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Large frame console. Released in 1979 onto the market this console was a huge success. It's full routing, bussing and recall capabillities were a change over the past generation of consoles. From the manual of the E series: "The B Series console achieved cult status amonstt those brave engineers who managed to understand the philosophy behind the system. Many of the initial users sent back suggestions about improving the console and the computer. So, in 1980, a third design went into production and was named the SL 4000 E Series Master Studio System. The new system was a giant leap forward, solving many of the operational limitations of the B Series. It was an instant success. As well as sonic improvements there were several changes to the routing system, enabling the small faders to be used as additionsal inputs to the main mix busses and as extra auxiliary sensd via the routing matrix. This doubled the number of inputs that could be mixed down to the main outputs as well as solving the problem of not enough aux sends. Changes in the signal processor routing also gave the system much more flexibility." From a Chris Lord-Alge presentation: "Then came the 4000 E (introduced in 1979), their „classic“ console which changed mixing forever. The E-Series was gradually developed into the very similar 4000 G (1987) and G+ (1993) while 6000 E and G and also 8000 G and G+ were added along the line. The 4000 has 4 mix busses (2 x Stereo, or Left/Right/Center/Surround), the 6000/8000 have 6 or 8 hence and were developed for TV/Film-Mixing. The early E-Series had the „brown“ 02 EQ on which the filters were at first always switched in, cutting extreme low and high end. They changed that and shortly after replaced the 02 EQ with the classic „black“ 242 EQ where the filters could be switched out completely. SSL ConsoleWhen they started calling it G-Series, it had the 292 G-EQ first, but after a while, on clients demands, most G-Series went back to the 242 EQ from the E-Series or a mix of both. The Channel Dynamics were kept pretty much the same from E all the way through to the G+, the only difference being different versions of the VCA-Chip. 1000s of changes where made between 1979 (first 4000 E) and 2002 (last 4000 G+ delivered which is now located in Atlanta/USA). Parts are pretty much interchangeable. You could fit an early E with some late G-Series cards and vice versa. The different revisions add up to create slightly different flavours. Roughly around 2000 of these consoles were made."


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...yet) Officially licensed D. W. Fearn VT-4 and VT-5 equalizers. Sand (9 with Ultrasync) - Solid State Logic 4000 G+ (Ea, black knob) and 5000 (Eb, brown knob) equalizer + SSL G Series Master Buss compressors (2 flavors) Scarlet MHE-400 (8) - Homebrew Sontec 432 inspired (close to the original, cleaner sounding) Tan (8) - IGS Audio...

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I just upgraded to the Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000 G for $24 USD. I don't mid the $75 voucher rockout

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