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CONSOLE FACILITIES & GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The Soundcraft 3260 is the second of a new generation of consoles designed to meet new standards of performance. We believe that the specifications attained are unique for this class of console. Input facilities include a full—range microphone preamplifier of advanced design (patent pending), a versatile noise gate, 4—band parametric EQ, and 12 independent aux sends. If all 32 group buses are not in use, a further 8 mono or 4 stereo aux sends may be generated on buses 25—32 by use of the RTG facility. 4 programmable mute buses, true solo—in—place as well as PFL and AFL are provided. The output modules include monitor sections that have almost identical features to the inputs, including noise—gate and 4—band EQ, 12 aux ends, (as 2 stereo and 8 mono) and a 106mm fader. The group summing amplifiers use an advanced hybrid discrete/integrated configuration that reduces mixing noise significantly. The vital mix summing amps use similar but even more sophisticated low—noise technology. The master section consists of the following modules: 1) Aux master and oscillator. 2) Effects-return and communications. 3) Control—room / Studio monitor and Phones—mix (CSP). When only 24 outputs are installed a further module is fitted to accept the extra sends that use group buses 25—32 via the RTG facility. This high-group module has similiar facilities to the aux master module. The Soundcraft 3200 has been designed for rapid but flexible operation. Master controls are provided for mic/line; tape/group, and Line A/Line B input switching, supplemented by local override of each function on every module. Global pre/post aux switching is included; the console may be changed from having 12 prefade sends to 12 postfade sends in three seconds. The Soundcraft 3200 attains its performance by utilising innovative concepts and circuit configurations (some of which Soundcraft has patented) rather than by using expensive components, making it highly affordable despite its sophistication. Almost all of the electronic parts are industry standard and widely obtainable; it is their application and arrangement which is special. A newly developed input preamplifier covers the complete mic gain range of 0 to 70 dB with a single control, eliminating the compromises inherent in using input attenuators. The common—mode rejection sets new standards, remaining extremely good down to low frequencies where it is most necessary. The Line gain range is from —10dB to +20dB and accepts all the usual operating levels The Soundcraft Active Panpot is a unique system that renders panpot operation virtually perfect- The panning law is generated by law—synthesis techniques that give a much closer approach to the theoretical sine/cosine characteristic than the conventional ’law—bending’ method, giving smooth panning without level shift. The left-right isolation when panned hard over is also improved by 25dB or more. The Soundcraft 3200 is available in both 24 and 32 bus formats; these differ mainly in the number of output modules fitted, and this manual applies to both versions.


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