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A slightly dark and distorted delay has a way of giving a great sense of space and size to a mix without really drawing attention to itself. So that's where our Tube Delay gets in the picture. The controls are quite self explanatory, but it's the sound that sets Tube Delay apart from any other delay you have tried. The drive knobs add a wonderfully dirty distorsion and the tone controls are just sweet. There's actually three different tube stages in this model, each adding to the total sound. The tone controls are passive and add further to the distortion. Turn up the feedback while running, and you'll have the authentic dub echo madness! We of course added the possibility of tempo syncing the delay to your song.


Good delay plugin, any?

Can't believe no one mentioned Softube Tube Delay, yet. (Or Satin Tape Delay) And no one chimed in to say that manually copying is the way to go. What's up with Gearslutz in 2014? Jig

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Ten of the best Delay Plug-Ins

...& BBD Delay & ModDelay 3,D16 Sigmund,Grm Delays,PSP 42-64-608-N20,U-he MFM & Uhbik-D,Nomad BT Oilcan Echo,BT Tempo Delay,iZotope DDLY,Ohm Force OhmBoyz,OhmBoyz,Softube Tube Delay And many others sure HAhahaaaa hooppie

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Best Delay Plugins - 2018

I have most of the PSP delays, plus the D16 Sigmund and Softube Tube Delay. And I hardly ever use them, because Echoboy just works. (Although speaking of Soundtoys, one alternative delay that I do sometimes use is Primal Tap, because it has a distinct, usefully low-fi sound and an easy interface.)

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