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Sonimus Britson is designed to emulate both the workflow and sonic character of analog mixing consoles. While inspired by a classic British 8014 console, Britson has a personality all its own. Britson was modeled to impart that classic warm, open, three-dimensional sound.

  • Britson can be used subtly or aggressively (to overdrive virtual or real instruments).
  • Two Saturations modes: Normal (subtle distortion, high dynamic range) and Fat (hotter signal, lower dynamic range).
  • Optional Stereo Crosstalk feature creates a sense of depth and three-dimensionality in your mixes.
  • Filters (both low and high pass) are tuned to sound sweet and pleasant to the ear.
  • Saturation can be disabled to use Britson for trim and metering purposes.
  • Buss instance has three color modes to use in your master track: Default no color, Master loudness and Master bright.
  • Instances can be "grouped" creating the possibility of affecting all instances by making changes to just one.
  • With zero latency, no group delay, and careful optimization for low CPU consumption, Britson allows for a remarkably high number of multiple instances per session.
  • Internal 64-bit floating point double precision.
  • Hassle-free installation. No activation or serial. Each buyer receives a personalized copy for use in the studio, on the laptop, etc.


Sonimus Britson Console coming soon

I believe so. Satson, as I understand it, is "inspired" by SSL. This by Neve 8014. I really like Satson. I hope to really like Britson. :)

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United Plugins presents: Front DAW by Soundevice Digital - Free for a limited time

...for)...... and you guys wonder why GS suffers from a brain drain.....Yikes! I use it with VCC and Britson that I did spend money on, and consider well spent...... Wonderful and useful tool.

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Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

I got Sonimus Britson, and Fuse Audio Labs VC-864U and VC-25A, all for about the same $99 as the SHMC. Kind of impulse buys, we'll see how they pan out. Heard good things about the Britson, and I like the Fuse Audio guy's other work, so wanted to give him a shot. Good sales! Also...

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