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Bitspeek is a real-time pitch-excited linear prediction codec effect. Right now you are probably thinking, "oh, another one of those"? Or perhaps not. Chances are that you have never heard about "linear prediction", although most of us use it daily when we talk on our cell phones. Linear prediction coding is a voice compression technology that appeared in commercial products in the seventies and was implemented in some well-known speaking toys of the early eighties. We have applied this technology to create a VST / AU effect plug-in that analyzes audio, extracts a number of parameters (including pitch, volume and formant data) and then resynthesizes the audio using a simple oscillator, noise and filter architecture. We have added a number of playback parameters that adjusts the pitch and tonal quality of the sound as well as support for MIDI and a beat-synchronized "formant freezing effect". Despite having only a few simple controls, this box can produce a broad range of sounds from cheap speaking toys to high-end vocoder and talkbox effects.


What's in your software collection??????

...for effects) Tone 2 Saurus u-he ACE effects Celemony Melodyne Editor Cytomic The Glue FabFilter Micro, Pro-C, Pro-L, Pro-Q, Saturn Ohmforce Ohmicide PSP Echo, OldTimer, OldTimer ME Sonic Charge Bitspeek Togu Audio Line TAL-Chorus-LX (haven't used this one yet)

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Izotope Vocalsynth released!

...thought this would be an "instant buy" for me, I will continue to rely on Waldorf's Lector and Sonic Charge's Bitspeek for my "vocoder"-esque needs for the time being. None of which will stop me from upgrading to Nectar 3 when it's released one day. :)

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iZotope Creative Suite and VocalSynth 2 Now Available

I bought the upgrade but haven't tried it out yet. I own and like Bitspeek by Sonic Charge more than the CompuVox module in VS1. I'll have to compare it to VS2. I know they say that there are "sonic improvements," but I wonder what that means specifically? Anti-aliasing? Something else?

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