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To improve my songwriting and productions I'm taking some time to learn more about music theory - specifically the chords in a...

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jeffreyheart 13th February 2012
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I just want to share this moment with you... :) Song 1,4,5 and 6 is a Co-write with Evan(the artist). I hope you like it....

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antepop 12th February 2012
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Greetings, I am currently part way through the proccess of writing group of songs that will form an EP to be released later...

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restpause 12th February 2012
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I would give my left lovesphere, all my accumulated instruments, all my money and a fair bit more to have the quality voice that...

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Alex2002 11th February 2012
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Greetings guys and gals. I am a songwriter/rapper/producer, and I am looking for a female singer to sing a hook that I have...

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themainbitch 10th February 2012
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One thing I really enjoy doing is putting music to other people's words (if they're good) and, once in a blue moon, vice...

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DavieB 9th February 2012
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Hey curious what everyone's opinion is on this mix/song. Thanks!

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DavieB 9th February 2012
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My latest upload enjoy! Leroy "I Am A Man"

Leroy Miller
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DavieB 9th February 2012
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I am just getting started in writing music for music licensing catalogs. I've got around 40 cues sent to 4 or 5 different...

Troy Engle
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Troy Engle 9th February 2012
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I found this on YouTube earlier, never knew it existed but glad I found it. It is a really interesting discussion of Radiohead's...

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Virgil 8th February 2012
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Evening, all! For a couple of years I've been doing a project, whereby I write a song every day on weekdays, and posted most of...

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DrBlowThingsUp 7th February 2012
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Hello People! I dunno if Im posting this in the correct forum, but this seems to be the most appropriate one. I am looking for...

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pedrogoya 7th February 2012
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Hello to everyone, hope you are well, I have a question about a song I am learning. It is in the key of C. Chords in the intro...

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1964 6th February 2012
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Hi, does anyone know who to contact regarding clearing a sample @ Capitol Records?? Hope you can help! Thanks in advance!!

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Paulie Storm 6th February 2012
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Hi. I wondered if any of you clever people might have any thoughts on these lyrics. Lyrics are easily my weakest link - I...

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creegstor 5th February 2012
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Just curious how other forumites come up with their vocal melodies and phrasing. I've never really used my voice as an...

sam adams
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jpoprock 3rd February 2012
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Why is this pleasant to the human ear? Yeah it's overused but it's beautiful..... right?

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Happy Musicfan 3rd February 2012
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Does anyone know how to work around legally when borrowing a melody? Not sampling, but taking someone elses melody, with new...

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Happy Musicfan 3rd February 2012
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Hey, Do you know The fastest guitar player is José del Rio (Chile) who played ’Duelling Banjos’ at a speed of 250 bpm in Las...

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andrebrito 1st February 2012
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So I'm looking for artists that use diminished chords as frequently as possible, but also tastefully. Just wondering if anyone...

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andrebrito 1st February 2012
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So I decided to make a new song that sound a lot like the 80's. I have use the 80's drum set in my Fantom G. They sound good! I...

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grace24 31st January 2012
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Can one perform and record older jazz standards with their own lyrics added? These are songs that had no original lyrics. Do...

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Brent Hahn 31st January 2012
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i-v-vi-iv in the key of C = C minor - G minor - A minor - F minor ... correct ? I-V-vi-IV in the key of C = C major - G major -...

Happy Musicfan
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theblue1 31st January 2012
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Hi, This is not really a songwriting question, but I don't know where else to post it since it doesn't fit any of the forum...

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HeimBrent 31st January 2012
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This might be of some interest to others as well, but does anyone know of a guide or website that lists what would be considered...

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jeremy.c. 30th January 2012
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So I'm writing & recording some new songs at the moment and I'd love to work with a string player over the net. I have some...

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marcreeves 30th January 2012
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I wasn't really sure where to post these as they have ceased to be demos, but yeah, any and all feedback welcome. Tiny...

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Butcha 29th January 2012
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Are my songwriting skills any good? I feel so free like a dove gliding in the air Shoot me down and I will Only beg for more...

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Travis3Miller 29th January 2012
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brockorama 28th January 2012
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Ok so I sang my first song yesterday. Recorded. Found "my" key Transposed my track Melodyned it to...

Danny Zuko
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hJocelyn 27th January 2012
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Hey, do you think you are the best as a Musician! Actually, many bands are looking for new talent.

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ml692787 26th January 2012
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Anyone want to collaborate on writing parts for songs? I am hindered in my abilities to play guitar and sing. So, I send you...

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ml692787 26th January 2012
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Do you get it? How do you deal with it?

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Unclenny 25th January 2012
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Sometimes I get stuck in my songwriting. I think all of us do. Here are some things I do to get unstuck: 1) Listen to music I...

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MuzoBlog 25th January 2012
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Since we have the songwriting section today, I guess I'll start with lyric. One of my way of writing is to absorbed into other...

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Wiguan 24th January 2012
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Just an idea... It would be great if we could try to assemble a master list of chord progressions, BPM's, etc from all major...

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Dz7 24th January 2012
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Hi, I have a problem which is hampering my progress. I am not sure what causes it, but am gonna guess there is an unhealthy...

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EmuChicken 23rd January 2012
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After mis-reading Wiguan's thread title, I thought "is there any merit in just bashing out a first draft and rolling with...

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Blast9 22nd January 2012
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How about a thread on songs that have great lyrics? There some songs out there that will never be considered great but have the...

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Murphster 22nd January 2012
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At least for me anyway. I have no problem getting the initial idea. The challenge for me is to create other material that...

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Unclenny 22nd January 2012
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Hello, all! Is there a way of finding out if these chaps are legit? TAXI: record deals, publishing deal, film TV placement,...

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initialsBB 21st January 2012
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Authors and Musicians... I have had some people tell me that composing music is easy, and that anyone can do it. Yes, anyone...

Danny Zuko
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Benprogfuse 21st January 2012
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I wrote this new track. The basic part is a Gmajor to a Cmajor. Pretty much ur basic I to IV pop structure. So I tried a whole...

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Kierkes 21st January 2012
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I like most go through a process before I start writing (although sometimes not!) I normally listen to 3-4 songs to get a vibe...

Danny Zuko
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baskervils 21st January 2012
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Hey guys, My name is Marcus D' Tray, I have produced records for Trey Songz, Maino, Style P, Jeezy, Gorilla Zoe, Sheek Louch,...

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PeteGJ 20th January 2012
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Hey Everyone, I'm doing a research study on people who record their own music. If that's you and you're 18 or over and...

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adampatrickbell 18th January 2012
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Hola songwriters! Producer/songwriter here. Have some tracks that need specific styles of toplines. Please send me a PM with your...

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bossman 17th January 2012
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Hi All! Cool to see that this songwriting forum is here now, this is just something I was looking for. I am interested in...

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- Michael P - 17th January 2012
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Who here writes list-songs? "My Favorite Things," (music: Richard Rodgers, lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein) being a...

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fret_burn 17th January 2012
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uh auw eee-ah Eaeiouuuu! I'm currently doing a very interesting rather intense song writing collaboration in the Prog Metal...

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Blast9 17th January 2012


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