important consideration for any console that routes In pairs. The Series 6000 is available In both 16 and 24 bus formats; these differ only in the number of output modules fitted and the number of routing switches on the input modules, and this manual applies to both versions. The Series 6000 is primarily intended for recording applications, but also performs superbly in live/PA work. Its high CMRR, proprietary grounding system, and ground-cancel mixing techniques make It highly resistant to hostile electrical environments. The frame is built to the normal Soundcraft stand- ards of extreme robustness for live consoles and can easily cope with the demands of life on the road. in this type of use the output module monitor sections are conveniently configured for use as ef~ fects returns either to subgroups or the main stereo outputs.


Relab releases the VSR S24 Plug-In

...spaces. It goes fine next to Lexicon and Bricasti (imo). Just a different color and character. Google VSS 3/4 and System 6000 if you are interested to know more on what to expect from this plugin (or hardware). Practically you are hearing this reverb in i dare to say 80% of all production especially in...

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Kush Novatron?

...I didn't have time to brake. The car I hit was only partially in my lane, it was a 6000 pound SUV and I hit it hard enough to lift it's ass end off the ground. My radiator was vaporized, literally nothing left. Somehow, Sarah & I walked away without a...

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Sytek MPX-4 vs Soundcraft 6000 pres

I used to own a Sytek years ago... Now I use a Yamaha MLA-8 for extra channels. Twice the channels at half the price. My problem with replying is I have no idea how good a Soundcraft 6000 preamp is. You may be fine with what you have.

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