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Avatar for andyisdead

Good day everyone! :D I plan to build a studio rack to hold my beloved gear. Searching on ebay I have found some cheap rack...

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Avatar for JasJackin
JasJackin 16th August 2015
Avatar for Hans Ekman

I'm searching for a cable between the MTA Intermix16 and its PSU, anyone know where I can get it?

Hans Ekman
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Avatar for Hans Ekman
Hans Ekman 16th August 2015
Avatar for Supraz97

I've heard about how XLR Cables can affect how well vocals are when you record. I want to know if this is true that good and bad...

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Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 16th August 2015
Avatar for tioconhuevos

Simple question... I'm using the preamps on my Rme Fireface 800 and they are ok, but they have only 50 dB of free noise gain....

replies: 4 views: 1,694
Avatar for microwave
microwave 16th August 2015
Avatar for trevor1030

Hi this is my first post but i am in a predicament here, i love my genelecs but wanted to get a pair of Adams A77x i fell in love...

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Avatar for trevor1030
trevor1030 16th August 2015
Avatar for nboaldin

I know there a million processes that go in to productions like these. But, if there are any overarching techniques or...

replies: 20 views: 753
Avatar for kennybro
kennybro 16th August 2015
Avatar for James Guitar

hi: just wondering what exactly the BPC-101 card is that was an optional install for the Eventide FL-201 flanger. any info would...

James Guitar
replies: 3 views: 764
Avatar for dfchandler
dfchandler 16th August 2015
Avatar for Xavier G

I have a friend that can get me some good prices on beyer stuff. Can anyone tell me if they have any great more high end stuff...

Xavier G
replies: 45 views: 7,117
Avatar for MarkVan
MarkVan 16th August 2015
Avatar for ryandfl

I'm in a situation where mixing with headphones is my best option. To do that well I'm thinking about getting a pair of...

replies: 6 views: 534
Avatar for jlaws
jlaws 16th August 2015
Avatar for Esemjayes

Hello there. I have been trying to recreate this guitar sound and I am no where close. I've been di-ing the guitar but it sounds...

replies: 24 views: 781
Avatar for Esemjayes
Esemjayes 16th August 2015
Avatar for Palaver

Hi all, I'm just curious as to why GearSlutz (and the Internet) in general is so quiet about the SPL Frontliner? It looks...

replies: 9 views: 1,790
Avatar for Earcatcher
Earcatcher 16th August 2015
Avatar for C0419

i have more money than i normally would to be able to spend a mic. around $300-400. so im looking for suggestions from $100 to...

replies: 3 views: 482
Avatar for ForeTee_hz
ForeTee_hz 16th August 2015
Avatar for dippy egg

Hello slutz! I'm looking for a little advice on changing my workflow from ITB to incorporate more hardware, particularly for...

dippy egg
replies: 5 views: 558
Avatar for dippy egg
dippy egg 15th August 2015
Avatar for lesmileage

Hi folks, Recently bought an RE 20 and a couple Nady Rsm-5s. I'm noticing a lot of buzz in all of them. They are...

replies: 3 views: 589
Avatar for MicDaddy
MicDaddy 15th August 2015
Avatar for mhartman

Alright. here's the deal. I've got a central station and a HSU Research STF-1 subwoofer. I've got monitors on monitor channels...

replies: 19 views: 3,920
Avatar for Prince Vision
Prince Vision 15th August 2015
Avatar for delaiah

Since this is my first post (although I've been stalking for years now :) ), I'd like to say "hello" to everybody and...

replies: 1 views: 491
Avatar for gainreduction
gainreduction 15th August 2015
Avatar for Stefbossa

Just wondering if NS10m users place speakers aligned or at an angle for best image balance and focus? What is your set up and why...

replies: 37 views: 18,270
Avatar for arvfur
arvfur 15th August 2015
Avatar for DaMead

Hi, I've used both these mics, and can NEVER find any real difference between the two. I have A-B'd them together with a TLM...

replies: 1 views: 3,888
Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 15th August 2015
Avatar for RoyFan

Hi All ! Going to be getting a mini moog and a roland juno 106 soon. My setup: Logic on a Mac (technically a...

replies: 6 views: 727
Avatar for TheBrightSide
TheBrightSide 15th August 2015
Avatar for uglijimus

I just realized I have an SM-94 condensor mic which I found after not using for 15 years (?!). My mixer doesn't have phantom...

replies: 4 views: 546
Avatar for cavern
cavern 15th August 2015
Avatar for LonDonsen

Please recommend an affordable stompbox or any 19" device for subtle, nice distortion. I can't afford an SSL or Neve...

replies: 19 views: 3,269
Avatar for nyandres
nyandres 15th August 2015
Avatar for Melodic Wave

Hi All, I was just thinking about a few items in my studio that were practically free that I now love to use. For example, one...

Melodic Wave
replies: 5 views: 530
Avatar for monkeyxx
monkeyxx 15th August 2015
Avatar for Rockinrob

Hey fellow GS. Quick question. When chaining together 2 compressors, one for leveling LA-2A type, and one faster for catching the...

replies: 5 views: 625
Avatar for sparqee
sparqee 15th August 2015
Avatar for illynoise

I bought an elastic band for the shockmount, it was 12 bucks for basically a big hair pony tail. Matter of fact I took it...

replies: 1 views: 638
Avatar for lizardville
lizardville 15th August 2015
Avatar for Hans Ekman

I'm looking for cable between mta intermix 16 and the PSU anyone know where I can get one?

Hans Ekman
replies: 0 views: 561
Avatar for Hans Ekman
Hans Ekman 15th August 2015
Avatar for zowno

I'm looking to purchase some new reference cans to use straight out of the front of my Mackie 1604. I'm pretty convinced of the...

replies: 1 views: 393
Avatar for zowno
zowno 15th August 2015
Avatar for Rob Coates

I'm only aware of one comp circuit that does both upward and downward compression simultaneously: The DBX 118, 119, 128 in...

Rob Coates
replies: 23 views: 4,219
Avatar for sbackdoor
sbackdoor 15th August 2015
Avatar for Dollydenko

Long time lurker first time poster - Who are some of the new up and coming Engineers especially in mixing? The guys/girls...

replies: 3 views: 594
Avatar for Dollydenko
Dollydenko 15th August 2015
Avatar for DirkB

I'm about to mix a singer/songwriter track where there is one acoustic guitar track that is the lead instrument track (apart from...

replies: 27 views: 1,302
Avatar for DirkB
DirkB 15th August 2015
Avatar for eor

so i just got one in and so far, i'm a little underwhelmed. i want to give it a fair shot so i thought i'd ask around and see...

replies: 0 views: 373
Avatar for eor
eor 15th August 2015
Avatar for beybus

Here's the pic: Looks kinda sweet, any idea what sort of gear is this? Cheers

replies: 1 views: 359
Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 15th August 2015
Avatar for BAW87

Hey all! I want to buy Native Instruments Polyplex. I have a Mac Book pro and am running Pro tools 10. I've tried looking...

replies: 4 views: 486
Avatar for BAW87
BAW87 15th August 2015
Avatar for Jack P

I've been digging the Helios UAD eq. There seems to be a few hardware issues on the market - Helios 500 series, Helios...

Jack P
replies: 14 views: 2,544
Avatar for Jack P
Jack P 15th August 2015
Avatar for evac

I've emailed 3 different addresses, called their customer support, sale rep and even their President. Most of the phone numbers...

replies: 0 views: 556
Avatar for evac
evac 15th August 2015
Avatar for Namazzip

I just got my new Audio Technica At4040 on a boom stand attached to my computer desk. I also vape which is as it seems - - -...

replies: 34 views: 3,949
Avatar for bitterasacid
bitterasacid 15th August 2015
Avatar for ADRunway

Hi all, Can someone give me their opinion on this wee dilemma? I have recorded an acoustc guitar (one mic) and double...

replies: 4 views: 442
Avatar for Liam Judson
Liam Judson 15th August 2015
Avatar for Jeff.calcaska

I own an API 6B lunchbox with VK rack ears and previously purchased an API 8B lunchbox with VK ears for the purpose of being able...

replies: 7 views: 603
Avatar for Jeff.calcaska
Jeff.calcaska 14th August 2015
Avatar for miguelyogur

Hello. I have been thinking for a while the best way to reamp guitars using my setup and I would like to see if someone can...

replies: 20 views: 3,016
Avatar for chainrule
chainrule 14th August 2015
Avatar for Gab_Azz

Bass DI


I am trying to build a home studio to record my band. I am trying to record the bass using DI sound only. At the moment the only...

replies: 49 views: 4,603
Avatar for kid.dom.
kid.dom. 14th August 2015
Avatar for hebjam

Just realized this guy produced Dylan, Velvet Underground, Simon & Garfunkel, The Animals, Zappa etc…....

replies: 0 views: 367
Avatar for hebjam
hebjam 14th August 2015
Avatar for d4sh

Hello, I'm looking for studio monitors. I have a very small studio and I produce house disco music, mainly pianos, retro synths...

replies: 10 views: 6,228
Avatar for ocharlas
ocharlas 14th August 2015
Avatar for Devon8822

I have always just recorded amps at pretty loud volumes under the assumption that it was supposed to sound better. I've been...

replies: 1 views: 523
Avatar for mbvoxx
mbvoxx 14th August 2015
Avatar for jderbyshire

First off, I'm cleaning up recorded audio from guest speakers. Running Noise Reduction in Audacity works fine, but...

replies: 0 views: 283
Avatar for jderbyshire
jderbyshire 14th August 2015
Avatar for funkytwig

Hi, I am posting here as I found a post ( from a long time ago where someone...

replies: 7 views: 848
Avatar for funkytwig
funkytwig 14th August 2015
Avatar for amit monga

i already have acqua honey. now i want to purchase my next acqua eq for mastering. should i go with ivory or green. i know they...

amit monga
replies: 4 views: 727
Avatar for Spigon
Spigon 14th August 2015
Avatar for Fakton

Hello. I need help with understanding. I have sansamp psa 1.1. How can I use it like amp and add it to effects chain before...

replies: 2 views: 591
Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 14th August 2015
Avatar for maxiedaniels

Using a Symphony I/O's mic pre, with a vintage U47: I've noticed with some singers, I will get a 'weak' sounding vocal.. thin,...

replies: 2 views: 499
Avatar for Farmboy presents
Farmboy presents 14th August 2015
Avatar for neep

I'm getting back to my first love, writing & recording, and I'm not sure where to start. It has been a solid 10 years. I need...

replies: 11 views: 784
Avatar for neep
neep 14th August 2015
Avatar for John_McEnroe

I use a pair of JBL LSR6328Ps and one of them has gone all muffled (I assume something is wrong with the tweeter?) but I can make...

replies: 2 views: 538
Avatar for intheairmusic
intheairmusic 14th August 2015
Avatar for reddux

Hello, I recently purchased Krk Rokit 5's and have them hooked up via balanced 1/4in TRS to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. After a...

replies: 3 views: 883
Avatar for Melodic Wave
Melodic Wave 14th August 2015


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