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So much gear, so little time

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Avatar for Sanchez

Not strictly ULN8 as I actually have a LIO8 with a 4x pre card inside. I adore the sound I get from my Equitek E100s straight...

replies: 12 views: 679
Avatar for worksinframes
worksinframes 1 day ago
Avatar for Pchicago

Im looking for a passive monitor controller for my using Apogee Rosettas..need a monitor controller that doesn't run...

replies: 29 views: 880
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 2 days ago
replies: - views: -
Avatar for TurboJets
TurboJets 2 days ago
Avatar for Geddyleewannabe

I was watching a documentary which shows Metallica recording their "Black Album". The documentary is called "A...

replies: 237 views: 103,752
Avatar for BoogieWoogie
BoogieWoogie 2 days ago
Avatar for pan60

another cool chat between me and Dominik. elysia By PAN60 The elysia mpressor 500 with pan60 and Dominik Date; 12 - 22 -...

replies: 16 views: 1,183
Avatar for pan60
pan60 2 days ago
Avatar for James Lugo

We spent the afternoon doing a quick mix on a tune and then stemming out audio to 10 tracks and 4 tracks of effects to the...

James Lugo
replies: 213 views: 25,972
Avatar for Mr.HOLMES
Mr.HOLMES 2 days ago
Avatar for Bond117

So, Allen and Heath have come out with these new digital mixers which seem to be everything we've been asking for from Behringer...

replies: 0 views: 217
Avatar for Bond117
Bond117 2 days ago
Avatar for nboaldin

I don't really like comparison or recommendation posts, but as it should be, I need help with this now. Instead of asking for...

replies: 1 views: 271
Avatar for jdier
jdier 2 days ago
Avatar for vintagetones

So a guy and a guitar. Singing a single song in one take. Do you double track the vocals later?

replies: 9 views: 352
Avatar for vintagetones
vintagetones 2 days ago
Avatar for Byron Pierce

Hi you all. This is a technical/help question. We have: SSL X-Rack(8 space) and inside of it I am putting SSL X-Rack...

Byron Pierce
replies: 14 views: 1,006
Avatar for nasopenev
nasopenev 2 days ago
Avatar for robotchicken

I thought it would be cool to share popular records that were recorded with kick and snare programmed, and hats/cymbals...

replies: 17 views: 493
Avatar for andyfreeman
andyfreeman 2 days ago
Avatar for jdier

I was just reading a thread where people were complaining about modern music and how often they can hear clicks or pops in vocal...

replies: 0 views: 233
Avatar for jdier
jdier 2 days ago
Avatar for Adeleo28

Hi guys has anyone used both of these mics and if so, would you care to describe the differences in tone, sound? I plan on...

replies: 4 views: 409
Avatar for liv4ree
liv4ree 2 days ago
Avatar for Gusss

Has anyone used one to output 24 seperate channels ? Did you use it as a standalone or an interface with a DAw ?

replies: 5 views: 631
Avatar for Gusss
Gusss 2 days ago
Avatar for robotchicken

hey guys, i'm looking for a reel to reel that provides a warm, dark and full of distinct character sound. kind of like...

replies: 7 views: 314
Avatar for robotchicken
robotchicken 2 days ago
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I'm in the market for a SSL sound (-like) 16ch summing mixer. Any suggestions besides the SSL Sigma and X-Rack? My max...

replies: 6 views: 745
Avatar for Gertius
Gertius 2 days ago
Avatar for chrisjmccrum

Recently I acquired 8 patchbays second hand and was hoping you guys could help figure out the connector I need for my snake. The...

replies: 2 views: 280
Avatar for Drumhead1957
Drumhead1957 2 days ago
Avatar for saggsy

Hi Slutz, The chair that I use has a back on it so high that the top of the back is about in line with my ears. I heard...

replies: 25 views: 3,280
Avatar for chrismeraz
chrismeraz 2 days ago
replies: - views: -
Avatar for gtole
gtole 2 days ago
Avatar for Sbrock

Hi guys, I tries searching to see if this topic has been discussed recently, but i didnt really come up with anything. Hopefully...

replies: 31 views: 1,275
Avatar for askomiko
askomiko 2 days ago
Avatar for tmfairchild

I am an experienced musician and engineer that was trained on analog recording many years ago. I have been using Presonus's...

replies: 3 views: 302
Avatar for bambamboom
bambamboom 2 days ago
Avatar for Guitarfinch

Just acquired a soundcraft spirit studio console 24 trks unfortunately it doesn't have a power supply so i can't test it some...

replies: 5 views: 490
Avatar for Kcatthedog
Kcatthedog 2 days ago
Avatar for Rchristophc

I'll be recording an album soon, folk along the lines of cat stevens. Would anyone know of a source for a helios channel strip...

replies: 1 views: 257
Avatar for Ogilthorpe
Ogilthorpe 2 days ago
Avatar for Jules

Someone somewhere keeps refering to a future PT LE with a 32 track count ... I think he is on crack! wworried Anyone?

replies: 24 views: 2,398
Avatar for James Meeker
James Meeker 2 days ago
Avatar for erike123

I've heard several tests where they do the real mic against the modelled one. While I think VMS does a good job capturing the...

replies: 381 views: 31,321
Avatar for msflsim
msflsim 2 days ago
Avatar for americanbison

What are the things in a mix that cause you to either feel some sense of listening fatigue or are just generally bothered by?...

replies: 38 views: 1,112
Avatar for Helge
Helge 2 days ago
Avatar for sigmatibet

Hello! I could get one for a fairly good price. Anyone still using it? Is it worth having one today?

replies: 48 views: 2,858
Avatar for Trakworx
Trakworx 2 days ago
Avatar for rojaros

Here I compare the Sound Devices Mixpre-6 with Tascam HS-P82. It's not a strictly scientific test, but I think one can get the...

replies: 0 views: 216
Avatar for rojaros
rojaros 2 days ago
Avatar for huglife187

have someone experience with the ksm 32 and the ksm 42 for voice over and smooth 90s ny rap? i'm searching for the right mic for...

replies: 11 views: 726
Avatar for Mad John
Mad John 2 days ago
Avatar for MitchMunro

Hey folks. I'm looking to buy my first pair of monitors. These are exciting times! I'm a music producer seeking to produce all...

replies: 21 views: 890
Avatar for Lsixtysix
Lsixtysix 2 days ago
Avatar for Vesta

Looking to buy my first tambourine for the home studio use. Online, all I see appear to be toys... Some of the more expensive...

replies: 18 views: 572
Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 2 days ago
Avatar for wavewalker

Hi all someone have had midi overflow by too many cc controls in the same time that crash the Mpc X ? thanks for any post...

replies: 0 views: 188
Avatar for wavewalker
wavewalker 2 days ago
Avatar for Whitecat

Hey everybody So you're probably all familiar with the superb pic of delcosmos studio on our Facebook page -...

replies: 64 views: 7,286
Avatar for monkeyxx
monkeyxx 2 days ago
Avatar for jml designs

To all my full time engineers in and out of studios that have owned/tried ALL of these models: Which of these rises above the...

jml designs
replies: 9 views: 515
Avatar for monkeyxx
monkeyxx 2 days ago
Avatar for mprey

Currently considering a pair of one of these for EDM/pop production. I hear very good things about all of them but also some very...

replies: 3 views: 314
Avatar for MitchMunro
MitchMunro 2 days ago
Avatar for vintagetones

List all the others which are equally as goo if not greater.

replies: 80 views: 2,718
Avatar for Jason rocks
Jason rocks 2 days ago
Avatar for symeboy

I have a Korg PadKontrol and it's been gathering dust since I bought it 2 years ago, I wanted to have a midi controller for...

replies: 11 views: 316
Avatar for beerphart bob
beerphart bob 2 days ago
Avatar for marc.scollo

Hey everyone, Looking at stepping up my monitor game pretty soon... kfhkh Narrowed it down to EVE SC307 or the EVENT Opals...

replies: 0 views: 206
Avatar for marc.scollo
marc.scollo 2 days ago
Avatar for Baymann

Hello fellow Gearslutz! I have been lurking here for a couple of years now, but finally decided to start posting here myself,...

replies: 5 views: 220
Avatar for explorer
explorer 2 days ago
Avatar for Nav

I want to buy audio Interface. Help me out with these 2 choices.

replies: 1 views: 236
Avatar for liv4ree
liv4ree 2 days ago
Avatar for Musicesque

I found a guide for disabling (under Windows) the NVIDIA Audio Drivers that can cause IRQ issues and affect the FireWire...

replies: 1 views: 20,065
Avatar for Darkstar6977
Darkstar6977 2 days ago
Avatar for jml designs

I am aware the proprietary limitations of the old high end Bruel & Kjaer mic pre's (being that they only work with their...

jml designs
replies: 5 views: 333
Avatar for Santiago
Santiago 2 days ago
Avatar for ssiicckkoo

What are the slutty gear brands that one won't find when casually browsing the most common dealer websites? I know there are many...

replies: 139 views: 16,117
Avatar for macceba
macceba 2 days ago
Avatar for MadMouth

i am in the hunt for one of these puppies. but i am unsure on where i should connect it in my home studio setup. i do...

replies: 45 views: 18,080
Avatar for Felon
Felon 2 days ago
replies: - views: -
Avatar for wordsworth_jlg
wordsworth_jlg 2 days ago
Avatar for jerrydpi

For Mixing, and if you were given the choice of: 1) Sony MDR-7506's with Sonarworks 4 Headphone Software. 2) Sennheiser HD 600's...

replies: 8 views: 340
Avatar for joeq
joeq 2 days ago
Avatar for gstar18

Happy new year everyone, I've got a weird question I'm really confused between the nord lead and the nord a1 I'm looking for that...

replies: 17 views: 10,211
Avatar for Ernest Buckley
Ernest Buckley 2 days ago
Avatar for Wizard Tone jb

Our studio is looking at purchasing a grand piano, but we're not quite sure what to get. Looking at the second hand market,...

Wizard Tone jb
replies: 31 views: 1,213
Avatar for Sharp11
Sharp11 2 days ago
Avatar for arkada

Hi Friends! thanks for reading this. Im looking for suggestions on this mics: (around the same price) -rode nt1 -at2041SP (...

replies: 6 views: 759
Avatar for jerrydpi
jerrydpi 3 days ago
Avatar for Scoox

I plan to retrofit my old M-Audio 61es with a 3D printed Janko keyboard, so today I decided to take it apart to measure a few...

replies: 2 views: 421
Avatar for fhames
fhames 3 days ago


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