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Beamer is a Creamer and Berliner crossbreed, having one channel of each. For engineers and producers who want to pack the maximum tonal flexibility into a single unit, Beamer is a God-sent solution! Having two amazing, yet different tube channels ensures excellent results in any recording situation! Channel 1 gives Berliner’s stunning detailed sweetness, whereas the Creamer side, thanks to it’s feedback free gain stage, yields the maximum harmonic coloration, without ever sounding dirty or fuzzy. Instrument (DI) input on both channels. XLR Line inputs and input line transformers are omitted on the standard version. The line inputs can be very handy on the Beamer, though. They give you a chance to run balanced line signals through the preamp. Add color to recorded tracks. Plug a mic into the Channel 1, then feed a compressor with it, and then in turn feed the second channel from that compressor. If you put the 2nd channel into the pentode mode and drive it just below the clipping point, you’ll get a very saturated, in-your-face sound that’s about to explode! Try this on a rock or blues vocal.


Akai Professional is about to kill Native Instruments

...calculations or take your MPC to the record company and show them a business plan presentation with the build in beamer. I've also heard they build in a cam so you can make selfies while beatmakin <-KILLERFEATURE (with this AKAI will also kill Apple and Samsung. They are on a killing spree) peace

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Microphones or mic pres?

...consistently produces obvious sonic differences. I’m usually A/Bing a pair of BAE 1073 MPF against a sonic farm Beamer (combo of two different tube pres) as well as the Redd mic’s built in pre. I rarely find the differences between these subtle.

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Which gear setup for recording a concert band?

...stuff sorted out! but prepare for a different mic position (and the use a mic boom on a clamp): the beamer and center speaker usually fight for exactly the same position as the main mics (and recordist mostly seem to loose this battle)! in hoc signo vinces...

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