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Avatar for A440

Wouldn't it be amazing if AMS-Neve made the equivalent to the SSL Duende? I'm sure it would sell like crazy. So why arn't they...

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Avatar for The Listener
The Listener 21st October 2007
Avatar for t56tr

Does the sansamp bass driver (the pedal version that sells for about (199) compress the signal? For example when you are using it...

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Avatar for Jack Ruston
Jack Ruston 21st October 2007
Avatar for Mick@itc

Hi all Anyone got a JLM Baby Animal or a 1290? Looking to buy a kit and put together for a Vocal appkication. Using a Lewson 42...

[email protected]
replies: 6 views: 1,020
Avatar for Johnyc
Johnyc 21st October 2007
Avatar for Nu-tra

This guy did a story on the shred videos! Hey I got a mention on...

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Avatar for Fred67
Fred67 21st October 2007
Avatar for carloff

Instead of our mastering room , I got really small studio oriented for producing pop, rock and RnB stars over here.Because...

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Avatar for futur2
futur2 21st October 2007
Avatar for princetown

schematics wanted for WHITE 4400 EQ i checked Whites web site ,they only have user manuals,Tony

replies: 0 views: 1,694
Avatar for princetown
princetown 21st October 2007
Avatar for KBOY

Maybe you all have seen this already but felt I had to post it. Kid is unbelievable. Says he has a great career ahead of...

replies: 13 views: 932
Avatar for samwinston123
samwinston123 21st October 2007
Avatar for Sigma

Why is it that a myriad of different manufactures make "clones" of the venerable U67, U87, U47, C12, 251 etc etc...

replies: 26 views: 1,400
Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 21st October 2007
Avatar for rexxe

I just picked up a used Motu Traveler for a great price, but am kind of having buyer's remorse. Seeing that the Saffire Pro 26...

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Avatar for rexxe
rexxe 21st October 2007
Avatar for meymia

oh and can please could u specify ANY faults in those dsp processors??? THX ALOT :))))))))))

replies: 5 views: 648
Avatar for George Necola
George Necola 21st October 2007
Avatar for Lusitano

Someone using the Presonus HP60 headphones amp? What do you think of it? thumbsup TIA thumbsup

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Avatar for Lusitano
Lusitano 21st October 2007
Avatar for Barron43

Hey guys, I wanted to pick your collective brains. I'm looking for any type of controller specifically for controlling EQ. Yes, I...

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Avatar for Barron43
Barron43 21st October 2007
Avatar for James Lugo

It sounds unbelievable in my car. One of the best sunding hard rock records I've ever heard. The bass is glued to the guitars so...

James Lugo
replies: 28 views: 2,379
Avatar for Blast9
Blast9 21st October 2007
Avatar for uptoolate

I just have one channel of Daking. Help me use it wisely when tracking drums. Daking on kick, Sytek on snare? or Sytek...

replies: 12 views: 2,660
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell
Rufuss Sewell 21st October 2007
Avatar for vodka gimli

Great set of Easton stuff at The 2-part interview has some excellent insight into why his solos were so...

vodka gimli
replies: 0 views: 696
Avatar for vodka gimli
vodka gimli 20th October 2007
Avatar for bongomania

I did a search and came up with almost nothing. About the only useful comments came from Warhead who described it as good for...

replies: 3 views: 3,669
Avatar for bongomania
bongomania 20th October 2007
Avatar for James Lugo

I can't post mp3's because we used cover tunes to test the mics so here it goes. I can send samples if you PM me. The basic...

James Lugo
replies: 60 views: 6,839
Avatar for insomnio
insomnio 20th October 2007
Avatar for Dopamine

I recently upgraded my TLM103 and got a U87. Now I'm looking for another mic as an alternative. Something that would be a...

replies: 12 views: 1,293
Avatar for Dopamine
Dopamine 20th October 2007
Avatar for rdfusari

any tips for recording a vocalist while he is playing acoustic guitar

replies: 7 views: 1,120
Avatar for Clarence
Clarence 20th October 2007
Avatar for BlueRadio

I'm pulling my hair out. My new control/tracking room is 10 X 10 X 12 feet. The option of moving to another room does not...

replies: 30 views: 2,695
Avatar for Vandergraf
Vandergraf 20th October 2007
Avatar for drewharris

From a mix engineer's standpoint, how polished/compressed/eq'ed do you like projects to be when they come to you? I've been...

replies: 17 views: 1,435
Avatar for 11413
11413 20th October 2007
Avatar for Joji

I see some studios have this 8x8 Hardwood floor piece that can go on carpet. If you look at the picture you will know what I...

replies: 5 views: 960
Avatar for mikey
mikey 20th October 2007
Avatar for Nu-tra

AVEDIS CAUGHT IN THE ACT! We know this man makes high quality audio gear but what you don't know is that he likes to party!...

replies: 62 views: 8,570
Avatar for raal
raal 20th October 2007
Avatar for perx

I mostly produce techno and recently gone into more commercial dance/pop with lots of vocals. And even though my DAW´s are...

replies: 0 views: 541
Avatar for perx
perx 20th October 2007
Avatar for meymia

i was just bout getting my a disstresor but im starting to think hmm should i use that cash to get me a dst card with lots of...

replies: 3 views: 853
Avatar for George Necola
George Necola 20th October 2007
Avatar for Stisse

A continuation from a hijacked thread.... I figured a new thread is more appropriate. Yes, the FF800 looks beautiful. Thanks...

replies: 5 views: 776
Avatar for andiji
andiji 20th October 2007
Avatar for six_wax

I've been in the somewhat lamentable habit of buying records solely becuase the mix or production is great. In any event, my...

replies: 217 views: 20,915
Avatar for sparklehorse617
sparklehorse617 20th October 2007
Avatar for conguero

Hi All, I have had a bad computer crash with my G4 and I am currently trying to Continue tracking with a power book...

replies: 3 views: 645
Avatar for fuzzface777
fuzzface777 20th October 2007
Avatar for warhead

I'm just having a blast, all alone at Front End Audio working late but putting together the new studio! Plugging everything in,...

replies: 7 views: 741
Avatar for warhead
warhead 20th October 2007
Avatar for Jayro_Rockola

It occured to me today thinking about a hand percussion session for tomorrow that I might be able to experiment with turning my...

replies: 4 views: 640
Avatar for Jayro_Rockola
Jayro_Rockola 20th October 2007
Avatar for bonneybear

Hey I need to put a new roof on my studio/Garage. I was thinking metal standing seam. Besides the obvious noise possibilities ...

replies: 2 views: 885
Avatar for chrisp2u
chrisp2u 20th October 2007
Avatar for analog orange

Anybody planning on seeing this while you're in NY? The new REAL director's cut will be released on Oct 5th for a 2 week run in...

analog orange
replies: 16 views: 1,574
Avatar for nikki-k
nikki-k 20th October 2007
Avatar for Tubthumper

I did the research, I got confused. Just when I thought that the main thrust of the SPDIF cable posts was "well, it only...

replies: 14 views: 2,469
Avatar for analog modeling
analog modeling 20th October 2007
Avatar for Nu-tra

Ok this is real not a fake one. HE is out of tune!

replies: 46 views: 5,370
Avatar for pixelhead
pixelhead 20th October 2007
Avatar for Bassmankr

the AnalogRules - BASE Cool recording tips from the 70's ans 80's !! This compressor trick is by fellow Gearslut...

replies: 10 views: 1,398
Avatar for dropblacksky
dropblacksky 20th October 2007
Avatar for dbbubba

I love the ad that SONAR has in the recent TapeOp. I think that it is one the inside cover. There is this "hip"...

replies: 15 views: 1,153
Avatar for ElMosca
ElMosca 20th October 2007
Avatar for drumzealot

Common slut knowledge, but I just have to say the MK-319 is easily the best investment I ever made in a mic. It sounds great. I...

replies: 3 views: 1,061
Avatar for drBill
drBill 20th October 2007
Avatar for TocaLaGuitara

Well, first I want to thank everyone for their help when I was buying a bunch of mics a couple months ago. Now it's time for me...

replies: 13 views: 1,640
Avatar for TocaLaGuitara
TocaLaGuitara 20th October 2007
Avatar for Randirainbow

Nightmare.....Anyone know where to get a VP-1 fixed in the Seattle area? hjghfgghjghfgg They don't even answer my emails. ... ...

replies: 0 views: 549
Avatar for Randirainbow
Randirainbow 20th October 2007
Avatar for zak7

Hi guys! can you explain your techniques for Vocals: How do you add Vibe, warmth and ambience on a mix. I mean the plug ins o...

replies: 32 views: 7,504
Avatar for Y-Studios
Y-Studios 20th October 2007
Avatar for ventura33

Pleuse my friends help me !!! its a basic question but i dont no how to do it !!! i have a Behringer MX3282A Eurodesk i want to...

replies: 0 views: 561
Avatar for ventura33
ventura33 19th October 2007
Avatar for mynameischance

A neophyte question and thread, to help me cut to the chase and wrap my head around on the summing concept! I have been...

replies: 2 views: 763
Avatar for FMNYC
FMNYC 19th October 2007
Avatar for jchadstopherhuez

which is better ?....... i have my personal favorites, and some mp3 samples of each comparison.....but will only reveal them...

replies: 11 views: 1,910
Avatar for jchadstopherhuez
jchadstopherhuez 19th October 2007
Avatar for tazman

Hi, currently I don't have a sub in my studio. I thought, to test things, about taking the sub from the theater room (good sub)...

replies: 2 views: 612
Avatar for tazman
tazman 19th October 2007
Avatar for Sigma

I have noticed that small body acoustics that don't have as much overtone record better as a solo instument than their larger...

replies: 1 views: 686
Avatar for aermotor
aermotor 19th October 2007
Avatar for Hamas

I'm piecing together my recording chain, and I am at the crossroads of choosing the centerpiece of the chain, my console. I use...

replies: 2 views: 620
Avatar for tINY
tINY 19th October 2007
Avatar for travisbrown

So I need to buy another reference amp for a secondary set of monitors. They are Camber 3.5s I don't want to spend much more...

replies: 2 views: 955
Avatar for tINY
tINY 19th October 2007
Avatar for D Vision

I did a search and read alot of threads on the subject of converters but my question wasn't really answered as I mix a bit...

D Vision
replies: 1 views: 802
Avatar for tINY
tINY 19th October 2007
Avatar for soupking

It's really nice looking. It looks like a really well-made blast from the past. What is it emulating?

replies: 5 views: 4,878
Avatar for vernier
vernier 19th October 2007
Avatar for Red 7

Can you recommend me some good EQ for recording? I mostly record e. and a. guitars and bass. I use my Dan Smith Stratocaster and...

Red 7
replies: 8 views: 6,741
Avatar for Red 7
Red 7 19th October 2007


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