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Avatar for orksnork

What do you guys do about smoking in your lounge? I'm sure many if not most of you allow it...I don't have a covered patio or...

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Avatar for tedr
tedr 26th April 2008
Avatar for Silver Sonya

In case you missed it, click here and watch the video. It's spell-casting and beautiful. If you disagree, you're just...

Silver Sonya
replies: 65 views: 4,263
Avatar for Silver Sonya
Silver Sonya 26th April 2008
Avatar for Lazer Toms

Anyone know what mics these guys used? I'm guessing something like a SM7, but I would love to know for sure. (referring to...

Lazer Toms
replies: 129 views: 10,165
Avatar for londonbridge
londonbridge 26th April 2008
Avatar for Todd

Was wondering about monitor placement. How do you place and angle them? 3 feet apart? 6 feet apart? How high? Do you...

replies: 12 views: 7,475
Avatar for Hobbyist
Hobbyist 26th April 2008
Avatar for cioto

Hello I've succesfully exported (OMF) audio from Digital Performer 5 to Logic 8, but I need to import in Logic the click I...

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Avatar for cioto
cioto 26th April 2008
Avatar for Benmrx

So....there's the consensus that you can't really pull off parrallel processing using H/W inserts, even with a DAW that has delay...

replies: 4 views: 743
Avatar for princeplanet
princeplanet 26th April 2008
Avatar for Terry McInturff

I have heard that the PM 2000 is a cool thing. Please...any info regarding the PM 1800 will be appreciated. I have a line on an...

Terry McInturff
replies: 1 views: 3,507
Avatar for dbbubba
dbbubba 26th April 2008
Avatar for gigamesh

I have 2 speakon cables that both seem to be going bad. Does anyone have any idea how to open them up and fix the connections? ...

replies: 2 views: 5,634
Avatar for dbbubba
dbbubba 26th April 2008
Avatar for amigo

My personal summary of the TLM103 retirement for vocals The TLM103 has been for many years my favourite vocal mic. I took the...

replies: 13 views: 6,851
Avatar for musicl
musicl 26th April 2008
Avatar for maxime999

Hello everyone, I just received a pair of dynaudio BM5a second hand and when powering one of the speaker ( with no audio...

replies: 1 views: 880
Avatar for maxime999
maxime999 26th April 2008
Avatar for 1954U1

The cons of my 2 new MC-Mix in front of me: - poorly textured faders - no switches, only "rubber" push buttons -...

replies: 9 views: 1,472
Avatar for Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett 26th April 2008
Avatar for manthe

A while ago I started a thread about my desire to build a DIY plate reverb. I still have the desire and have been accumulating...

replies: 7 views: 1,202
Avatar for Steffmo
Steffmo 26th April 2008
Avatar for Daedalus77

A quick question for those of you who own the API 500V rack and the L200 power supply that comes with it: Where do you...

replies: 3 views: 848
Avatar for drBill
drBill 26th April 2008
Avatar for hduncan

PLEASE BE SURE TO VOTE! I think this could be an interesting thing to know about ourselves- According to this picture, you can...

replies: 77 views: 3,053
Avatar for sonicdefault
sonicdefault 26th April 2008
Avatar for ilovemusic

<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie"...

replies: 9 views: 967
Avatar for ryst
ryst 26th April 2008
Avatar for arjan

hi guys, i am currently finishing the mix of my own bands full album. i am doing this in PTLE. there is a studio nearby who has...

replies: 17 views: 1,049
Avatar for rockrev
rockrev 26th April 2008
Avatar for jeremycox

As I posted yesteday, I need to rent a mic in Dallas to record an upright steinway--probably in mono will be fine. Seems like...

replies: 7 views: 884
Avatar for AjD
AjD 26th April 2008
Avatar for DevonB

Anyone have any experience using 100V 50/60Hz adapters for a Yamaha synth from Japan in the USA? I've been told it's supposed to...

replies: 0 views: 692
Avatar for DevonB
DevonB 26th April 2008
Avatar for Johnkenn

Hey guys - I'm sending midi info from my keyboards to Midi Timepiece, but I can't seem to get the midi info into PT's...Is it...

replies: 1 views: 731
Avatar for Steffmo
Steffmo 26th April 2008
Avatar for deckerluke

i've heard this sound talked about quite a bit here and there, the reference that comes to mind is that 70's snare sound, a la...

replies: 11 views: 3,467
Avatar for zooloo
zooloo 26th April 2008
Avatar for Brian Whitten

So after using PTLE for the last 3 years I am ready to jump ship. The limitations are getting to me and upgrading to HD would...

Brian Whitten
replies: 14 views: 903
Avatar for stagefright13
stagefright13 26th April 2008
Avatar for chrispick

Wasn't sure under which topic area to post this. Or if it had already been posted on GS (didn't see it in my quick search). ...

replies: 20 views: 823
Avatar for xcycle
xcycle 26th April 2008
Avatar for johnyjacobi

hay there did any body had a try with telsa equipment? this is a czech firm thenx johny

replies: 0 views: 621
Avatar for johnyjacobi
johnyjacobi 26th April 2008
Avatar for shakermaker3

Hey guys, thought i would share this series i found on youtube. It is of the apples in stereo in the studio recording thier album...

replies: 1 views: 1,112
Avatar for Royer121
Royer121 25th April 2008
Avatar for arthurchino

Hello all, my first topic. I am currently mixing an album which has been under construction for a year or so. I'm mixing ITB...

replies: 6 views: 1,650
Avatar for peeder
peeder 25th April 2008
Avatar for voiceone

Please excuse my post here, but I need help quick. I just bought a WD MyBook External HD. I'm using it with a Mac 10.4.11...

replies: 3 views: 973
Avatar for David R.
David R. 25th April 2008
Avatar for soupking

Okay, I tend to read the full spectrum of reviews, reports, and responses on gear before coming to any kind of conclusion...

replies: 3 views: 612
Avatar for soupking
soupking 25th April 2008
Avatar for whereisbkp

My question is this... can I output an Mbox 2 or M-Audio interface (like Transit) running Pro Tools to my RME Fireface 800 D/A...

replies: 1 views: 682
Avatar for whereisbkp
whereisbkp 25th April 2008
Avatar for amit monga

i am using rosetta 200. plese help me clearing some points. my setup is motu spdif in and out to rosetta spdif in out 1. when i...

amit monga
replies: 1 views: 1,218
Avatar for tommy lee
tommy lee 25th April 2008
Avatar for mikey

Man the last couple night they have had some terrible bands on Jay Leno and Letterman.I believe one was called Spoon...Wow i...

replies: 22 views: 1,476
Avatar for johndykstra
johndykstra 25th April 2008
Avatar for bluechips

I just bought a bryston 3b because my old amp went bad. My old amp had the additional outputs for my sub but the bryston does...

replies: 5 views: 6,074
Avatar for squeegybug
squeegybug 25th April 2008
Avatar for matta

you search Ebay for old Neve, SSL and or API parts and get more hits for the Waves emulations than the hardware...

replies: 3 views: 1,238
Avatar for schmudde
schmudde 25th April 2008
Avatar for severe

Anybody catch this? It's an interesting speech made by Tim Robbins last week at the National Association of Broadcasters...

replies: 9 views: 770
Avatar for Jim Kerr
Jim Kerr 25th April 2008
Avatar for Jax

The other day, I found a "+24 mod" mentioned in an ad for an Aurora for sale on craigslist. Not knowing what the mod...

replies: 2 views: 1,994
Avatar for Jax
Jax 25th April 2008
Avatar for bonneybear

Hi, I usually work in graphic mode, Aline or verse at a time. Is there a way to move the cursor on playback so that you dont have...

replies: 2 views: 949
Avatar for bonneybear
bonneybear 25th April 2008
Avatar for Silver Sonya

The McCartney-imitating howl at the end is awesome. If this doesn't put you in a good mood, you're having a really rough...

Silver Sonya
replies: 1 views: 641
Avatar for mltamisin
mltamisin 25th April 2008
Avatar for passenger

No one throw anything at me ...... please. I'm just wondering about a few of the settings on the 610 while tracking through both....

replies: 3 views: 631
Avatar for Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan 25th April 2008
Avatar for SighBorg

Eddie Kramer Seminars - The Eddie Kramer Experience diddlydoo

replies: 3 views: 1,097
Avatar for ninjaneer
ninjaneer 25th April 2008
Avatar for Soyuz

Hispasonic TV is broadcasting live selected events from the Ethermusic Festival. The world's finest Theremin Players are...

replies: 1 views: 750
Avatar for author
author 25th April 2008
Avatar for Lunatique

I just got my digital cables/connectors (BNC) and I connected my Line 6 Toneport UX2's SPDIF out to my Klein + Hummel O 300D's...

replies: 4 views: 718
Avatar for tINY
tINY 25th April 2008
Avatar for jenkzy56@

just curious how one would equipe a modest writing studio with a budget of around 20k from scratch the music would be popish,...

[email protected]
replies: 49 views: 3,343
Avatar for djbrough
djbrough 25th April 2008
Avatar for Tube World

Just read this on another thread. It seems that instead of coming out with new digital mixers, they just made the current...

Tube World
replies: 1 views: 864
Avatar for wakestyle
wakestyle 25th April 2008
Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut

Howdy.. So i pulled out the CD of one of my fave artists/albums Tom Waits 'Small change' The songs are fnatastic to me, and...

Wiggy Neve Slut
replies: 26 views: 2,119
Avatar for dbock
dbock 25th April 2008
Avatar for danbronson

Sixth bullet point down. Funny, I always thought that was a matter of taste...howdy

replies: 20 views: 4,263
Avatar for 25th April 2008
Avatar for moma

Hi There, well the Euro /Dollar thing is getting better and better (at least for the Europeans) Probably many people here did...

replies: 26 views: 842
Avatar for moma
moma 25th April 2008
Avatar for timtoonz

Sorry to start yet another monitor thread... But I've been auditioning some passive Dynaudio BM6's lately and they're pretty...

replies: 10 views: 2,138
Avatar for princeplanet
princeplanet 25th April 2008
Avatar for Worlez

What is the name of the studio you own? I''d love to check it out on the web if its available! Al

replies: 0 views: 637
Avatar for Worlez
Worlez 25th April 2008
Avatar for JDN

FYI, trent released a new song for free via"discipline" and in current typical Trent fashion, gives us the...

replies: 1 views: 682
Avatar for Sui_City
Sui_City 25th April 2008
Avatar for rekloos

This topic came up the other day while chitchatting with some friends, no audio pros just regular folks who like to get around...

replies: 46 views: 2,630
Avatar for Jaques Beraques
Jaques Beraques 25th April 2008
Avatar for Daedalus77

As part of the set-up of our new project facility we've come to the decision point on the monitoring set-up. We can't afford the...

replies: 16 views: 2,076
Avatar for w2w
w2w 25th April 2008


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