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Avatar for Winey

How often do you need to flip polarity on overs or toms? It seems like I used to be able to just flip the under snare and that...

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Avatar for Winey
Winey 25th May 2005
Avatar for Messiah

There are/have been many issues with this unit, but it recently came to light that all the odd inputs are offset by 1 sample...

replies: 36 views: 4,014
Avatar for werds1
werds1 25th May 2005
Avatar for dstole

Wondering if any of you have used both and which you would get if you could only afford 1 right now? Are they pretty...

replies: 2 views: 2,217
Avatar for Screws
Screws 25th May 2005
Avatar for electric

hi , i am about to submit artwork for my group's (and record labels) first release on 12". i am acting as my own...

replies: 3 views: 1,394
Avatar for Audy O
Audy O 25th May 2005
Avatar for bluetoneamps

Hi, I hope you don't mind me introducing the company like this, but I often use forums to make people aware of our existence! ...

replies: 0 views: 1,362
Avatar for bluetoneamps
bluetoneamps 25th May 2005
Avatar for TYY

I can hear in comparison to commercial mixes, that my mixes have too much energy at 500Hz. My monitors illustrate it quite...

replies: 38 views: 6,467
Avatar for thethrillfactor
thethrillfactor 25th May 2005
Avatar for audioez

your music collection... I've found that C.Lord Alge, T.Lord Alge, Steve Lillywhite, Hugh Padgham, Eno and Lanois are the bulk...

replies: 4 views: 1,874
Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 25th May 2005
Avatar for Bradahman

I want to use a RNC with my preamp. The preamp is balanced. I was told to use TS cables and that I would lose 6db's... Is this...

replies: 0 views: 1,707
Avatar for Bradahman
Bradahman 25th May 2005
Avatar for TyRip

Has anyone used these cables? I have been really...

replies: 1 views: 896
Avatar for TyRip
TyRip 25th May 2005
Avatar for Hammer v2

My partneris possibly getting a position in Bangladesh and I'd like to go with her. Anyone had any work experience over there? Do...

Hammer v2
replies: 0 views: 626
Avatar for Hammer v2
Hammer v2 25th May 2005
Avatar for Syki

How are you running your synth and line level outputs? Are devices such as the synth driver 2 or John Gaines rackmount boxes...

replies: 3 views: 2,912
Avatar for JonCraig
JonCraig 25th May 2005
Avatar for the1Hub

Hey Jim iam finaly getting around to doing the a/b test on a piar of c414buls versus a pair you moded for Ray Kimber. i went and...

replies: 12 views: 6,374
Avatar for lm66
lm66 24th May 2005
Avatar for largeunit

I don't have a Folcrum, but lately I've been experimenting with creating a few "stems": - vox - drums/bass -...

replies: 6 views: 2,538
Avatar for Ruphus
Ruphus 24th May 2005
Avatar for stinkpot

Have any of you TapeOppers heard anything about the PPA ribbon mic deal lately? I was hoping to try it out on a session this...

replies: 4 views: 1,462
Avatar for stinkpot
stinkpot 24th May 2005
Avatar for drmmrboy

Does anyone know if there is way to search attachments? I can't find the thread I'm looking for, and could use some suggestions...

replies: 1 views: 1,395
Avatar for drmmrboy
drmmrboy 24th May 2005
Avatar for octatonic

Hi all, Why dont we band togther and do a group buy? Next question is ... what? My vote is...

replies: 1 views: 2,154
Avatar for Slaytex
Slaytex 24th May 2005
Avatar for Bolt Thrower

It seems there is a general consensus that the actual A/D features of this unit are of good quality. But, I was wondering if...

Bolt Thrower
replies: 2 views: 1,300
Avatar for Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower 24th May 2005
Avatar for alphajerk

i am going to be renting a 48 channel RADAR system for the next album project i am working on. it has the nyquist convertors....

replies: 38 views: 3,739
Avatar for N.J.
N.J. 24th May 2005
Avatar for eligit

"speed of sound". song is ok. solid pop/rock single. but what do you guys think of that kick sound at the...

replies: 20 views: 2,604
Avatar for JBE
JBE 24th May 2005
Avatar for blackcom

I currently have a pair of Dynaudio AIR15. They have a nice rumble in the bottom and they are not to bright in the top, so they...

replies: 14 views: 2,289
Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 24th May 2005
Avatar for Beech

Could anyone comment on the usefullness (or otherwise) of either of these units? I fully realize they may not be state of the...

replies: 2 views: 6,083
Avatar for Dog_Chao_Chao
Dog_Chao_Chao 24th May 2005
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Avatar for Redsandblu
Redsandblu 24th May 2005
Avatar for iMAD

What is the most comfortable level ?

replies: 45 views: 3,401
Avatar for loopy
loopy 24th May 2005
Avatar for FMNYC

hey Jules, sorry for the "double-threading", i'm just trying to get folks attention. hey guys/gals; there's a...

replies: 1 views: 771
Avatar for FMNYC
FMNYC 24th May 2005
Avatar for TYY

I just got a Lucid AD9624 and a GenX6-96 thinking that I would get superior conversion clocking the AD off of the Genx. Does...

replies: 1 views: 1,000
Avatar for Teacher
Teacher 24th May 2005
Avatar for drew

and more importantly are you close to me?? MD/DC. I'm a PT user thinking I might want to go back to having a board, and the...

replies: 0 views: 799
Avatar for drew
drew 24th May 2005
Avatar for Peyton

ok its been hard try to make up my mind so heres what i want to know. Should i get the digi 002 or the mbox. I dont really need...

replies: 1 views: 1,969
Avatar for littledog
littledog 24th May 2005
Avatar for dreamaudio

Alright going into drum tracking tomorrow...wanted to get some advice...cause i want to make it is what I'm...

replies: 7 views: 1,112
Avatar for bpatural
bpatural 24th May 2005
Avatar for Peyton

as far as micing i'm using a SM 57 placed directly under the drum, but when i'm doing a sound check everything sounds right but...

replies: 46 views: 7,421
Avatar for TravisK
TravisK 24th May 2005
Avatar for C/G

I am about to throw down for a Gefell UM92.1s. I can get it at a real decent price cuz it was demoed for a very short time. I was...

replies: 17 views: 4,112
Avatar for Sounds Great
Sounds Great 23rd May 2005
Avatar for andre tchmil

Oh no not again. Are there people out there doing Rock productions , mixed ITB but with lots of outboard going in and out of the...

andre tchmil
replies: 69 views: 8,512
Avatar for Riad
Riad 23rd May 2005
Avatar for Jonk

Been listening to this one again for the past couple days. Jeez. I miss the old Beck. Anyway, in the past I've attempted to...

replies: 16 views: 3,984
Avatar for max cooper
max cooper 23rd May 2005
Avatar for Jules

1) I have needed a bulb in my UA1176 for about 2 years now and have been too lazy to fix it / order one, the meter needs...

replies: 67 views: 5,800
Avatar for 7rojo7
7rojo7 23rd May 2005
Avatar for Alexi

hi there, what do you guys think? is this a good...

replies: 1 views: 910
Avatar for philip
philip 23rd May 2005
replies: 0 views: 2,504
Avatar for paulcupido
paulcupido 23rd May 2005
Avatar for contramark

Hi Im planning to turn my apartment room into a studio this summer to record my rock/indie style project and Ive now realized...

replies: 7 views: 2,727
Avatar for Ted Nightshade
Ted Nightshade 23rd May 2005
Avatar for matucha

Anyone tried one? 1000 Euro, seems to be a nice...

replies: 3 views: 5,126
Avatar for 7rojo7
7rojo7 23rd May 2005
Avatar for Jules

Someone told me that George Lucas (who LOVES technology) has been telling actors that fluf lines something like this.. GL -...

replies: 3 views: 2,247
Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 23rd May 2005
Avatar for petsematary

Some of my pals have gear pals in the US. Pals or relatives that buy stuff and send it over, of course as a "gift" to...

replies: 1 views: 1,050
Avatar for orange
orange 23rd May 2005
Avatar for Drumsound

J Hall is going to mix one song for my band. I need to ship him the reel and I'm not sure if there are any safeguards I should...

replies: 1 views: 764
Avatar for brianroth
brianroth 23rd May 2005
Avatar for echo unit

Hello, I read in another thread that you own the Great River NV, Vintech X73 and the Chandler TG, as well you have tried teh...

echo unit
replies: 6 views: 877
Avatar for achtung baby
achtung baby 23rd May 2005
replies: - views: -
Avatar for jdunn
jdunn 22nd May 2005
Avatar for jaye b

Just out of curiosity: Whats the difference between the two in therms of sound? i'm looking for a card to record in...

jaye b
replies: 1 views: 1,530
Avatar for fifthcircle
fifthcircle 22nd May 2005
Avatar for marcin

Hi, Which software offers best quality? I need to slow down little bit an audio track, which is 6 minutes long. I have tried...

replies: 13 views: 1,857
Avatar for largeunit
largeunit 22nd May 2005
Avatar for kataztraphy

Hey guys, i have a technician over now setting up my studio but were having a problem setting up Cubase SX 2 and running Giga...

replies: 0 views: 1,487
Avatar for kataztraphy
kataztraphy 22nd May 2005
Avatar for HonkyTonk

Can this unit replace traditional mastering outside my studio? My mixes are not load enough. Will the TC solve this...

replies: 4 views: 2,762
Avatar for nbutter
nbutter 22nd May 2005
Avatar for wade goeke

Hi Slutz- Just wanted to let everyone know that we have had a price change on the TG2. BUT to give the change some value we...

wade goeke
replies: 28 views: 2,391
Avatar for bee
bee 22nd May 2005
Avatar for maskedman72

i am going to be mixing on an analog board again (topaz) and i mix down to an alesis masterlink deck via analog inputs. i have...

replies: 2 views: 662
Avatar for maskedman72
maskedman72 22nd May 2005
Avatar for maskedman72

right now i have only one device that i can hook a master clock to (hd24). so should i use my mytek as master clock for the...

replies: 0 views: 1,216
Avatar for maskedman72
maskedman72 22nd May 2005
Avatar for muddy

here she is: ain't she purty? in...

replies: 1 views: 2,934
Avatar for sysexguy
sysexguy 22nd May 2005


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