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26th April 2019 Views: 2,282
Views: 2,282
26th April 2019
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Avatar for Geddyleewannabe

I want a comp for vox and was thinking FMR RNLA. Everyone says hardware always beats software (esp. with compression) and I don't...

replies: 2 views: 1,081
Avatar for kevinc
kevinc 17th April 2006
Avatar for DreamSound

I hope this thread won't be as controversial as whether abortion/pot/cloning should be legal or whether to use a Mac or a PC heh ...

replies: 11 views: 3,081
Avatar for CassidyGT
CassidyGT 17th April 2006
Avatar for Josh Savoy

Howdy! I've been here before for help on other people's projects I've built, but I just moved to Seattle and am looking to dig...

Josh Savoy
replies: 27 views: 6,840
Avatar for nathanvacha
nathanvacha 17th April 2006
Avatar for Allen Wrench

Hey everybody, I’m looking for any pics of any old Electrodyne or any retro, or retro style Formica console frames. I’m...

Allen Wrench
replies: 0 views: 1,053
Avatar for Allen Wrench
Allen Wrench 17th April 2006
Avatar for baikonour

hello there, i'm thinking of upgrading my converters... i've got a 828 mk2, but I've heard lots of good things about the...

replies: 14 views: 7,036
Avatar for Slaytex
Slaytex 17th April 2006
Avatar for elmkid

hi guys. sorry if the title sounds a bit catchy.. i do 'indie' stuffs almost, with basic tracks are; kick, snare, tom1,...

replies: 6 views: 2,066
Avatar for 11413
11413 17th April 2006
Avatar for DP40oz

Can anyone in NYC fix a truth audio TA-1A monitor. The amp blew out a few months back and i got it fixed but it was never quite...

replies: 2 views: 918
Avatar for AlanTide
AlanTide 17th April 2006
Avatar for MACHINE

Like we have a Mastering Forumn now how come we don't have a dedicated forumn where people exchange tips tricks and offer...

replies: 8 views: 1,071
Avatar for pounce
pounce 17th April 2006
Avatar for AlexLakis

My songwriting partner is looking to take the leap into Pro Tools. He currently uses Ableton Live (which I hate for anything...

replies: 0 views: 658
Avatar for AlexLakis
AlexLakis 17th April 2006
Avatar for G-Dawg

i'm looking at toft's afc-2 right now so my budget is $600 can anyone recommend something comparable or better for that price?...

replies: 5 views: 1,216
Avatar for onion
onion 17th April 2006
Avatar for MACHINE

I've been doing this for a few years by now and it seems whenever I listen to music I use to enjoy I can't anymore I was...

replies: 5 views: 1,431
Avatar for 11413
11413 17th April 2006
Avatar for YoYo Mel

hey all, been recording for awhile but stopped and now getting back into it. planning on getting an RME ADA converter of...

YoYo Mel
replies: 9 views: 1,844
Avatar for shaddai
shaddai 17th April 2006
Avatar for Bump Music

My signal path is (stereo) Germanium - API 550 M - 2-1176 - FATSO. When I record line level through this chain, my Logic Pro...

Bump Music
replies: 8 views: 1,093
Avatar for Bump Music
Bump Music 17th April 2006
Avatar for edham

Been trying to find freq charts for PMC monitors. Specifically the TB2A's or any of their kin. Emailed PMC a couple times and...

replies: 1 views: 1,449
Avatar for edham
edham 17th April 2006
Avatar for Surfman

How do i get different double tracking layering effects? What are some double tracking techiques and tricks please? Why...

replies: 11 views: 6,186
Avatar for Surfman
Surfman 17th April 2006
Avatar for davehall6162

Just wondering what you guys thought about this: The fulcrum does the summing but uses a pre of choice to apply approx 30-40 db...

replies: 38 views: 4,406
Avatar for Marjan
Marjan 17th April 2006
Avatar for uvc1977

Im on the look out for a great expander/gate vst plug in for PC. I currently use the one in Cubase SX3 its ok im looking for...

replies: 0 views: 2,282
Avatar for uvc1977
uvc1977 17th April 2006
Avatar for Jules

OK lets just forget the accapela mixes & TV mixes or no lead vox mixes. What do you normally do for the main version of a...

replies: 26 views: 2,598
Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 17th April 2006
Avatar for Gordon -10

how do you get that old fat rolling dirty bass tone!?? I'm currently running my bass through a U5 D.I. Which has been great, but...

Gordon -10
replies: 16 views: 10,960
Avatar for wwittman
wwittman 17th April 2006
Avatar for BobSchwenkler

Did anyone catch this? Are there any clips of it on the interweb anywhere? My roommate saw it and tells me I should see it.

replies: 16 views: 1,740
Avatar for onion
onion 17th April 2006
Avatar for Oxcar

Hello, In this thread I don't want to discuss wich Program is better, but I want to know what the difference is between them....

replies: 2 views: 1,454
Avatar for Harley-OIART
Harley-OIART 17th April 2006
Avatar for jhg

Wondering if anything like this exists - Looking for 4 channel AES I/O mixer for post SDI demux. Mainly just to boost level...

replies: 1 views: 873
Avatar for DigitMus
DigitMus 16th April 2006
replies: 58 views: 3,479
Avatar for Jason Poulin
Jason Poulin 16th April 2006
Avatar for djui5

Here's the thread on PSW.. And here's a link to the...

replies: 3 views: 907
Avatar for d(-_-)b-Phones
d(-_-)b-Phones 16th April 2006
Avatar for cscrecbrandon

Hopefully Someone can help me out here, cuz im about to kill myself over this. My problem is i am getting some am radio...

replies: 17 views: 2,167
Avatar for Kiwiburger
Kiwiburger 16th April 2006
Avatar for James Lugo

I have a G5 with the factory CD burner and I have a LaCie 52X external burner. I burn in toast. All my burns are glitching in...

James Lugo
replies: 24 views: 1,596
Avatar for Bob Olhsson
Bob Olhsson 16th April 2006
Avatar for Rusty.Potts

There have been some threads over in concerning Linux and it has piqued my curiosity. Linux sure seems like a good...

replies: 10 views: 1,258
Avatar for manning1
manning1 16th April 2006
Avatar for Poopants

Is there a place to find out how many actual CD's a band or artist has sold?

replies: 3 views: 7,734
Avatar for djui5
djui5 15th April 2006
Avatar for darkwater

a short snippet. All GAMA 8, except the OH. They are from the fab Pacifica. Sorry I don't have time to share more. Loving...

replies: 24 views: 1,549
Avatar for darkwater
darkwater 15th April 2006
Avatar for dreamsongs

I have SX3...Suddenly this afternoon, when I turned it back on there was no audio ! Meters are moving, but no sound... I tried...

replies: 14 views: 1,099
Avatar for dreamsongs
dreamsongs 15th April 2006
Avatar for pingu

Can drums be done with BFD and DKFH and sound realistic and if so how are you guys doing them. Are you playing them in with...

replies: 35 views: 4,010
Avatar for DAWgEAR
DAWgEAR 15th April 2006
Avatar for GMR

I watched the movie and at the end there is a song which I'm hooked on. In the credits I can't seem to put my finger what song it...

replies: 5 views: 7,715
Avatar for sticky-flies
sticky-flies 15th April 2006
Avatar for DreamSound

I've been trying to edit drums with Battery 2 on Pro Tools but the midi editor that pro tools has makes it a headache. I was...

replies: 5 views: 1,498
Avatar for DreamSound
DreamSound 15th April 2006
Avatar for chrisrulesmore

How do I patch in a hardware insert on a master bus in Pro Tools 7? Sounds like an easy question, but I've been trying all night...

replies: 6 views: 1,614
Avatar for chrisrulesmore
chrisrulesmore 15th April 2006
Avatar for matt_tricks

Hi all, I've got hold of some OC #703 type fiberglass, a bunch of wood and my trusty tools and I'm going to whip up some of...

replies: 30 views: 3,810
Avatar for mtstudios@charter
[email protected] 15th April 2006
Avatar for Amstel

Can someone tell me whether it's possible to use the mac mini in conjunction with a powermac g5 and cubase as the main daw?

replies: 1 views: 1,045
Avatar for atticus
atticus 15th April 2006
Avatar for usamike

Has anyone out there bought any cable from Orange County Speaker? They sell ALOT of cable on ebay, they call it GLS audio cable....

replies: 16 views: 1,764
Avatar for Deleted User
Deleted User 15th April 2006
Avatar for theAdmiral

I am interested in buying a used bryston 3b or 4b. I noticed some of the older ones are equipped only with rca inputs. Are the...

replies: 0 views: 1,798
Avatar for theAdmiral
theAdmiral 15th April 2006
Avatar for drockfresh

A friend of mine (who used to DJ) came by my studio today and heard some of the beat thingies I've been creating in my spare...

replies: 5 views: 1,311
Avatar for drockfresh
drockfresh 15th April 2006
Avatar for rob_h

So I'm fairly used to working with pretty pathetic equipment on the mic/mic pre/converter front. Even in my local 'professional'...

replies: 3 views: 836
Avatar for Gregg Sartiano
Gregg Sartiano 15th April 2006
Avatar for konstantine

hey folks, my first post here but i was reading this great forum for a while.. lots of information in there... After lots...

replies: 5 views: 1,595
Avatar for warhead
warhead 15th April 2006
Avatar for macr0w

Let me ask you guys for your opinion on di bass guitar. I have been recording electric bass guitar using two methods or a...

replies: 20 views: 1,581
Avatar for el cochino
el cochino 15th April 2006
Avatar for OVERNIGHT

I've seached and can't seem to find an answer. Is it entirely dependant on processor speed or is there an arbitrary limit on the...

replies: 2 views: 1,213
Avatar for shift
shift 15th April 2006
Avatar for Rivers28

thinking q\about puchacing one? any advic

replies: 1 views: 2,634
Avatar for doug_hti
doug_hti 15th April 2006
Avatar for nathanvacha

I'm looking for where i can buy some 1/4" trs jacks of the type that are used on like cheap patchbays that use cards or...

replies: 2 views: 3,060
Avatar for nathanvacha
nathanvacha 15th April 2006
Avatar for DreamSound

Hi guys just got Nativer Instruments Battery 2 and it works great. HOWEVER, the library sucks compared to Drum Kit from Hell...

replies: 5 views: 1,469
Avatar for DreamSound
DreamSound 15th April 2006
Avatar for vicprobey

Hello everyone, I heard about a sketchy little plugin called If its real I'll buy it, it just doesn't...

replies: 7 views: 1,589
Avatar for u b k
u b k 15th April 2006
Avatar for Earwitness

How this board sonically compared to other 'high end' boards? I know one or two of you own them here and I have an opportunity...

replies: 4 views: 2,870
Avatar for toddro
toddro 15th April 2006
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell

Hi, I'm mixing an album in Logic and I'm experiencing something kind of strange. Eventually it will be mixed through my Daking...

Rufuss Sewell
replies: 7 views: 2,058
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell
Rufuss Sewell 15th April 2006
Avatar for sofa

hey gearslutz! Has anyone had a chance to get their hands on the new motu...

replies: 1 views: 1,107
Avatar for theblotted
theblotted 15th April 2006


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