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I notice that when I have people in for studio tours, sometimes if I don't have an example of their sub-genre of musical style...

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NathanEldred 25th August 2007
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I came across this amp last night. It is a Blues JR with a Jensen Spkr. The Lacquered tweed look is awesome and this amp sounds...

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manthe 25th August 2007
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Hey all....I'm looking into getting a pair of Event 20/20 passive monitors. I'm currently looking at the Alesis RA300 amp to go...

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tINY 25th August 2007
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What's the most dumbed down way to explain phase to someone that doesn't get it? I commented during a session that something was...

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Steffmo 25th August 2007
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bought 2 ltd-1s about 3 years ago and when you turn the input gain knob up, the audio will cut totally out on most of the click...

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kats 25th August 2007
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Marlowe 24th August 2007
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I always record at 96kHz and 32bit float but lately I getting tired of freezing channels when the processor is maxing out. I know...

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fastlane 24th August 2007
Avatar for Jade

A friend of mine is looking for a 1176`ish native compressor to use in cubase 4? Is there any? I know about the 1176 in the uad...

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mbrebes 24th August 2007
Avatar for mprather

I would appreciate if anyone who has used this mic in this application would comment on it's sound. I used a real U67 on a Fender...

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Avatar for NathanEldred
NathanEldred 24th August 2007
Avatar for Jamz

I intend to purchase another 10 space API rack. Already have 11 API 500 series modules including two 512s and would like a few...

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pan60 24th August 2007
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I can get my hand on a few ANTINOISE panels, from the company ANTINOISE.DK... They are 4 centimeter thick. They are made for big...

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miqer 24th August 2007
Avatar for Messiah

Hey guys, I'm after someone to play some tasty hammond and keys (classics- wurli, rhodes, piano, etc) on an album I am working...

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Messiah 24th August 2007
Avatar for Rednose

After spending all of yesterday setting up, were starting tracking tonight on our sophomore cd. Heres a sample of the raw drums...

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Rednose 24th August 2007
Avatar for Digam11

Hello all, I could use some help here. I`ve posted on some of the different forums here ( found alot of great information ) about...

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Digam11 24th August 2007
Avatar for recall

Any opinions on this? I know its cheap but does it do its job in a functional non-coloured way? I really just need...

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Byll 24th August 2007
Avatar for T_MIX

Hey all! I fully intend on using the search function rather than belabor those to endless repetition of prior suggestions, but I...

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T_MIX 24th August 2007
Avatar for camerondye

Is there another accent effect other than the Telephone effect (cutting all the lows & highs essentially) for a song??? I am...

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Avatar for Freddie Flame
Freddie Flame 24th August 2007
Avatar for willerichey

Any "how to" advice? Guitar> tube preamp> sound card>Guitar Rig/Amplitube> sound card> stereo power...

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Avatar for Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson 24th August 2007
Avatar for ryanevans

I'm new to the boards here and have been extensively searching and reading through past posts, but I've come up short with input...

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ryanevans 24th August 2007
Avatar for hduncan

I am currently a PC user, but I am fluent with both OS and like both equally. I have never owned a mac before and am now...

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hduncan 24th August 2007
Avatar for Baderup99

Hey i just bought a fender blues junior and love it so far. I play a lot of classic rock, rock and blues, and some more modern...

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FFTT 24th August 2007
Avatar for manthe

I've been 'itching' to get an external reverb box. I guess I'm just curious as to whether or not it will sound better (on a $600...

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manthe 24th August 2007
Avatar for feyshay

What foot pedal works and can be used with Tranzport to launch record? Any recommendations? I was hoping to avoid having to...

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skymaster 24th August 2007
Avatar for tallboypro

Hey folks, Help a guy out. I am trying to build a mobile recording rig with ProTools. Besides preamps and a G5, what digidesign...

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Avatar for bluestarbass
bluestarbass 24th August 2007
Avatar for especht

I've been trying to find somewhere that rents a baritone guitar in the Chicago area. Please let me know if you have any...

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Avatar for especht
especht 24th August 2007
Avatar for RainbowStorm

In order to get somewhere in the music business I think you need to be organized and disciplined. You need to know what the good...

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RainbowStorm 24th August 2007
Avatar for prieto1021

Well as you see I am starting a decent studio just for vocals right now but eventually I do want to expand but once I move into a...

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prieto1021 24th August 2007
Avatar for uptoolate

My studio is wired with Pro Co cable. Would I hear an improvement if I upgraded to a high end cable like Mogami? If so,...

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Avatar for Chris Kress
Chris Kress 24th August 2007
Avatar for littledoodler

Hi, Does anyone have any tips for recording bells well. Like mics/preamps that work well. I am mainly interested in recording...

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littledoodler 24th August 2007
Avatar for elfy

Hi guys. Do you know of any studios in Perth that have an outstanding grand piano available to record with. Cheers

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aussie_techie 24th August 2007
Avatar for mizzle

Just curious what some of you out there consider the best deals on upright piano models in terms of price/performance ratio. I am...

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Avatar for jimmyjimjim
jimmyjimjim 24th August 2007
Avatar for soupking

If I honestly looked at how much I spend a month on gear it'd floor economists. I buy gear like I'm buying gasoline. I don't...

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Avatar for bexarametric
bexarametric 24th August 2007
Avatar for prismtheory

I have used his octosonic pres...and I honestly liked them very much....but man his stuff is almost impossible to find. I'm...

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Avatar for jayfrigo
jayfrigo 24th August 2007
Avatar for azulay

Hey, this is my first post in here, I've been reading this site so far but here I am in a "situation"... I've been...

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Avatar for dubrichie
dubrichie 24th August 2007
Avatar for tunasafedolphin

Holy crap that's a tom mic. I've tried every mic under the sun on toms, found a few I really like, but nothing that was as in the...

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Avatar for keiffer
keiffer 24th August 2007
Avatar for Protools Guy

I've been using an SM-81 for my bottom snare mic. What are you guys using?

Protools Guy
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Avatar for stevep
stevep 24th August 2007
Avatar for samwinston123

I want to go OTB for mixing at home, and I need some guidance with my gear selection. The two paths I am currently contemplating...

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Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 23rd August 2007
Avatar for Studiophonics

I've bought a 40 channel E Series SSL for our new room and have noticed a couple of the Maselec 9001 cards available from time to...

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Avatar for Studiophonics
Studiophonics 23rd August 2007
Avatar for rootsandruins

I'm curious to know what other slutz are doing to get that nice thick distorted drum sound a la Broken Social Scene, Interpol,...

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Avatar for octatonic
octatonic 23rd August 2007
Avatar for sada10

Are any of you guys mixing with PT ITB and then running back into your mixer to add outboard processing ? I don't like adding...

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Avatar for sada10
sada10 23rd August 2007
Avatar for koobler

I'm on about a $100-150 budget for a mobo/processor combo, but I figure I can use sites such as to grab something...

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Avatar for koobler
koobler 23rd August 2007
Avatar for musicguitar

Can anyone tell me the difference between the older JCM 800 2203's and the newer reissue ones, and how do they compare in sound?...

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Avatar for 84K
84K 23rd August 2007
Avatar for Trent in WA

Background: I'm recording mostly acoustic guitar and voice, with the odd bit of MIDI, using Logic Pro. I'm happy with my...

Trent in WA
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Avatar for Trent in WA
Trent in WA 23rd August 2007
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I know the GFA-545 is popular with these, but would a GFA-535 work? Someone on the board called it a "giant killer" I...

Sean Sullivan
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Avatar for undertone
undertone 23rd August 2007
Avatar for Saudade

Hi all, I'm wondering if those in the industry know how to go about getting an artist (a singer) signed to another label to...

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Avatar for Stevil
Stevil 23rd August 2007
Avatar for amost

Anybody know what tube goes in V1(I guess)..the tube socket closest to the XLR input in the rear? thanks.

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Avatar for barryjohns
barryjohns 23rd August 2007
Avatar for vodka gimli

Not necessarily my favorite, but they are handy at a gig. This is as cheap as I have seen them, and there are only 16...

vodka gimli
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Avatar for Cornchuck
Cornchuck 23rd August 2007
Avatar for manthe

I have an opportunity to buy a MX400 for $200. I've read and researched the product and it gets mixed reviews. I'd love to...

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Avatar for manthe
manthe 23rd August 2007
Avatar for The Listener

I hope this is not the wrong category to post this question... But it is almost impossible to find out the actual pricing of...

The Listener
replies: 5 views: 7,991
Avatar for The Listener
The Listener 23rd August 2007
Avatar for ryst

Anyone have any idea if this thing is out yet? Anyone tried it...

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Avatar for NathanEldred
NathanEldred 23rd August 2007


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