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Hello boys and girls! I have come across a pair of Urei LA-4's and a pair of DBX 161's.. But I can only afford one pair.. So my...

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RobbyPowell 9th December 2007
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Preamble: I have been primarily using drum samples in my recordings and am looking to make the next big step to recording a full...

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bgrotto 9th December 2007
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which summing box do you think sound better? I am more into the sound than feautures....any opinion based on real...

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bleak orange 9th December 2007
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Has the music business tragically stooped to the expressions of a blog based Record Label? Now, I love the fact that you can...

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drakewire 9th December 2007
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Has anyone compared an 01V96 to any other converters? If so please share you experience. I've recently been using an 01V96 to...

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shani haider 9th December 2007
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Anyone who appreciates where music is today has to check this out! YouTube - George Clinton (Parliament-Funkadelic)...

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alexp 9th December 2007
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I don't know a whole lot about it all, but I'm interested to know more about chargebacks, or some other sort of fraud where after...

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3rd&4thT 9th December 2007
Avatar for Inca

Just curious, any of you guys wearing all of the hats? I relocated to the East Coast awhile back and left my band. I'm a guitar...

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Avatar for Ethan Winer
Ethan Winer 9th December 2007
Avatar for demel

Hi, I'm in the process off constructing a small dead booth.(10x10) Although the room is intended for overdubs of vox, guitars...

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demel 9th December 2007
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please!!! does anyone have one of these? i am sooooo close to having everything up and running. if anyone has it, PLEASE...

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paulmoak 9th December 2007
Avatar for e-are

i've just purchased this mixer and i love it. just having some problems getting the remote setup. i setup cubase for 2 mackie...

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tnjazz 9th December 2007
Avatar for guitoffee

I am looking for a 2 channel EQ to add flavor and tone to some dead tracks. Something like a Pultec but not with the 10K price...

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Avatar for The Alamo
The Alamo 9th December 2007
Avatar for 20forseven

Is the Avedis Preamp in stock anywhere?

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Avatar for rr1073
rr1073 9th December 2007
Avatar for Robert heif

i can't seem to find the specifications for the neve 88rs analog desk. can anybody help?

Robert heif
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Avatar for Tony Shepperd
Tony Shepperd 9th December 2007
Avatar for benhunk

Hello everybody, wich one would you choose considering that I can have them for about the same price ? mostly for vocals and...

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Avatar for benhunk
benhunk 9th December 2007
Avatar for patilon

Hallo, has anyone had the possibillity to compare rode nt-55 against an oktava mk-012 mod ? i can only compare between nt-55...

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Avatar for patilon
patilon 9th December 2007
Avatar for recky

I often record/mix drums in mono - dunno what it is, but I like the way it sounds (probably fewer phasing problems). What do...

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Avatar for thethrillfactor
thethrillfactor 9th December 2007
Avatar for Oroz

Congratulations Armando thumbsup! The Duality looks beautiful and it sounds amazing kfhkh. SSL

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Avatar for delcosmos
delcosmos 9th December 2007
Avatar for arpodthegreat

I was thinking about how much i love the way it sounds when you have one preamp that you use on everything (i use and 8ch shadow...

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Avatar for bleak orange
bleak orange 9th December 2007
Avatar for cc1

Other than the Motu PC-Midi Flyer are there any other interfaces with computer bypass? (& good usb hub for a G5)

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Avatar for cc1
cc1 9th December 2007
Avatar for 1 M.I.C

So basically my plan is this.. Get The New computer ive planned to get for the last 4 months or so.. and for a screen i want a...

1 M.I.C
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Avatar for 1 M.I.C
1 M.I.C 9th December 2007
Avatar for FreeToMIX

how about a little GS game ask a question you know the answer to and who ever answers fisrt asks the next question hope its not...

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Avatar for MOFO PRO
MOFO PRO 9th December 2007
Avatar for 20forseven

Which is the best one? Is the Brent Averil worth the extra money?

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Avatar for pan60
pan60 9th December 2007
Avatar for brad.bjmmusic

Hye i know this has problably been asked a dozen times if not more but I'm too lazy to search to be honest. Can anyone give me a...

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Avatar for goldenlotus
goldenlotus 9th December 2007
Avatar for raga2000

hi,we know that vintage mic are beter than new one,for example i buy one u67 and really love it,it's very beter than m149,and...

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Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 9th December 2007
Avatar for zak7

IF you have to choose a box that delivers magic, Mojo or sound quality that really deliver something very special that you do...

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Avatar for AMIEL
AMIEL 9th December 2007
Avatar for midnightsun

Hopefully, someone will understand what I am talking about and be able to direct me to where I can get clips or recordings of...

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Avatar for midnightsun
midnightsun 9th December 2007
Avatar for Robert heif

MONEY IS NO OBJECT. a list of equipment you would put in your dream studio: digital to analouge converters, mics, speakers,...

Robert heif
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Avatar for squeeks555
squeeks555 9th December 2007
Avatar for Kiwiburger

I just posted a crazy idea in the geekslutz forum here:...

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Avatar for synthoid
synthoid 9th December 2007
Avatar for PT6.7UZR

There are some old AKG C-12s on eBay for $20K. I have not been here long but I've quickly learned that many prefer vintage mics...

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Avatar for insomnio
insomnio 9th December 2007
Avatar for SaturatedEd

Greetings I'm looking for any info on what tape machines were ABBA recording on and mastering, during the Metronome studio...

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Avatar for SaturatedEd
SaturatedEd 9th December 2007
Avatar for thenoodle

Catch their answer about Day Tripper etc about 7 minutes in. The whole thing (watch all parts) is really...

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Avatar for artnoiser
artnoiser 9th December 2007
Avatar for digidesigner

what do you think?

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Avatar for digidesigner
digidesigner 9th December 2007
Avatar for PeeWeeGee

Techies... I'm relocating to Europe. Wanted to know how the 60Hz "requirement" of most of my gear will be affected...

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Avatar for -m-
-m- 8th December 2007
Avatar for nandoanalog

Hi Thing is, I bought a bunch of drum pads, some sort of device to connect them to my pc, and battery 3. Went to that...

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Avatar for Kiwiburger
Kiwiburger 8th December 2007
Avatar for csiking

Hey! I'm looking to record a show with unfortunately some marginal gear. I currently have a RME Fireface 800 and a Presonus...

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Avatar for jomo1234
jomo1234 8th December 2007
Avatar for Crashdog5855

does anyone know of any software that will transmit and receive midi via wifi for pc.

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Avatar for wirrareka
wirrareka 8th December 2007
Avatar for stresstour

Anybody using this or anything like it? It looks like you can have placed on the outside of the kick drum as well. kick drum...

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Avatar for PDC
PDC 8th December 2007
Avatar for Mgr

I often find myself heading to the GS Forums, so often that GS became the most consulted forum for me. No time for the news, no...

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Avatar for drBill
drBill 8th December 2007
Avatar for knifetheglitter

i need it for my cues...and there are 0 on ebay. Anyone there that can help me out? -Kevin A. Backroom Studios

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Avatar for knifetheglitter
knifetheglitter 8th December 2007
Avatar for PhilE

I currently run PT Mix3 and am planning on adding an HD rig in the new year. I work OTB so it will be HD1 to start with and then...

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Avatar for PhilE
PhilE 8th December 2007
Avatar for -Noodles-

Do you guys just use the PSU?.. Or can you use a power conditioner somehow with them? Thanks!

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Avatar for Whitecat
Whitecat 8th December 2007
Avatar for teachingking

I'm assuming the Layla 3G offers better latency than the Audiofire 8. Anyone know how much better? I'm currently getting about...

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Avatar for teachingking
teachingking 8th December 2007
Avatar for Stitch333

How similar is the design topology betweeen the 903 and the 160x dbx compressors?

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Avatar for Stitch333
Stitch333 8th December 2007
Avatar for hoodrat

I am new to this area of music recording and its associated technology. I am very interested in buying the EWQSLO Gold Bundle...

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Avatar for Andraes
Andraes 8th December 2007
Avatar for bangbang

every review mostly focuses on the "character" of the 610 and what a great bass di it makes. Is this a case of...

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Avatar for buzzjoe
buzzjoe 8th December 2007
Avatar for thedoner

I'm looking for another pair of SDC's primarily for main pair or spots for classical use and was wondering if anyone has any...

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Avatar for tINY
tINY 8th December 2007
Avatar for bionic brown - industry features my neve sounds better to me as your api sounds better to you yingyang peachh

bionic brown
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Avatar for joeq
joeq 8th December 2007
Avatar for enroper

Hey there . I'm in the philly suburbs ( PA side.. ) Was wondering if any locals knew of any regular or scheduled...

replies: 2 views: 649
Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 8th December 2007
Avatar for ToneRexx

So how it sounds this box? How is the monitor section sounds? its accurate? I heard great things about it..and few told me they...

replies: 4 views: 770
Avatar for squeeks555
squeeks555 8th December 2007


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