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26th April 2019 Views: 7
Views: 7
26th April 2019
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Avatar for Heartfelt

I was visiting the local GC in Hyberadad, India and found this beauty! It sounded so fine. ...

replies: 6 views: 617
Avatar for orange
orange 25th January 2008
Avatar for K8L-64

RG59/U RG59B/U Anyone knows the differences between them? I want to make some RCA to RCA cable for audio purpose. Should I use...

replies: 2 views: 3,579
Avatar for K8L-64
K8L-64 25th January 2008
Avatar for Cocobolo81

Hi guys. I just got the UAD-1 Project PAK dirt cheap. So now I used the voucher to get the LA-2A and I also shelled out for...

replies: 18 views: 1,430
Avatar for B-San
B-San 25th January 2008
Avatar for chillytc

Well, apparently it's an SM56 but it looks like an SM57 to me and it sure is $6000 to "buy it now." I love Sammy as...

replies: 6 views: 1,122
Avatar for peeder
peeder 25th January 2008
Avatar for gsilbers

Alicia Keys' As I Am registered the second worst weekly sales tally for a #1 album since SoundScan began monitoring album sales...

replies: 21 views: 2,108
Avatar for PhonoquO
PhonoquO 25th January 2008
Avatar for Rripror

Hooked up the 3124+ and a pair of ATTYS tonight. I got alot of crackling/scratchy/hissing/noise when ramping up the attenuation...

replies: 27 views: 1,213
Avatar for RCM - Ronan
RCM - Ronan 25th January 2008
Avatar for K8L-64

I am using AES/EBU output on my DAT machine. I realize that the cables for AES/EBU should be 110ohm. But I just pick up a mic...

replies: 2 views: 637
Avatar for tINY
tINY 25th January 2008
Avatar for James Lugo

The official Gearslutz NAMM Party is: Saturday January 19th 8pm on... @ Vocal Asylum 6381 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 700 Los...

James Lugo
replies: 73 views: 6,204
Avatar for pan60
pan60 25th January 2008
Avatar for soupking

Hi, I'm looking to buy a device that outputs a tone to tune instruments in the room. Somebody I know has a Boss Dr. Beat-90. It...

replies: 11 views: 2,129
Avatar for soupking
soupking 25th January 2008
Avatar for I.T.

What are those white gizmos sitting atop the console?

replies: 2 views: 476
Avatar for ryanojohn
ryanojohn 25th January 2008
Avatar for lyricstree

Hi! I wanna buy mics for recording a drumset. My focus lies on pop/rock productions. Maybe a bit in the direction of Ashlee...

replies: 46 views: 7,238
Avatar for RobDrmz
RobDrmz 25th January 2008
Avatar for mamcdonald

API 3124+ = $2,376.00 API 512c (x4) = $2,704.00 ($676.00 ea.) + Lunchbox ($424.00) = $3,128.00 3124+ much better deal ...

replies: 6 views: 807
Avatar for mamcdonald
mamcdonald 25th January 2008
Avatar for rackdude

Alright, I really want a cheapish kind of pop sound mic that is pretty versatile or even if its not really a pop sounding mic I...

replies: 10 views: 886
Avatar for manthe
manthe 25th January 2008
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I've grown to love the UAD plug ins over the last couple of months, but unfortunately it appears the person I share a space with...

Sean Sullivan
replies: 22 views: 5,148
Avatar for Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan 25th January 2008
Avatar for redrue

Is pasting the best take of the lead vocal standard operating procedure at this point?

replies: 24 views: 1,489
Avatar for uncle duncan
uncle duncan 25th January 2008
Avatar for Sigma

it's so great to work on what you love and love your work.. 30 years of doing what others do when they leave the mill and...

replies: 1 views: 450
Avatar for Led
Led 25th January 2008
Avatar for rynugz007

I'm looking for a small mixer to use as a front end for my daw. I'm most concerned about the quality of the pres as opposed to...

replies: 21 views: 9,834
Avatar for truthnlife13
truthnlife13 25th January 2008
Avatar for Crashdog5855

Has anyone used Grados? Any recommendations on which model is best?

replies: 1 views: 827
Avatar for sleestack
sleestack 25th January 2008
Avatar for pitchybastard

i just stumbled on this...i think it's from the original...

replies: 45 views: 5,097
Avatar for allencollins
allencollins 25th January 2008
Avatar for soundmoves

l I do not know if this is the correct place to post this question...but. Does anyone know what the protocol is for an audio...

replies: 0 views: 1,404
Avatar for soundmoves
soundmoves 24th January 2008
Avatar for Marly88

Hello, The name of the topic says it all: which one is better, Dynaudio BM5a or BM6a. I hear a lot of positive things about the...

replies: 10 views: 13,603
Avatar for Jimbo
Jimbo 24th January 2008
Avatar for theDBC

I'm not looking for a single pre for all purposes, but several suggestions for vaired applications. I only have a RNP & RNC...

replies: 3 views: 752
Avatar for theDBC
theDBC 24th January 2008
Avatar for maelstrom99

Hey, my guitarist and I recently purchased a new m-audio octane because we where in need of an a/d convertor and quality preamp....

replies: 7 views: 552
Avatar for rackdude
rackdude 24th January 2008
Avatar for Legacy Audio

Hi guys We've had many enquiries about seeing, hearing and using the gear we import and so we're pleased to announce the...

Legacy Audio
replies: 15 views: 772
Avatar for tunetown
tunetown 24th January 2008
Avatar for lane thaw

Any suggestions for EQ for wedge monitor sends, as in specific model I can find on Ebay that are tried and true (not parametric)....

lane thaw
replies: 7 views: 1,584
Avatar for lane thaw
lane thaw 24th January 2008
Avatar for PhonoquO

test ignore this

replies: 0 views: 499
Avatar for PhonoquO
PhonoquO 24th January 2008
Avatar for rackdude

They seem small in the picture, I wonder if I could double use them for video... would it be good? Anyone own them that could...

replies: 3 views: 1,057
Avatar for rackdude
rackdude 24th January 2008
Avatar for BlueRadio

As you are reading this, I am probably behind my desk hooking up a used Alesis 3630 compressor. Care to tell me about this...

replies: 23 views: 2,358
Avatar for dubrichie
dubrichie 24th January 2008
Avatar for Glamdring

Hey everyone, relatively new to the industry and was wondering if people would like to volunteer how much they charge for...

replies: 50 views: 9,875
Avatar for gallerytungsten
gallerytungsten 24th January 2008
Avatar for emanuele

Hello everybody! My name is Emanuele and I am writing from near Venice, Italy! I thought about asking your opinion about this...

replies: 2 views: 1,412
Avatar for LoudChris
LoudChris 24th January 2008
Avatar for Intergroove

I am looking for a good tube mic for a soulful male vocalist. I was looking into the Groove Tubes GT60, Rode K2 , M-audio...

replies: 8 views: 1,223
Avatar for LoudChris
LoudChris 24th January 2008
Avatar for shona

looking for a nice vocal mic in the $900-$1100 range (used) or possibly a couple mics. style of music is pop, world, reggae,...

replies: 5 views: 1,543
Avatar for LoudChris
LoudChris 24th January 2008
Avatar for grantlandau

So I was looking into getting a pair of MA5's, but it appears they're back ordered. Does anybody have any idea how long the wait...

replies: 0 views: 563
Avatar for grantlandau
grantlandau 24th January 2008
Avatar for Limepit

Hi! I'm looking for a price worthy 49 key MIDI Keyboard that is really cheap but does it's job good... I've used Studio Logic...

replies: 0 views: 551
Avatar for Limepit
Limepit 24th January 2008
Avatar for Mason

Hi all, I am looking for a pair of small condensers primarily for acoustic guitar. I have narrowed it down to the Oktavamod...

replies: 0 views: 566
Avatar for Mason
Mason 24th January 2008
Avatar for guittarzzan

Can anyone refer me to a very, very good engineer in the Portland, Oregon area for some easy consulting work? I've spent a small...

replies: 13 views: 1,004
Avatar for jomo1234
jomo1234 24th January 2008
Avatar for ThomasWho

Hi , any of you have gear that is always set to one setting ? Like , a compressor that you always use on the same instrument...

replies: 2 views: 661
Avatar for ThomasWho
ThomasWho 24th January 2008
Avatar for abletoff

16 tracks is enough to me :) it's not on the SSL site yet

replies: 23 views: 2,599
Avatar for Fishmed
Fishmed 24th January 2008
Avatar for Hotstuff

Anyone tried these as studio monitors?

replies: 1 views: 1,758
Avatar for Blackwater
Blackwater 24th January 2008
Avatar for Fluency

How many times would you advise running vocals through compression digitally? I'm eventually going to buy a compressor to add in...

replies: 3 views: 866
Avatar for Soulbrother
Soulbrother 24th January 2008
Avatar for chymer

I have files form a Digital Performer session and I cant read them or convert them on my PC to .WAV. Any ideas on how I can...

replies: 11 views: 2,088
Avatar for NineteenBillion
NineteenBillion 24th January 2008
Avatar for jacob eli

Hi- I'm looking to get a Lynx Aurora 8 for my 002 to hook up via ADAT. If I do some mixing OTB, then I will need another DA to...

jacob eli
replies: 0 views: 539
Avatar for jacob eli
jacob eli 24th January 2008
Avatar for mslim

I am a blues musician looking to get into some studio recordings of bands and live recording of recitals. I have started a mic...

replies: 9 views: 3,360
Avatar for warhead
warhead 24th January 2008
Avatar for gollumsluvslave

There a few generally accepted 'norms' in mixing contemporary music:- Kick, Snare, Bass & Lead Vocal panned centre being...

replies: 0 views: 1,457
Avatar for gollumsluvslave
gollumsluvslave 24th January 2008
Avatar for Savernake

Imagine you have just bought enough gear (for now) and you'll now just be recording bands in your treated room, on your own...

replies: 9 views: 1,813
Avatar for leaper
leaper 24th January 2008
Avatar for NandoOg7

How the hell would I go about making a tape slow-down effect in the middle of a song in Nuendo?

replies: 6 views: 3,589
Avatar for Led
Led 24th January 2008
Avatar for uptoolate

I'm beginning the process of shoping for a vintage ep. What are considered the most sought after models of Rhodes and...

replies: 16 views: 1,665
Avatar for worm
worm 24th January 2008
Avatar for theriverlethe

Are there likely to be audible differences between these two devices?

replies: 4 views: 1,184
Avatar for lakeshorephatty
lakeshorephatty 24th January 2008
Avatar for nativeaudio

I'm planning to buy a new I/O. My ideal I/O has brilliant converters and clocking, can be daisy chained so I can expand the...

replies: 1 views: 785
Avatar for JPeters86
JPeters86 24th January 2008
Avatar for ISedlacek

heh How true it is .... (or maybe it rather belongs to the High end forum ? Or Remote perhaps ? Sometimes quite to Moaning...

replies: 3 views: 632
Avatar for bojan_1
bojan_1 24th January 2008


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