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I'm trying to advance the drum tracks I'm using (one repeated loop, mainly). What is the easiest way to do this? I have...

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Lenzo 21st February 2013
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Anyone recommend an app to help with lyric writing? Something like Masterwriter but in app form and at a sensible price?

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J.Good 21st February 2013
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Just crawled out of the vortex of gear research and feel like I've lost hours and days of precious time (I have!) I'm here...

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sad computer 20th February 2013
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Hey guys, new here. I spent the day at a studio an hour away in Grand Forks, and here's what we came up with! Looking for some...

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pinkheadedbug 17th February 2013
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Hey folks. I started a blog a few weeks back covering the components of songwriting from the independent solo musician's...

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raygun01 16th February 2013
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1.if i harmonize a melody must be all melody notes, which start on a downbeat, part of the harmony chord? do you I know...

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AldenW 16th February 2013
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Get Discovered—Send Your Best Song to Avid and Abbey Road Studios Does anyone else have a problem with this: 7. Grant of...

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Dave.R 15th February 2013
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My band is recording an EP soon and the producer/engineer recommends I actually write out one of my guitar solos instead of...

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SirEarl 13th February 2013
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So basically I started a website called The Lyrical Challenge. This is a place where lyricists post their work and the best...

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LyricalChallenge 13th February 2013
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Hi, I thought I would start a thread to see of anyone here knows of any good services for non-musicians that might be of use to...

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theblue1 12th February 2013
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Hey all, I've been thinking a lot on the idea of limitations in writing, and how they can be a blessing. A good example from...

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Lee Knight 12th February 2013
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I'm looking for writers for numerous placement opportunities in genres such as Pop, Dance, Commercial radio - Billboard Top40. I...

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EdvinR 11th February 2013
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Hi everyone, I'm writing electronic pop music and I thought I'd try engage a vocalist for a track. Now I've tried working with...

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Ain't Nobody 11th February 2013
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Im having trouble starting off the intro lines to a verse on this beat. I just need two bars. The song is a rap by the way. The...

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Emos Eno 11th February 2013
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I'm not sure if this is entirely the right place to post this, but I really need your help. I've entered a contest to have my...

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Daniel Munro 11th February 2013
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I don't know a whole lot about piano theory but now I'm probably gonna have to. I know a decent amount of scales but how exactly...

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Herr Weiss 10th February 2013
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christabagg 9th February 2013
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Lust | MUD records It's not a question you can answer easily because you haven't heard my earlier work BUT ....... what do you...

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mudrecords 9th February 2013
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Cecil Womack has passed away. He wrote the best song ever. BBC News - Cecil Womack: Soul star dies aged...

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theblue1 9th February 2013
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Hi. Wanted to kick off a thread on useful Youtube clips for songwriters. Heres two start it all off. Keep em comin :) Regards...

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danerius 7th February 2013
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My band has recently just picked up a new member who is into heavier bands than I am (We Came As Romans, The Ghost inside, etc.)....

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abaga129 6th February 2013
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i make music using hardware sequencers and synths mostly, i am having a real problem making leads that work well, the way i...

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pinkheadedbug 5th February 2013
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Invaders - its a guitar track im working on

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j0el 4th February 2013
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So I'd like to hear some feedback I get some here and there and each person is helping me out. I thank you and I hope you...

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Royaldeadman 4th February 2013
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looking to make jam tracks with backing track and tab available etc feedback welcome...

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j0el 4th February 2013
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Just wanted to put up some samples of a few tunes I've been helping a friend get together for his inaugural solo EP. It's a very...

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prontold 3rd February 2013
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this is just a Guitar pro rendition of a song that I wrote. I would like to know what you think. thanks. (also, the end bit of it...

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Abuzle 3rd February 2013
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Hope the link works. I've been a but more ambitious with this, and would be interested to hear any and all opinions. The...

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Abuzle 3rd February 2013
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Hia,would really like some feedback on this song and performance if you get a minute. As you can see I payed very little...

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Pezz 3rd February 2013
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new owners just bought my building where i live and have my studio. Im trying to mobilize the tenants to hire lawyers and protect...

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boneshowell 2nd February 2013
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Seriously. I don't know, and how do I make it one?

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Abuzle 2nd February 2013
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The working title is Radiohead but what suitable suggestions do you have for the real title? Just to be clear Boring **** is not...

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mudrecords 2nd February 2013
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Wslawson1 2nd February 2013
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the singer and acoustic guitar types? just wondering, i write songs, but they are electronic, not sure if its appropriate here,

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dionysiananarchy 1st February 2013
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Hi guys, I am in bit of a sh***y situation. I like music, no, actually I love music and really have a feel for it, but I lack...

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Lee Knight 1st February 2013
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This belongs in the music business forum but its closed. My apologies if this post is out of order. I recorded a cover for a...

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drycappuccinoguy 1st February 2013
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Here by hellpmeimhungry on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I hate using fl studio drums, and id...

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triode 30th January 2013
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Can anyone suggest some artists who fall under what some people call "smart pop" or experimental pop. I feel stupid...

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spaceman_spiff 30th January 2013
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I'm working on some new stuff, and my melody line tends to gravitate towards the chords I'm playing. I've heard from a few people...

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KatCraig 29th January 2013
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I recently went into writing a song for an artist and ended up falling in love with the track because it fits my band quite...

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brendanmachow 29th January 2013
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Do you have any examples? For instance in "Lady of the Valley" by Mike Nesmith the verses start with V7/V (edit:...

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pinkheadedbug 28th January 2013
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composing for tv commercials and jingles is getting boring for me because everyday I get same kind of film to score. trust me I...

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Eq_1084 28th January 2013
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there's this one in particular recently that i've noticed alot during the WHOLE OF ****ING 2012, that has really drove me...

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pinkheadedbug 28th January 2013
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Hello world kfhkh, I have been looking around here and there for the ultimate chord guide website or poster and cant...

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theblue1 27th January 2013
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If any of you have time, I would be really grateful if you could have a listen to some of the tracks I have recorded over the...

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Piano1888 26th January 2013
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Hey guys, so I been producing trap music and mainsteam music but I want to learn to make some music that Warren G would spit...

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skinnypete 26th January 2013
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Hey slutz, Last night I got the sudden urge to compose this. I guess it could be described as an exercise in tonality. I...

Karma supply
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Karma supply 25th January 2013
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Hey there, let me know what do you think about this semi-song! LOL Just Kidding - Skullmonkeys (Z) - YouTube

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brockorama 24th January 2013
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By "pure" I mean that he doesn't sing in the songs, just write them. For me the title goes to Max Martin. Here's a...

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Avatar for timtoonz
timtoonz 23rd January 2013
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I have 2 questions please: 1. Does the modern demo CD consist of 4 original songs? 2. While I have written songs myself in...

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maestro 23rd January 2013


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