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Sonnox Restore is a very capable suite of three plug-ins designed for highly accurate audio restoration. Its advanced algorithms and novel features allow fast and extremely effective removal of pops, clicks, crackles, scratches, hum, buzzes and background noise from virtually any recording without damaging the important 'wanted' audio content. INTUITIVE With their intuitive interfaces Sonnox Restore's plug-ins are incredibly quick and easy to use. The DeClicker has a unique dialogue mode and 'exclude box' for retaining wanted audio; the DeBuzzer has 3 frequency ranges and real-time tracking for wandering problem frequencies; and the DeNoiser with its independent de-hisser offers powerful real-time broadband noise reduction.


Iosono anymix pro outside Nuendo 6

Agreed - but the point is they will work outside the original host application..... BTW, are they 64-bit? I ask as the Sonnox Restore bundle is still only 32-bit & bridged.

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Sonnox Announce iLok Cloud Support And An Extra Licence For Your Second Computer

...subscribe to the Sonnox Newsletter for news about forthcoming compatibility. There are no current plans to enable iLok Cloud authorisation for Sonnox Oxford Restore, Pro-Codec and Codec Toolbox products.

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Best EQ & restoration/remastering tools in 2020?

...all others (no budget for that), but besides Cedar I can only think of Izotope RX. I also use the Sonnox Restore suite which gives pretty good results. All other tools I have tried seem to produce noticeably inferior quality results. In terms of EQ, I still use algoritmix Red and Orange, but I...

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