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The Sony DPS-V55 is a four channel multi-effect processor with 20 bit quantisation and 48kHz sample rate to yield outstanding audio quality. Four channel construction – The Sony DPS-V55 is outfitted with four inputs (and outputs) and can route the input signals in a variety of different ways depending on the chosen effect algorithms and program structures. Flexible effect algorithms and program structures – The Sony DPS-V55 incorporates a total of 45 different effect algorithms divided into three different types: 4ch, 2ch (stereo), and Mono-Pair. Each effect contains several adjustable parameters and can be easily modified. In addition 2ch and/or Mono-Pair effects can be used in combination within a program, and the program structure can be switched between serial and parallel, allowing you to take full advantage of the four channel construction. User-friendly operating environment – A primary concern when creating the Sony DPS-V55, was to provide an intuitive operating system for creative sound control. All effect parameters can be accessed directly using the EDIT PARAMETER buttons. Large memory banks – In addition to the 200 different preset programs (numbers 001~200) created by musicians and engineers from around the world (preset memory), there is also room for you to store up to 200 of your own original programs in the user memory (numbers 201~400). We’ve also included a search function so you can recall the programs you need without having to remember their program numbers. Search function – The search function lets you locate programs you want by specifying the type of effects they contain. TAP function – The TAP function lets you adjust certain parameters simply by tapping on the ENTER (TAP) button. MIDI compatibility – The MIDI interface lets you conduct program change and data save operations.


How Many Slutz Here Been Bit by the DIY Bug?

...console. Completed my Living VCO PCBs. Recapped the PSU on my S900 and installed my Cap'n Crunch modification. Stuff on my bench now: Sony DPS-V55 - awaiting new rotary encoder + recap Akai Roberts 770X preamps being overhauled and modified for use as mic pres and power amps for recording synths. Bogen Acoustamaster CT-35 - recap, transformer balanced output added,...

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Shimmer... before “shimmer” was a thing

I did a bunch of research on how Eno did it, and then tried to mimic it. With lots of experiments that were loads of fun this is what I have discovered. Also please know I have a thing for collecting old cheap rack units and make heavy use of them. The first thing to keep...

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Built-In Effects on Synths

Peter Koppes of The Church does. You can still see his Sony DPS-V55 on stage now. That Quad Chorus is the only digital chorus Ive heard that I loved. The V-Synth has both digital and "analog" phasor effects that knock my socks off. They're both awesome to my ears. The Alesis Ions 12 stage...

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