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a 'finished' demo thread which would include comments on performance. This would be for demos which are intended to go to...

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mikeg09 4 minutes ago
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Huge props to the Gearslutz Gods for providing this forum! This is a thread to post rough demos of songs, for critique NOT of...

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IGotWorms 1 hour ago
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I would like members of the Community to give their opinions of Rap Music... I am fully aware of all the negative connotations...

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Captain 8 14 minutes ago
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I went around for years saying, "Oh, my influences are far too expansive to list." Until some time ago, I realised that...

johnny nowhere
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Ed Driscoll 16 hours ago
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For songwriters like myself who are looking for radio promoters for their music, I wanted to share my experience with one radio...

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gogglesdown 1 day ago
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I have a feeling that this may have been discussed here and there before, but I have been preparing to release a bunch of stuff...

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theblue1 1 day ago
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Hello there, would appreciate some of your tips for songwriting, please! 1. what comes first music or words? 2. do you...

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9xSound 1 day ago
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Somasu 2 days ago
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This thread is a time machine constructed for the purpose of revisiting and reimagining the 1980's songwriting scene, an...

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Herr Weiss 3 days ago
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I tried to reach out to the moderators to maybe change the topic title of the old thread to re-purpose it. I didn't get a...

Mister Fox
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Mister Fox 3 days ago
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The music can have the best build up in the world, and I can listen to the same track on repeat for days, but they bore me faster...

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Kozmos88 4 days ago
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Hopefully I've picked the correct forum for this, as it's more of a sampling copyright question. I'm looking to shamelessly...

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EasyToAssemble 4 days ago
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Atlanta, GA native Dapper Dev, is a rare talent who has music for every mood. His latest project “RapDap SapDap” does an...

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dimosz 1 week ago
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Emergent Narrative compels you to breathe in the atmosphere of an interactive dimension. Though still mostly nitrogen, the air is...

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dimosz 1 week ago
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is there an actually good-current songwriting forum? no offense, just don't like the culture on this board. thanks

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theblue1 1 week ago
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Remmeh, a 23-year-old rapper has recently entered the music scene and his remarkable talent is surely going to take him places....

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dimosz 1 week ago
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Hey people Been a while, hope everyone is well! My daughter wrote and recorded this with her ukulele, she’s 12 and has done a...

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Pezz 1 week ago
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Hey guys, I tend to write pretty quickly. I feel best about a song when I spill it all in like under an hour or two (first few...

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thehightenor 2 weeks ago
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What's going on my name is YNG Brady, a new artist coming out of the midwest. My new song "So Wavy" has just been...

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dimosz 2 weeks ago
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So I've long loved the sounds of 60s middle-of-the-road orchestral pop. It's been a goal of mine for a while to learn how to...

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SingerSongWriter 2 weeks ago
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I'm in a situation where someone has given me a song they have written which includes all lyrics, the chord progression and the...

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360studios15 2 weeks ago
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Hey, this is a song I just released as part of a 3 part EP called Wav3s. The track is called On...

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dimosz 2 weeks ago
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A new artist from Massachusetts, present new track tell you from his self titled e.p, with a different perspective in rap/singing...

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dimosz 2 weeks ago
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Hello! Check out this awesome live mix of this guy, he is really amazing Dj Have...

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dimosz 2 weeks ago
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Andrey Pitkin and "PromoParty" label present to you a new positive track "TALKING TO YOU". It was recorded...

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dimosz 2 weeks ago
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Today is the release of my album! Download at my Bandcamp page is free. I’d describe my music as singer-song writer, 90’s...

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iamexodusnow 3 weeks ago
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Hello all, Here is the music video for my recent single 'Eagle' which I produced. Hope you enjoy it! Happy to hear any...

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Val_Verrel 3 weeks ago
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In America right now, most people are self-serving, she pinched and void of empathy. They are divisive and lack understanding....

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theblue1 3 weeks ago
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They’re Coming To Take Me Away always was a hoot. Especially the B side.

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bill5 3 weeks ago
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A new artist that speaks on the struggle ,his music is lit catchy , dope beats and important content Check him...

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dimosz 3 weeks ago
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For me songwriting has been an individual, solo effort. I've never had the privilege of working in the same room with talented...

jason kalman
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Ronnieg 3 weeks ago
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Not sure where this guy is based out of, but I like the tune. I'm listening to way too much good Nashville lately. Someone help...

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Ronnieg 4 weeks ago
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rwhitney 4 weeks ago
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Hi, just finished mixing my new song. It's a cosmic-noir song. Lyrics are crafted from international or familiar words. So...

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funkyfuncker 4 weeks ago
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if it has already been written. Kind of like Paul dreaming Yesterday. He had to ask around. Could have sworn it was something he...

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littleeden 4 weeks ago
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I always wanted to find out how do famous swedish producers build melody. They are obviously very good at it. I somehow doubt...

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Desire Inspires 4 weeks ago
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A new dope artist Mo Work with out of this world bars coming from the US. Mo Work is here to stay with blazing tracks filled with...

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Desire Inspires 3rd March 2020
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I just discovered her. Really great performance. Great song. Great melody. Great words. Pays tribute to early 30's type...

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Pyeguy 3rd March 2020
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Talking about songwriting...I always really liked this one. These two girls basically have it, minus a couple ADR...

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Pyeguy 2nd March 2020
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My close friend named Will is the brain child of a guy that just so happens to be named Will. A Jacksonville, FL native that's...

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dimosz 2nd March 2020
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I'm looking to build my YouTube channel and want to start a demo review series. Send your demo to [email protected] for...

Fox Tracks Music
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Fox Tracks Music 2nd March 2020
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Hello Everyone, Apologies if a thread like this has been made. Anyway, I've been learning and making music for the past few...

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s wave 2nd March 2020
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This is a decent show for pop songwriting; considering it's on national TV. Are you watching? What are you likes and dislikes...

s wave
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Digiplex 1st March 2020
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Check out my friend and new artist from the United States with her amazing songs. Her songs are about breakups, betrayal, loss,...

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dimosz 28th February 2020
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I'm really curious what is it like? Or maybe you know someone who worked with him in some form? I'm super curious Any...

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greggybud 27th February 2020
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Somasu 25th February 2020
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I've been producing an artist in my studio - singer/songwriter/acoustic guitar. It's her song but I've put my own elements into...

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Kroy 24th February 2020
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Somasu 20th February 2020
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Made of Stone is a Los Angeles based Ambient Rock Band formed in the summer of 2019. Bitter Road is the 4th release by Made of...

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theblue1 20th February 2020
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Tonight i went to a open mic and just wasn’t feeling the atmosphere or the crowd i do more country and americana this place was...

replies: 9 views: 930
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standup 19th February 2020
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Hi everyone, I have some questions and finally decided to register here: So, I'm pretty successful producer/songwriter in my...

replies: 18 views: 1,081
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thehightenor 17th February 2020
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Hi, Could anyone post good examples of Hammond organ playing on Country and Americana music please?

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Dave Polich 16th February 2020


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