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Avatar for youngmain

I have a 003 and want to completely bypass the 003 conversion. I am getting a lavry black AD-10 and want to connect to my 003 via...

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Avatar for youngmain
youngmain 1st June 2008
Avatar for Brent

waaaah Total case of Mahogany G.A.S. today. I just added a Martin D-18V to go with my D-28 Marquis! What a punchy beautiful...

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Avatar for Brent
Brent 1st June 2008
Avatar for Tom C

Hello, (I posted earlier regarding this but had a question about an additional piece of gear, and was hoping to get a few...

Tom C
replies: 8 views: 1,051
Avatar for edvdr76
edvdr76 1st June 2008
Avatar for big country

YouTube - Uzh i ya li moloda, tonkopriaditsa byla

big country
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Avatar for astronmr20
astronmr20 1st June 2008
Avatar for Baderup99

Hey when I select a track using the selector tool, the track automatically gets bigger and the rest of the tracks get smaller. I...

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Avatar for Baderup99
Baderup99 1st June 2008
Avatar for piratebruce

A while since I've been in. Apart from the fact I should upgrade, the system usage window on the mix core card is labelling the...

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Avatar for piratebruce
piratebruce 1st June 2008
Avatar for WDG

I am sorry I know this is off topic but I didn't know the best place to post this. I was searching for some info on ASCAP and...

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Avatar for WDG
WDG 1st June 2008
Avatar for notyetfamous

So I find myself uninspired day after day listening to my current headphone setup in my studio. Just to let you know what I'm...

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Avatar for notyetfamous
notyetfamous 1st June 2008
Avatar for Mr.HOLMES

There comes a Question to my mind. If you get files from bad Tracking rooms do you try to remove room resonances with the ...

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Avatar for Mr.HOLMES
Mr.HOLMES 31st May 2008
Avatar for the yeti

hey i've got a soundelux u99 (rev A) that i've had since they came out (2000?-2001?) and it's my main mic along with an R-84....

the yeti
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Avatar for reallyjake
reallyjake 31st May 2008
Avatar for yumdrum

Male, female R&B to Rock. What say you slutz?

replies: 31 views: 3,123
Avatar for Astrain
Astrain 31st May 2008
Avatar for Sine

Which has better preamps? I really love ProTools, so i'm leaning toward the 003, although I hear it may not have the best pres....

replies: 2 views: 2,087
Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 31st May 2008
Avatar for Mike24

Hello: I just installled kontakt 3 to use with my SSD 2.0 for drum triggering and it seems like there is a global reverb or...

replies: 1 views: 650
Avatar for dick swifter
dick swifter 31st May 2008
Avatar for Baderup99

Hey guys I got a question about gates and compressors on drums. When we individually mics drums do we want the bleed from the...

replies: 3 views: 1,174
Avatar for fooman
fooman 31st May 2008
Avatar for Renegade Prod

About to make the leap of faith into HD over the next month (have used it at uni for 2 years now) but am finally considering the...

Renegade Prod
replies: 13 views: 812
Avatar for Deleted bd1be4f
Deleted bd1be4f 31st May 2008
Avatar for ddp

Hi all I am looking for suggestions on a multieffects unit that will sound good mono. I have a muliteffects unit but it is...

replies: 5 views: 1,002
Avatar for ddp
ddp 31st May 2008
Avatar for dibravibra

Hello! The other day I sent ITB Nuendo mix via Spdif out to an old 16 bit Sony DAT recorder. My project was recorded at 24...

replies: 7 views: 918
Avatar for Mr.HOLMES
Mr.HOLMES 31st May 2008
Avatar for Mike Brown

Found this mic in a box today.... (my favorite way to find audio gear!) Anyone know anything about it? I've done some...

Mike Brown
replies: 1 views: 4,139
Avatar for Santiago
Santiago 31st May 2008
Avatar for mark007

Did anyone actually compare the 2 combinations for recording VO? 1) U87 + John Hardy M1 2) u87 + Avalon m5 Whats the...

replies: 0 views: 2,070
Avatar for mark007
mark007 31st May 2008
Avatar for Doublehelix

Well, there has been a thread in the "New Product Alert" forum for well over a year on the GT SuPRE, but not much in...

replies: 8 views: 4,624
Avatar for Mastering101
Mastering101 31st May 2008
Avatar for ddp

Hi all I've got several vintage guitar heads. I need some replacement rubber feet for heads that have missing ones. I really...

replies: 3 views: 3,670
Avatar for ddp
ddp 31st May 2008
Avatar for bigggidy

TEAC 2A Mixing console? I have scoped one out that I can afford to purchase and wondered what your thoughts were on it. Will it...

replies: 0 views: 565
Avatar for bigggidy
bigggidy 31st May 2008
Avatar for TGrec07

Any good recomendations for a compressor limiter for my home studio for under a grand. Amulti purpose dual channel is what I have...

replies: 5 views: 710
Avatar for James Lehmann
James Lehmann 31st May 2008
Avatar for radracer

delete this thread

replies: 0 views: 602
Avatar for radracer
radracer 31st May 2008
Avatar for Gravity

Ok ok, I know I shouldn't admit to owning one, but I need some help here. I have a 16-8 console, and since they were so rare,...

replies: 3 views: 1,074
Avatar for hearttimes
hearttimes 31st May 2008
Avatar for TOTAL

My client's hard disk in laptop has recently been baked with most of the data, along with the processor and ram. Expert said the...

replies: 1 views: 771
Avatar for matt thomas
matt thomas 31st May 2008
Avatar for songman

Hi all, Just spent my last dime on a Chandler TG Channel MkII. I'd like to complement it with a compressor for tracking but...

replies: 0 views: 537
Avatar for songman
songman 31st May 2008
Avatar for Savernake

We're thinking of renting some top end pres, ideally in a lunchbox, to use this month. Maybe a converter too. Anyone nearby,...

replies: 3 views: 571
Avatar for Savernake
Savernake 31st May 2008
Avatar for jbsg02

I think for me it is getting good bass guitar sounds that blend in a mix well, I think it stems from me having never played bass...

replies: 28 views: 2,185
Avatar for petterericsson
petterericsson 31st May 2008
Avatar for Shane Michael Rose

in boston? just curious. i live down the street and i was walking by the other day and noticed there is a control room...

Shane Michael Rose
replies: 6 views: 630
Avatar for alcohol
alcohol 31st May 2008
Avatar for uptoolate

I just pulled up the bad buss mojo plug (demo) and can't find any presets. Any suggestions? Thanks

replies: 3 views: 1,201
Avatar for redroom
redroom 31st May 2008
Avatar for heisleyamor

I just bought a new computer and my Waves Diamond Bundle isn't being found on my DAW...It says compatible with XP in the specs. ...

replies: 1 views: 590
Avatar for theother
theother 31st May 2008
Avatar for deckerluke

does that seem like a fair deal for the both of em?

replies: 1 views: 601
Avatar for James Lehmann
James Lehmann 31st May 2008
Avatar for popmachine-a

Has anyone used Yamaha NS-10M T monitors? Are they similar to NS-10s? They look similar, but with a different tweeter and a...

replies: 0 views: 634
Avatar for popmachine-a
popmachine-a 31st May 2008
Avatar for ampegfreak

How good is this record? The songs are awesome. The drums and guitars sound AMAZING. Brenden Obrien.. what is it that he...

replies: 23 views: 2,976
Avatar for jchadstopherhuez
jchadstopherhuez 31st May 2008
Avatar for heisleyamor

Do I physically need a new snare drum? Like a deep maple or something? I'm using a steel yamaha snare right now and got a new...

replies: 67 views: 7,183
Avatar for thethrillfactor
thethrillfactor 31st May 2008
Avatar for ORGANIK

heloooo slutzzz! ok so the problem is........ i just got my first API cherry popped and got a 512c with a lunch-box. I have...

replies: 0 views: 877
Avatar for ORGANIK
ORGANIK 31st May 2008
Avatar for youngmain

Its finally here. Cant upload attachment buy it seems like a cardiod only version, but im not sure. Anyone know about it?boing

replies: 9 views: 3,893
Avatar for reallyjake
reallyjake 31st May 2008
Avatar for Xspringe

I know having separate stands is preferred for tom mics because it yields better recordings. Sadly enough, separate stands for...

replies: 8 views: 1,459
Avatar for Everyman
Everyman 31st May 2008
Avatar for FinchMeister

Purchased from WestLA Music, only used once. I just purchased a full Digi studio, full of great gear, mics, equipment. This...

replies: 1 views: 781
Avatar for BLUElightCory
BLUElightCory 31st May 2008
Avatar for bryancook

according to my readings here and research elsewhere, if i'm looking for a u47 type tube vocal mic and want to spend about 1500,...

replies: 35 views: 3,982
Avatar for drBill
drBill 31st May 2008
Avatar for recall

Hi Guys, I'm going to be recording an album soon where the artist is going for a karautrock-y natural drum sound a-la cluster,...

replies: 1 views: 1,959
Avatar for Mike Brown
Mike Brown 31st May 2008
Avatar for hduncan

I like to use crescendos to build up to a chorus sometimes (often its a reversed cymbal hit or just a cymbal swell). I...

replies: 7 views: 922
Avatar for kittyboy
kittyboy 31st May 2008
Avatar for coyotekells

What are your general thoughts on stereo miking sources like acoustic guitar, and sending the left and right to different single...

replies: 2 views: 553
Avatar for coyotekells
coyotekells 30th May 2008
Avatar for Slap Back

Recording any style of pop/rock. Want to track: Drums Bass Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar Male vocals Female vocals In a...

Slap Back
replies: 5 views: 662
Avatar for Aurora T.
Aurora T. 30th May 2008
Avatar for Rush909

I am working with a singer that likes to have her vocals cranked in her headphones while recording... She also would likes her...

replies: 3 views: 854
Avatar for tINY
tINY 30th May 2008
Avatar for hduncan

Why does it seem like every professional studio just has their speakers on the bridge? And why is every mixing desk equipped with...

replies: 24 views: 2,580
Avatar for Robobaby
Robobaby 30th May 2008
Avatar for ersheff

Hi, all. Can I put this tier (Quik-Lok QLX-1) on this stand (On-Stage KS2790)? As far as I can tell, the tier will mount on any...

replies: 3 views: 1,853
Avatar for boyinthebox
boyinthebox 30th May 2008
Avatar for coyotekells

I'm renting a few things, and want to make sure I've got the right cables to use 'em :) For tracking bass or electric guitar...

replies: 2 views: 1,228
Avatar for coyotekells
coyotekells 30th May 2008
Avatar for AnthonyRochester

Musicians are often not fully prepared when they come to record in a studio. I have a list of things to make sure they've...

replies: 13 views: 1,021
Avatar for seansolo
seansolo 30th May 2008


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