Gimme your inspirational drum nuggets
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Gimme your inspirational drum nuggets

Feeling in a rut with my playing, doing the same ol' same ol', need some inspirational grooves, solos, patterns, fills, etc.

Gimme your linkies. I don't care what genre.
Old 2nd March 2012
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So often in rock (my main genre) the snare always hits on the second and fourth beat. They'll mess with the kick pattern, they'll ham up the cymbals, but the snare is always 2 and 4. When that gets changed up, it changes the song's whole feel, and usually for the better. It stands out more than any other drum, shouldn't it have the most interesting pattern? A favorite example of mine is "a kiss to send us off" by incubus. He does a good job of mixing up straight snare hits with different patterns, especially on the interlude section.
Old 2nd March 2012
Lose the kit and piece it out... (a fun way to look at it)

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Old 3rd March 2012
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