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In general, the FET Compressor can be used for deeper gain reduction than you would normally use with any compressor. The reason is that even at extreme settings, the FET Compressor shows no trace of the pinched sound many other compressors make when you push them hard. This ability for strict gain control is not least useful on lead vocal tracks that need to be kept in the listener's face. The distortion also adds a nice grit to the voice, highly useable in rock mixes but in no way limited to that. Another common use for the FET is in drum mixing, where many engineers use it on room microphones, overheads or across the entire drum buss. Used this way, the FET Compressor has a way of bringing out a large, explosive sound in the Led Zeppelin vein. This is also an application where parallel compression is a useful technique, so we added the Parallel Inject control to facilitate this. To reduce kick drum pumping or let the bass guitar's low end bloom, use the side chain filter. But there are still many more uses for the FET. Bass, acoustic guitars, pianos - bring out some edge or use the compressor's fastest attack setting to round off any transients.


Alternatives to Slate Digital Plugins - List them here:

...only (and no bashing please). My list....... so far: FG-N = DDMF 6144 (emulation of the Neve Portico 5033). FG-116 = CLA 1176, Softube FET. FG-S = SSL Duende Channel Strip, Waves SSL CS. VCC SSL = SSL Duende Channel Strip + SSL Bus Comp, Waves SSL CS. VCC Neve = Sonimus Britson, DDMF The Strip (same eq as the...

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Compressor Battle: Softube FET, Slate & Waves CLA and threads I find for it are quite old. To complicate things, and being a (software) gear slut, the Softube FET Compressor has also caught my eye. I've read nothing but great things about it. I produce hip hop (male vocals) and am looking for something to use on the vocals, drums and master bus. Is...

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Free 1176 Hardware / Streamed Over The Internet

...had more weight! Couldn’t match the distortion in All Buttons Mode on Bass though. Interestingly, I tried Softube FET and thought I’d nailed it over the hardware - couldn’t believe what I was hearing, only to discover I also had Viridian Comp 3 enabled in series on the same track!! This is a...

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