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Avatar for robotchicken

i'm looking to puchase these speakers to do some re-amping stuff. what do they need to be powered, and what do I need to be...

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Avatar for dublave
dublave 6th March 2019
Avatar for Chevron

I am thinking of getting the Avid S3 and I am curious about the quality of the audio conversion for monitoring and small tracking...

replies: 7 views: 741
Avatar for ericreid
ericreid 6th March 2019
Avatar for Wizhard

Hey guys, I have the opportunity to upgrade my monitors and buy some second-hand Event Opals at a nice price ; However, the...

replies: 6 views: 440
Avatar for Wizhard
Wizhard 6th March 2019
Avatar for Led Music

I found some sweet deals on a Retro 176 and also an API 5500. Obviously they serve different functions but if let’s say you...

Led Music
replies: 5 views: 432
Avatar for Led Music
Led Music 6th March 2019
Avatar for Rentzen

Hi slutz, please have mercy on me freshflowe After watching this video on YT (link below) I started thinking and re-thinking...

replies: 3 views: 556
Avatar for White Falcon
White Falcon 6th March 2019
Avatar for unfiltered420

Was looking to make a cassette tape delay, and was wondering if there were any high quality recorders, preferably 3 head with...

replies: 3 views: 344
Avatar for junkshop
junkshop 6th March 2019
Avatar for rocknroll4ever

Hey there! I was about to purchase a D&R Avalon and was really looking forward to it. Now it seems like the console isn't in...

replies: 22 views: 4,954
Avatar for kosty
kosty 6th March 2019
Avatar for Crowder

I'm in a home studio environment working mostly by myself. My current interface is an Audient iD22 with an Audient ASP800 for...

replies: 4 views: 440
Avatar for OceanMan
OceanMan 6th March 2019
Avatar for NoFalsetto

Has anyone out there used this mic? Is it any good?

replies: 140 views: 54,099
Avatar for OceanMan
OceanMan 6th March 2019
Avatar for jardinesdebrus

Hi everyone, I've been looking about this topic and couldn't find anything on the web. I have several gear (Elektron Digitakt, TE...

replies: 1 views: 303
Avatar for kuasalogam
kuasalogam 6th March 2019
Avatar for estudiohighend

I start this thread with a question that becomes a really misterious in my recordnig life. i know people (all from the old...

replies: 23 views: 1,878
Avatar for solarfall
solarfall 6th March 2019
Avatar for Eduy

For those who had the blessing to test both mothership and new apollo x16, do you think mothership still sound bigger and fatter...

replies: 11 views: 1,172
Avatar for Universal Audio
Universal Audio 6th March 2019
Avatar for PAnthony278

Looking for a sub to go with yamaha hs5 monitors. I am in a small room so nothing to overpowering. I’d like to keep the price...

replies: 4 views: 378
Avatar for mando1
mando1 6th March 2019
Avatar for obostic

This has been eating away at me for quite sometime now if fact, I feel pretty stupid asking, but here goes. I feel pretty dumb...

replies: 42 views: 6,456
Avatar for timgsun
timgsun 6th March 2019
Avatar for TornadoTed

Has there ever been a high quality 12 Track 1" tape machine built? I am considering tape but 8 track 1" seems too few...

replies: 53 views: 5,702
Avatar for john morris
john morris 6th March 2019
Avatar for Tesseract

Don't know how many people here have tried one of these: VERTIGO SOUND I had the opportunity to try one and they sound great...

replies: 6 views: 2,560
Avatar for Silly Cybin
Silly Cybin 6th March 2019
Avatar for henryrobinett

I record podcasts for my wife. I did the music, record and mix. Actually the first 6 episodes I did not record, but I tried to go...

replies: 0 views: 280
Avatar for henryrobinett
henryrobinett 6th March 2019
Avatar for jlearman

Anyone know where to get 2.6mm metric thumbscrews for my db25 cables? I have an apogee rosetta, but I bought a digidesign snake....

replies: 1 views: 990
Avatar for Colorblind
Colorblind 6th March 2019
Avatar for RIED14

I’m a male bass-baritone crooner with a chest-voice range of D2-G4 and I’d like to achieve (on a budget) a deep crisp...

replies: 7 views: 451
Avatar for L-Fire
L-Fire 6th March 2019
Avatar for core64

I've been reading a lot about OTB summing and decided to give the Dangerous D-Box a try. After reading 'many' favorable reviews,...

replies: 24 views: 4,683
Avatar for nickknack
nickknack 6th March 2019
Avatar for DevonB

Has anyone seen a comparison chart between the h3000 all the way up to to h9000 comparing number of presets and algorythms,...

replies: 6 views: 443
Avatar for DevonB
DevonB 5th March 2019
Avatar for Lander

I’m now working on a series of five... - Lewilson microphones | Facebook I have a 247 and absolutely love it!

replies: 0 views: 325
Avatar for Lander
Lander 5th March 2019
Avatar for bill5

For me it seems to be mic focused: I was watching a re-run of "Frasier" and as soon as the show started with him...

replies: 65 views: 1,738
Avatar for 64gtoboy
64gtoboy 5th March 2019
Avatar for Saxophoni

Hi all. Not sure if this is the correct thread so bear with me, but I was wondering if there's any sort of aftermarket...

replies: 2 views: 302
Avatar for Lamar.Fandango
Lamar.Fandango 5th March 2019
Avatar for balaperdida

Greetings, fellow gearslutz -- I'm in the process of planning a new website for my humble services and would find it really...

replies: 44 views: 3,024
Avatar for Enhance Sound
Enhance Sound 5th March 2019
Avatar for 123497

I just want 'yes' or 'no's: Do you think it's better to post your studios rates on your website or just say "Call For...

replies: 49 views: 7,415
Avatar for Enhance Sound
Enhance Sound 5th March 2019
Avatar for henryrobinett

What is a good inexpensive OPTO compressor in the style of LA2A? I used to own a Peavey VL/L-2 that I ended up having to sell. I...

replies: 65 views: 2,146
Avatar for ardis
ardis 5th March 2019
Avatar for RobJB06

For a number of years ive been using NS10's and a second set of JBL sub/satellite speakers powered by amps. I decided a while...

replies: 6 views: 1,186
Avatar for PickledPat
PickledPat 5th March 2019
Avatar for greenfields

Have a question: When mixing, I’ve been using a Avalon AD2044 (opto) on my acoustics and keys. I’ve been happy...

replies: 1 views: 288
Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 5th March 2019
Avatar for babydaddymusic

Been an NS10 guy forever - also had some Dynaudio BM6’s These Genelecs are exactly what I hoped they would be. I’m in a...

replies: 20 views: 1,133
Avatar for mustgroove
mustgroove 5th March 2019
Avatar for Rob Coates

After reading about and listening to every clip I could find on the new Rode NTR active ribbon mic, I took the plunge and got...

Rob Coates
replies: 31 views: 9,360
Avatar for gt_jumper
gt_jumper 5th March 2019
Avatar for nyandres

On the go, I have been using an USB microphone to record ideas, and work on electronic tracks... Anyways, this month I had one...

replies: 5 views: 408
Avatar for MoyenChari
MoyenChari 5th March 2019
Avatar for LoganLong

I've never got into this thing before. At first, I felt no freedom by putting myself into this kind of project. But I'd like to...

replies: 3 views: 392
Avatar for selma95dallas
selma95dallas 5th March 2019
Avatar for Tobias Valentin

Hello Can anyone explain the strange behaviour of my analogue mixer? Context: I record in DAW through an audio interface...

Tobias Valentin
replies: 6 views: 331
Avatar for Tobias Valentin
Tobias Valentin 5th March 2019
Avatar for wallyburger

I'm thinking about buying a pair of 414's, but which ones? There seem to be a few available. Any info appreciated.

replies: 77 views: 3,023
Avatar for wallyburger
wallyburger 5th March 2019
Avatar for WarrenS

Hello guys, what's up ? I want to reproduce the percussions of Daft Punk : Alive 2007, especially the kicks. There is...

replies: 2 views: 301
Avatar for WarrenS
WarrenS 5th March 2019
replies: 0 views: 321
Avatar for Empire 2091
Empire 2091 5th March 2019
Avatar for anaudiopro

Does anyone own/have personal experience with the Avantone CLA-10s?

replies: 3 views: 809
Avatar for nambams
nambams 5th March 2019
Avatar for IVIaverick52

I'm looking at adding an analogue board as the centerpiece for my project studio and I am really interested in what Allen and...

replies: 25 views: 12,974
Avatar for Vutall
Vutall 5th March 2019
Avatar for robotchicken

been reading some pretty interesting things about these units. how do they sound stock as opposed to modded? are they worth the...

replies: 11 views: 471
Avatar for junkshop
junkshop 5th March 2019
Avatar for Providence

Well, my band has hit the road and I packed my travel recording rack. When I got ready to unload the trailer my Lindell 510...

replies: 8 views: 1,200
Avatar for Providence
Providence 5th March 2019
Avatar for Studiocat

Hey guys, This is a long shot, but maybe someone has a tip for me. I just picked up an older Akai receiver (AA-1125) and I...

replies: 2 views: 3,692
Avatar for Dr. Mordo
Dr. Mordo 5th March 2019
Avatar for Iggy Poop

Hi, I acquired a Shure M67. I heard they make very interesting preamps. But i wanted to know is it ok to use phantom power (48v)...

Iggy Poop
replies: 43 views: 33,214
Avatar for Gem69
Gem69 5th March 2019
Avatar for goom

I'm an art/electronic/rock kind of guy but am knocked over by Norah Jones' Feels Like Home. A wonderfully minimalist record...

replies: 175 views: 8,914
Avatar for Alrod
Alrod 5th March 2019
Avatar for Retouch

I have owned K701, years ago and briefly. Did not get on with them but can't remember why. These were followed by the open...

replies: 1 views: 282
Avatar for Retouch
Retouch 5th March 2019
Avatar for fabiospark

I read many pages about how to record an acoustic guitar in general and how to do it at home. In the end I decided to try and...

replies: 12 views: 666
Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 5th March 2019
Avatar for Joemamma

I was wondering how you achieve the best results when two mics are out of phase (e.g. snare or kick mics). Do you move one of...

replies: 42 views: 20,194
Avatar for NeoVXR
NeoVXR 4th March 2019
Avatar for JamesKamron

I just wanted to know what is the mic used in the Youtube show called COLORS. YouTube Or search Mahalia - Sober...

replies: 5 views: 2,016
Avatar for xojjt222
xojjt222 4th March 2019
Avatar for studer58

I've always found the gooseneck or similar cantilevered arm and pop filter arrangement to be a bit cumbersome in the studio. ...

replies: 1 views: 249
Avatar for studer58
studer58 4th March 2019
Avatar for qkrzazzang

Im having issues with the monitors. Im getting too much vibration in my room, like my desk and etc. the entire room is wood so...

replies: 1 views: 384
Avatar for JoshuaE
JoshuaE 4th March 2019


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