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Avatar for zonamusic

I am looking to replace my RMI digital card with an analog in/out card, with at least 4 outs for a GIGA setup. Looking for the...

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Avatar for zonamusic
zonamusic 18th September 2007
Avatar for rockrev

Sometime back I thought of a new feature for Pro Tools (LE or HD). To my knowledge it does not exist, though I'm still stuck on...

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Avatar for gurubuzz
gurubuzz 18th September 2007
Avatar for jtarbutton

Can anyone tell me of a website that supplies used gear prices? I am looking for prices for a Lexicon PCM 70 and for a DBX 160...

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Avatar for yeloocproducer
yeloocproducer 18th September 2007
Avatar for londontown

folks has anybody tried hooking up an Xbox 360 to Protools? It has a digital out (toslink connector) of course, but the format...

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Avatar for tsvisser
tsvisser 18th September 2007
Avatar for Nu-tra

Sorry for the double post

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Avatar for vintagelove
vintagelove 18th September 2007
Avatar for PoorGlory

So really, how good are the Creamware converters... specifically in the 16 channel Ad/da that is housed in a 1 space rack unit?...

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Avatar for PhilE
PhilE 17th September 2007
Avatar for frist44

I was hoping for some good tips on mixing backup vox. I'll roll the top end off sometimes to make them less noticable. I like to...

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Avatar for rockrev
rockrev 17th September 2007
Avatar for jacob eli

Return with us now to the days of sonic yore... can anyone tell me what the blue units in the rack behind him are? the ones with...

jacob eli
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Avatar for Tousana
Tousana 17th September 2007
Avatar for Chrizcol

Ok this was in the Guitar Section of this site.. figured it might be informative to others (and i'd get a wider audience) if I...

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Avatar for Chrizcol
Chrizcol 17th September 2007
Avatar for Saudade

Ok what's the cheapest, fastest way to build broadband traps out of OC703? Is is possible to do without any frames at all? Can...

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Avatar for mrface2112
mrface2112 17th September 2007
Avatar for fooman

How do you monitor the signal being, say, compressed using OTB gear when your mix is ITB? If I want to compress a kick drum...

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Avatar for fooman
fooman 17th September 2007
Avatar for Jack Pettit

I was in Best Buy and I see some large LCD tv's 34" that can be used as computer monitors on sale. They are the now old...

Jack Pettit
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Avatar for Jack Pettit
Jack Pettit 17th September 2007
Avatar for johnwayne

I'm using Pro Tools LE 7.3.1 and I need to know what I need to edit video and line up audio that I've recorded seperately, from...

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Avatar for Mydog_Nixon
Mydog_Nixon 17th September 2007
Avatar for lane thaw

So the CD is finished, and thought it may be interesting to some of you to follow along the path of what the Taxi experience is...

lane thaw
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Avatar for Jayro_Rockola
Jayro_Rockola 17th September 2007
Avatar for Emi

This week i´ll go to an old church that has a collection of about 60 old mics in their warehouse basement...and one of them is a...

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Avatar for AlexLakis
AlexLakis 17th September 2007
Avatar for Flickerman

I live in a large, metropolitan area (Washington, D.C. and environs) and I'm having the hardest time finding a good, local...

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Avatar for Joe Porto
Joe Porto 17th September 2007
Avatar for mahler007

Hi Slutz, I have to record a vocalist this weekend, and I've never done this before, as most of the things I do are all...

replies: 5 views: 1,406
Avatar for Oroz
Oroz 17th September 2007
Avatar for James Lugo

Which new model would you use for today's pop rock ala Maroon 5, Pink, Incubus, Coldplay etc.. While you're at it, which...

James Lugo
replies: 22 views: 1,514
Avatar for SurfingMusicMan
SurfingMusicMan 17th September 2007
Avatar for I.T.

Hi, What is the impedance of 002 inputs 5-8 at the +4 setting? Thanks :]

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Avatar for I.T.
I.T. 17th September 2007
Avatar for frist44

I know a lot of your will turn your heads to this question and say not another "cher effect" question, but I would like...

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Avatar for Deleted User
Deleted User 17th September 2007
Avatar for jhagerty

I have a got a Southern Gospel Music group coming in to cut an album. I'm needing to add to my mic cabinet (which is very small,...

replies: 3 views: 648
Avatar for WKG
WKG 17th September 2007
Avatar for rank

Hi, folks. First off, is it really necessary to compress while tracking? I was told that for vocal or bass (these would be my...

replies: 10 views: 1,432
Avatar for cebolao
cebolao 17th September 2007
Avatar for montanasan

I want to use the eq section from an Avalon 737 and an LA4 compressor together on a vocal. Is this worth trying? How should I...

replies: 4 views: 971
Avatar for patrox247
patrox247 17th September 2007
Avatar for degas

I'm borrowing a RME Fireface 800 tomorrow (more in/outs), to use in standalone mode through lightpipe from/to my Digidesign ADAT...

replies: 5 views: 3,820
Avatar for degas
degas 17th September 2007
Avatar for astorian

There has been a lot of discussion on GS regarding the value of touring for musicians confronted with a morphing music industry....

replies: 2 views: 1,838
Avatar for astorian
astorian 17th September 2007
Avatar for chrisj

So hey- I just finished up some new stuff for all you potential Logic fanciers (it's all AU plugins) And a really SICK...

replies: 2 views: 1,006
Avatar for chrisj
chrisj 17th September 2007
Avatar for lucasmusic

If you could only afford one from the list below to use for bass, drums, guitar and vocal tracking which would you go with?? ...

replies: 45 views: 4,012
Avatar for thermos
thermos 17th September 2007
Avatar for balanceman

we're moving quickly towards insulation and drywall + need to get ducts run before everything is sealed up. any recommendations...

replies: 0 views: 551
Avatar for balanceman
balanceman 17th September 2007
Avatar for mizzle

Hey all, I hoping some of you out there with more experience than I can help for a moment. Here's the scenario: I did work...

replies: 14 views: 803
Avatar for mizzle
mizzle 17th September 2007
Avatar for layez

my roomate's birthday is coming up, and I wanted to salvage his ART ProChannel. He wants to ditch the thing, but the resale...

replies: 5 views: 862
Avatar for 8th_note
8th_note 17th September 2007
Avatar for littledoodler

Capitol studios in L.a....wondering how much a day there would cost with engineer. thanks

replies: 7 views: 1,431
Avatar for littledoodler
littledoodler 17th September 2007
Avatar for earfreshener

To keep this short and simple... my first post/long time reader/much respect - check out my new setup! I'm a 1 man band, my...

replies: 10 views: 850
Avatar for Aearth
Aearth 17th September 2007
Avatar for mizzle

In terms of price/performance ratio, which units perform the best? Looking for quality 8x8 firewire A/D, D/A conversion.... no...

replies: 25 views: 2,373
Avatar for MadGuitrst
MadGuitrst 17th September 2007
Avatar for Spec

need a monitior controller and narrowed down to these two. i thought passive was the way to go in less expensive volume...

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Avatar for Spec
Spec 17th September 2007
Avatar for Sigma

just got a recapped Clair custom phase linear 400 series 2 == bejebus it's a BEAST!thumbsup too bad ya got to pay an arm and a...

replies: 15 views: 3,602
Avatar for Mike Chafee
Mike Chafee 16th September 2007
Avatar for chrisj

How many of you use ADT? I ask for the obvious reason: I'm going to release an ADT plug and want to see if I'm making any...

replies: 8 views: 1,853
Avatar for chrisj
chrisj 16th September 2007
Avatar for not_so_new

Hi all I have an H3000 and something has happened to it. When I am bypassed I can pass audio and I can see levels. I also...

replies: 4 views: 830
Avatar for not_so_new
not_so_new 16th September 2007
Avatar for BlueRadio

It seems like "color" and/or "thickness" are reasons for loving many pieces of gear on this board...and I can...

replies: 15 views: 3,648
Avatar for hangman
hangman 16th September 2007
Avatar for Unclenny

Seriously.......I just realized that in the past eight months I've finished up one project and tracked and mixed another without...

replies: 3 views: 689
Avatar for Unclenny
Unclenny 16th September 2007
Avatar for redfield

Ok, I got this u87, and i have absolutely no idea what the two controls on the back that arnt the pattern changer do. Someone...

replies: 37 views: 4,007
Avatar for Audio Hombre
Audio Hombre 16th September 2007
Avatar for uptoolate

Just got both of these and loving the Daking. Quick question: Should I plug the DI into the mic input or line imput on the...

replies: 1 views: 768
Avatar for GordZilla
GordZilla 16th September 2007
Avatar for jredrecording

Hey all, I read about this online, detuning room mics for a 'fatter' drum tone. Curious if anyone has had any luck with this?...

replies: 17 views: 1,884
Avatar for tuflek
tuflek 16th September 2007
Avatar for quietdrive

The fun starts around 3 minutes into the video.. 9XO0bJf7RT4

replies: 192 views: 17,631
Avatar for stratton
stratton 16th September 2007
Avatar for musicmixer04

hi.. im setting up my guitar rack for studio use I need some opinions what will work better?? option 1.->...

replies: 14 views: 5,544
Avatar for bobx
bobx 16th September 2007
Avatar for Silver Sonya

...but I was reading Miho Hatori's blog. She goes back in forth between English and Japanese, her native language. Check out...

Silver Sonya
replies: 4 views: 976
Avatar for joeq
joeq 16th September 2007
Avatar for Bounce

Hi. I'm accepting resumés, references or contact info for anyone who's really good with tuning vocals using Melodyne, has a...

replies: 32 views: 3,414
Avatar for stanmart
stanmart 16th September 2007
Avatar for nobo

Hi, Having seen some extremely slutty home studio pics on the 'show me your home studio racks' thread, I can't help but wonder...

replies: 13 views: 1,562
Avatar for stanmart
stanmart 16th September 2007
Avatar for DQA123

can anyone recommend a good shockmount for an AKG C28? old stock or new - it doesn't matter just as long as it works well! ...

replies: 3 views: 1,094
Avatar for nbrecording
nbrecording 16th September 2007
Avatar for Red 7

I would like to buy some bass combo in to my home studio and I was wondering what could be a good choice. I considered to buy...

Red 7
replies: 8 views: 1,015
Avatar for chrisp2u
chrisp2u 16th September 2007
Avatar for Lunatique

Has there ever been a pair of monitors that just about everyone here loved, or at least liked a lot and had no real significant...

replies: 18 views: 1,819
Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 16th September 2007


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