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I vote for "Gear Hoochie Mama" hidz

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Steve Smith 14th September 2002
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Hello all, What do you folks think are some worthy large diaphragm condensor mics in the well-under $1000 category? (Rode,...

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chessparov 13th September 2002
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hey eneryone- was in NYC now i'm back on a rock in the pacific, married .....whew! statement- seriously looking at pro tools...

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Bob 12th September 2002
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I'm pulling up a project i have to mix now and the singer sounds pretty thin, small, lacks some balls, etc. His performance is...

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chessparov 12th September 2002
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sweet life, my loan was approved so now i have $5k to spend on gear kfhkh, Plz help me spend it!! I run a small studio where i...

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Jules 10th September 2002
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Fact! Warming / Loudness effect PT plug in Almost certainly visable at AES (thats my geuss)

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Ckevperry 10th September 2002
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I'm about to commit myself to the purchase of a Cranesong192 HEDD and either a Manley Vari-mu or Pendulum ES-8 and an Alesis...

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Cape 10th September 2002
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What's some favorite 'lil' gadget(s) living in your studio? A few of mine are: Reamp Ebtech Hum Eliminator Sansamp Bass...

Tim L
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Tim L 9th September 2002
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I've posted earlier about putting a second rig together, primarily for our mobile rig. Thinking a 2nd TDM system out of reach I...

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jon 7th September 2002
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we continue the process of moving in to our new studio facility; me the old guy with a pile of analog gear and my new buddy with...

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Dave Martin 7th September 2002
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I really want one of these things...hittt (and I have never tried one)

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Renie 7th September 2002
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Can you guys suggest on FX units that has 4 independet ins/outs where I can rout each input to a different effect and to a...

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AudioGaff 6th September 2002
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Okay, the filter pro models the Mu-Tron III; Zvex Seek Wah; Oberheim VCF; Voice Box; V-tron; Electrix Filter Factory; Spin Cycle;...

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Paul Turpin 5th September 2002
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Good day Jules, I have been trying with my Masterlink to send Hard Drive material to an HHB-8oo CDR recorder. I have tried...

Mad John
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Mad John 5th September 2002
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Curiousity only: how are you guys set up business-wise? I mean, are you exclusive sole proprietors, or do you partners? ...

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RobMacki 3rd September 2002
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After reading this forum i was almost certain to go for the TLM 103 as my "vocals only mic" upgrade. I have to buy it...

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Jay Kahrs 2nd September 2002
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Hi everybody. I need a tip/advice I wont call myself a producer or mixer/techguy in this forum but im very into this ,and im...

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recorderman 30th August 2002
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Another one for you all: As mentioed before we pick up a HD1 and 96IO next week. The plugins shipping with it...

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Avatar for Jules
Jules 30th August 2002
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Anybody wrapped it around a lead voc and if so ... within what ganre ? How'd ya like it ? Any other impressions are welcom...

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MIKEHARRIS 29th August 2002
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I got involved in the tube preamp thread over on the Hi-End forum and realized that my off topic rambling really belongs over...

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alanhyatt 29th August 2002
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I get great ideas for mix strategies when taking a mid mix shower! I recommend it...!!! Anyone else have a 'mix break'...

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richmondj 29th August 2002
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Hey there. New guy posting here... I've been considering a pair of Soundelux U195's as a foundation for my little home...

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nother 29th August 2002
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What I am lead to thinking when some new 'must have' item "X" comes along is, along these lines... "All I need...

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Drumsound 26th August 2002
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MattiMattMatt 25th August 2002
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The next "LE solution", with a Firewire logo too. Also a picture of a control surface, and very tellingly all...

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Jax 24th August 2002
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Okay, who's backing up their sessions to what? (DAW, not console) 1) CD's 2) DVD's 3) AIT's 4) DDS 5) Exabyte 6)...

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Avatar for Mats Olsson
Mats Olsson 16th August 2002
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hey all, i just stumbled on this forum from the duc it looks great, and i happen to have a question- i live out in the pacific...

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alphajerk 15th August 2002
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Once in a while I wish I had some time to just "play" with the equipment (especially multiFX units), instead having to...

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Dave Martin 15th August 2002
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From RAP... Well, I put the RNP thru some of its paces yesterday and it's a serious contender. Lotsa neat little touches....

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Avatar for Gone Fission
Gone Fission 14th August 2002
Avatar for Jax

I've been itching to try this - the idea hasn't left my mind for about 2 years now, but I don't know how to execute it...

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Avatar for Jax
Jax 8th August 2002
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Apperently Altiverb, the plugin that does a similar reverb technique to the Sony DRSE-777 sampling reverb, will be released at...

joris de man
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joris de man 5th August 2002
Avatar for shox

I have to rent some mics to mic up a drum kit. I would like 2 room mics, 2 overheads, 2 snare, 2 bass drum, tom and hat mics. I...

replies: 7 views: 2,737
Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 5th August 2002
Avatar for cajonezzz

We've got an opportunity to pick up a Massive Passive at a great price and are thinking we'd use it as eq on insert for a few...

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Avatar for mwagener
mwagener 4th August 2002
Avatar for planet red

Anyone have any idea as to how much a mix+ with an adat bridge is going for on the used market? I've been abusing a digi001...

planet red
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Avatar for Jules
Jules 3rd August 2002
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Midlandmorgan 3rd August 2002
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If you don't already check out this site regularly, why not???!!

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Adam 2nd August 2002
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I´m mixing my first "paid" project right now and I have a few questions. Let me add that I´m working as a engineer...

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loudist 2nd August 2002
Avatar for Ol' Betsey

After e-cue's questions on another post I thought that this might be a good topic to expand. I know that I would like to hear how...

Ol' Betsey
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Ol' Betsey 2nd August 2002
Avatar for Volodia

it's here Can't wait to hear itkfhkh rollz

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Avatar for chessparov
chessparov 2nd August 2002
Avatar for SoundEng1

Hello Gearslutz This Speck EQ looks Intresting.Has anyone here used it?How does it sound.It looks like a bang for the buck.Any...

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Avatar for chessparov
chessparov 30th July 2002
Avatar for Coldsnow

OK, Both of these are from what I've heard (only) in the Neve sound range (and the 9098 was developed by R. Neve himself), both...

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Avatar for mdvirtual
mdvirtual 30th July 2002
Avatar for Jules

This guy dosen't dig drums hammering away.. His own music is steady in the Verses & choruses, but his 'inbetween' riffs...

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Avatar for Fibes
Fibes 29th July 2002
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Avatar for chessparov
chessparov 27th July 2002
Avatar for Midlandmorgan

Assuming all things are equal (which the never are), do you prefer to mix with a console/mixer/summing gizmo, or do you prefer...

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Ol' Betsey 26th July 2002
Avatar for vsl666


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Avatar for TinderArts
TinderArts 26th July 2002
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Gear folks!!!! I would like to buy eventide h3000 I think the ad/da converters are 16bit ... As I read in the broschure of...

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chap 26th July 2002
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GT Vipre


Hello Gearslutz I love to hear some opinons on the GT Vipre.Thanks

replies: 30 views: 6,657
Avatar for chap
chap 26th July 2002
Avatar for Jules

As technology creeps towards 96k.... Are folks out there looking forward to second hand deals on things like.. Pro Tools...

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Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 25th July 2002
Avatar for Gone Fission

I've been pondering this a little. I could probably have space allowed for a piano in the house outside of my allotted cave and...

Gone Fission
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Avatar for wurly
wurly 23rd July 2002
Avatar for Mercuri

I'm looking to get a balanced power setup for my studio (less than $2,000 preferrably) and I'm unsure what to get. I've got one...

replies: 26 views: 2,854
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digitaltoast 22nd July 2002


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