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Huge props to the Gearslutz Gods for providing this forum! This is a thread to post rough demos of songs, for critique NOT of...

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Mr Funk 9 hours ago
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a 'finished' demo thread which would include comments on performance. This would be for demos which are intended to go to...

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BlackwingGabriel 11 hours ago
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Hello everyone, I'm songwriter, I sing and play guitar yet I define myself more as a lyricist, poet, melody generator and...

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soldat 10 hours ago
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This thread is a time machine constructed for the purpose of revisiting and reimagining the 1980's songwriting scene, an...

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Herr Weiss 3 days ago
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Adam Wedd teamed up with Jake Jones at Metropolis Studios in London to deliver this exciting pop remix breakbeat version of...

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antonioki 5 days ago
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I tried to reach out to the moderators to maybe change the topic title of the old thread to re-purpose it. I didn't get a...

Mister Fox
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Mister Fox 6 days ago
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My voice chronically hurts for over 10 years. I sang Nirvana songs (this is extreme screaming a lot) when I was younger. What...

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Oldone 6 days ago
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Hello! It seems like nobody want to be in a relationship nowadays. And even if they were it must be mutually beneficial. They...

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CupcakeKitten 1 week ago
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Hello, My friend is Ashley K. Davis has 30+ years experience in music as a professor, artistic director, administrator &...

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boombapdame 1 week ago
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Hi Mainly acoustic based lighter rick, vein of say mellencamp, back to the 70's singer songwriter Was hoping for...

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trock 1 week ago
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So in the absence of the rough demos thread and seeing as I felt there wasn't a place for just posting your quick sketches anyway...

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The Noodlist 1 week ago
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8 Years...

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Somasu 2 weeks ago
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My music is FINALLY being sold after 4 years of making music. Here's a compilation of my best soundcloud songs that you can...

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Somasu 2 weeks ago
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is there an actually good-current songwriting forum? no offense, just don't like the culture on this board. thanks

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RayHeath 2 weeks ago
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nevermind the demo thread is open

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Seattle 2 weeks ago
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Hey we just started a new discord for songwriters to meet, and find collaborators. There will be song analysis events in the near...

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Totigerus 2 weeks ago
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This thread is for the purpose of having those who ONLY want critiques of their songwriting. That includes all aspects of...

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wagtunes 2 weeks ago
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Hello, I’ve been trying to identify what this synth sound is called and where can I find it YouTube It can be heard...

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daka 3 weeks ago
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Hey guys, I tend to write pretty quickly. I feel best about a song when I spill it all in like under an hour or two (first few...

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EvgenyStudio 3 weeks ago
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They’re Coming To Take Me Away always was a hoot. Especially the B side.

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musicus 3 weeks ago
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Somasu 4 weeks ago
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Is there some creative souls out there that want to write lyrics for my...

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mdme_sadie 4 weeks ago
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Hey! So what does everyone think of lengthy songs consisting of two or more smaller songs, that tell the same story or have a...

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Hyder boy 4 weeks ago
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The music can have the best build up in the world, and I can listen to the same track on repeat for days, but they bore me faster...

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johnorionsound 1st May 2020
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Hi everyone, My first album featured both rock songs with vocals and a rather classic strucutre, and instrumentals which did...

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Ph1lby 29th April 2020
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The real deal, finally.

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aaronsmith 27th April 2020
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I'm an upcoming artist from Buffalo, NY that delivers a sound anyone can relate to. Anything to compliment the vibe, "In My...

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dimosz 27th April 2020
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i dont see a whole lot of punk on this forum, then again i haven't done much but a quick gloss over this forum. i wouldn't be...

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Swansonic 26th April 2020
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Hey guys. I'm involved in a music collective project aimed at raising cash for health workers worldwide. It's going live via...

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liquidmuse 26th April 2020
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Canadian songwriter Joel Plaskett singing a newly finished song, for all the people out there saving lives. Really nicely...

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Pyeguy 26th April 2020
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Hi everyone, I have decided to launch a Youtube Channel "Mix It Up" to share my lessons learned as I try to improve...

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jonlint 25th April 2020
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Caetano Veloso - Terra gMsSrxGwW8U

Herr Weiss
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Herr Weiss 22nd April 2020
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Hello everyone, my question is quite complicated, I ask you to treat with understanding without jokes. In general, I have...

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remle 21st April 2020
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I went around for years saying, "Oh, my influences are far too expansive to list." Until some time ago, I realised that...

johnny nowhere
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KellMartin 19th April 2020
Avatar for axisdreamer

Not sure where to post this so I'll start here.. I am curious if anyone on this forum has a connection to Eddie Kramer or the...

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axisdreamer 16th April 2020
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I would like members of the Community to give their opinions of Rap Music... I am fully aware of all the negative connotations...

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Pezz 13th April 2020
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Hello there, would appreciate some of your tips for songwriting, please! 1. what comes first music or words? 2. do you...

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9xSound 13th April 2020
Avatar for dimosz

Shantonio, a new music hiphop icon on the rise. released his new single “Summer Baby” a summer song anthem! Check the link...

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Pezz 13th April 2020
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Hey people Been a while, hope everyone is well! My daughter wrote and recorded this with her ukulele, she’s 12 and has done a...

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Pezz 11th April 2020
Avatar for AnalogObsession

Hi all! I want to share my recreation of Jakuzi - Koca Bir Saçmalık with you all! Hope, you like it! Please, tell me...

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AnalogObsession 8th April 2020
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For songwriters like myself who are looking for radio promoters for their music, I wanted to share my experience with one radio...

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gogglesdown 6th April 2020
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Somasu 5th April 2020
Avatar for EasyToAssemble

Hopefully I've picked the correct forum for this, as it's more of a sampling copyright question. I'm looking to shamelessly...

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EasyToAssemble 3rd April 2020
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Atlanta, GA native Dapper Dev, is a rare talent who has music for every mood. His latest project “RapDap SapDap” does an...

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dimosz 31st March 2020
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Emergent Narrative compels you to breathe in the atmosphere of an interactive dimension. Though still mostly nitrogen, the air is...

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dimosz 27th March 2020
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Remmeh, a 23-year-old rapper has recently entered the music scene and his remarkable talent is surely going to take him places....

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dimosz 25th March 2020
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What's going on my name is YNG Brady, a new artist coming out of the midwest. My new song "So Wavy" has just been...

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dimosz 23rd March 2020
Avatar for suburbanbeat

So I've long loved the sounds of 60s middle-of-the-road orchestral pop. It's been a goal of mine for a while to learn how to...

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SingerSongWriter 23rd March 2020
Avatar for auxReturn

I'm in a situation where someone has given me a song they have written which includes all lyrics, the chord progression and the...

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360studios15 21st March 2020
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Hey, this is a song I just released as part of a 3 part EP called Wav3s. The track is called On...

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dimosz 21st March 2020
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A new artist from Massachusetts, present new track tell you from his self titled e.p, with a different perspective in rap/singing...

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dimosz 20th March 2020
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Hello! Check out this awesome live mix of this guy, he is really amazing Dj Have...

replies: 0 views: 526
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dimosz 19th March 2020


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