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YOU’VE GOT THE POWAIR POWAIR was designed to be a smarter, more natural sounding compressor. It’s a dual-stage loudness leveler / compressor / limiter powered by a novel, proprietary compression engine which provides greater transparency and control than ever before. The first stage is a K-weighted loudness leveler, perfect for leveling a voice-over or auto-adjusting the level of different pieces of music. In its second compression stage, POWAIR uses an innovative gain detection and reduction engine, capable of fast gain changes with minimal distortion and adaptive response to the source. The unique Punch feature enables full control over the transients’ levels during the attack stage, making it possible to shape the transients’ lengths while keeping peak levels under control. And in an industry first, POWAIR features Adaptive Compression to maintain an average compression action, adding intensity and glue while keeping the natural dynamics of the recording.


Sound Radix releases POWAIR plug-in

Sound Radix releases POWAIR plug-in Sound Radix, the company behind plug-ins such as Auto Align and Drum Leveler, has announced their newest plug-in POWAIR is now shipping. They are offering a superb introductory price and a chance for everyone who purchases POWAIR a chance to win free plug-ins. POWAIR is in their own words "a smarter,...

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Sound Radix releases POWAIR plug-in the manual. Therefore I've suggested in my original response to your ticket: Having said that, we are aware that the POWAIR user manual could use improvement and dive deeper into its features and use cases. After all, it's not just 'another' compressor. To address that, we recently hired a professional writer to completely rewrite...

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TrackSpacer - First plugin by Wavesfactory

...down below the regular controls so you don't lose the analyser when you're tweaking attack and release. Refer to Soundradix Powair as an example of what I mean

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