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Avatar for Synthnerd

If I got a Big Ben I would buy it solely to improve the sound of the Rosetta. Will it improve it? Will there be an obvious...

replies: 13 views: 1,335
Avatar for gwailoh
gwailoh 15th April 2009
Avatar for Beastie

I KNOW I KNOW!!!! BAD ME!!!!! But i have a few options and i was after some opinions... I have some PMC db1A's But im selling...

replies: 20 views: 1,752
Avatar for Beastie
Beastie 15th April 2009
Avatar for reeserichardson

So I've just purchased my first passive filter and its making noise. actually, it makes noise when I touch it which seemed very...

replies: 1 views: 859
Avatar for theblue1
theblue1 15th April 2009
Avatar for Pryzefighter

YouTube - Eddie Vedder Comments On Bootlegs The one Ed is singing in...kfhkh

replies: 3 views: 3,670
Avatar for Pryzefighter
Pryzefighter 15th April 2009
Avatar for hihello

Hello, I am needing to set my b-16 back to 15ips. No idea where the jumper(s) are placed on the capstan and I'm tired of...

replies: 3 views: 946
Avatar for hihello
hihello 15th April 2009
Avatar for Beneficial

... I need to convert an unbalanced +4 signal to a balanced +4 signal... would an unbalanced DI box like the Radial JDI box be my...

replies: 10 views: 920
Avatar for tINY
tINY 15th April 2009
Avatar for Nu-tra

How the heck do they get the hihat to sound so good? Nice and smooth and musical. I know the players were bad ass. How do you get...

replies: 85 views: 7,769
Avatar for alkooloid
alkooloid 15th April 2009
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I picked one of these up on a whim, I've read from several people who's opinion I trust, but I tried it today on a female vocal...

Sean Sullivan
replies: 16 views: 2,695
Avatar for The Studio RI
The Studio RI 15th April 2009
Avatar for bierfreund381

Has anyone experiences with the RTT mkl 101 "the Bottle"? I am not shure about that and there is only one test in...

replies: 2 views: 1,116
Avatar for DJamesGoody
DJamesGoody 15th April 2009
Avatar for meymia

K the thing is i got a guitar distortion in a song of mine i really like. It really pushes the chores the right way,the problam...

replies: 1 views: 485
Avatar for tINY
tINY 15th April 2009
replies: 0 views: 563
Avatar for Nu-tra
Nu-tra 15th April 2009
Avatar for hduncan

I used to take each individual sound and work on it as hard as I could to get it sounding fantastic by its lonesome, never...

replies: 26 views: 1,708
Avatar for PRobb
PRobb 15th April 2009
Avatar for ratresistance00

well in addition to a Auralex MAX-Wall 831 I have 5 small 1ft x 1ft bass traps, and 24 of these little 1x1 thin panels that have...

replies: 8 views: 1,177
Avatar for macgee
macgee 15th April 2009
Avatar for InstituteOfNoise

Anyone know of a place in Los Angeles that has a Tascam 80-8 8-track that can transfer to ProTools? Reasonably price would be...

replies: 2 views: 850
Avatar for InstituteOfNoise
InstituteOfNoise 15th April 2009
Avatar for johnny4

my question is should i get a 25keys or 49 keys? im new to this whole scene, i wanna make some rap beat for me and my friends...

replies: 1 views: 538
Avatar for The MPCist
The MPCist 15th April 2009
Avatar for Tranny-Cap-Tube

Hey guys, if I use my car as a mix checker daily can I count it as a piece of studio equipment? Or just the audio equipment...

replies: 3 views: 625
Avatar for tropicalhotdog
tropicalhotdog 15th April 2009
Avatar for SparkyCanada

Hey there. Just got a Philips LCD Digital Photo Frame - and would like to set it on one of my speakers in my studio. Is...

replies: 1 views: 478
Avatar for SparkyCanada
SparkyCanada 15th April 2009
Avatar for MikeV

Curious if anyone here using logic is able to create what will come across as a latency free monitor mix within the software. I...

replies: 5 views: 5,150
Avatar for MikeV
MikeV 15th April 2009
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I picked up an Effectron 1020 for crazy cheap ($30). It hasn't arrived yet, and from my research the Effectron II 1024 is the...

Sean Sullivan
replies: 4 views: 8,631
Avatar for nodog
nodog 15th April 2009
Avatar for beesee

Hi all, I would like to know how those of you using the Furman HRM/HDS-16 system monitor playback in an overdub situation. For...

replies: 0 views: 568
Avatar for beesee
beesee 15th April 2009
Avatar for ricobeat

Hi,first of all sorry for my english... I use to go out of my mac with an apogee rosetta 800 processing three or four stereo...

replies: 2 views: 726
Avatar for ricobeat
ricobeat 15th April 2009
Avatar for exgt

Hi guys! I'm looking into getting a pair of speakers to my studio. Here are the alternatives right now. I'm very used to work...

replies: 4 views: 3,639
Avatar for exgt
exgt 15th April 2009
replies: 22 views: 7,330
Avatar for meymia
meymia 15th April 2009
Avatar for missmoxie

Hey everyone, I stumbled across your fantastic forum through google in search of some statistics for a freelance article I am...

replies: 2 views: 1,077
Avatar for rack gear
rack gear 15th April 2009
Avatar for swaff

I'm eager to see what you all consider the most important and least important mics used for recording a kit. I have a hand full...

replies: 18 views: 1,947
Avatar for Dean Roddey
Dean Roddey 15th April 2009
Avatar for skiroy

Okay guys. I hate to start a new thread on this but I want posters to see FX teleport and come hone it because its exciting and...

replies: 5 views: 1,770
Avatar for rashman
rashman 15th April 2009
Avatar for musical5

For those who like to upgrade thier own gear. How do you identify capacitors. How can you tell if they are wima, film or other? I...

replies: 0 views: 448
Avatar for musical5
musical5 15th April 2009
Avatar for sam shew

i would like to have your opinions on those 3 monitors please; - pmc / tb2sa - aps / aeon - adam / s3A which one do you...

sam shew
replies: 10 views: 1,739
Avatar for danceobsessive
danceobsessive 15th April 2009
Avatar for mattsplace

Hey! Have anyone idea when will Celemony release the melodyne direct note access?

replies: 12 views: 1,027
Avatar for seansolo
seansolo 15th April 2009
Avatar for chet.d

Considering picking one up and wondering if folks are generally happy with the 2400? and what you land up controlling intuitively...

replies: 0 views: 650
Avatar for chet.d
chet.d 15th April 2009
Avatar for buddha fingers

has anyone had the chance to a/b a pair of ns10's against a pair of ns10m's? I have only heard ns10's. i love having the ns10s...

buddha fingers
replies: 3 views: 8,269
Avatar for hazelmossobrien
hazelmossobrien 15th April 2009
Avatar for stellar

Kurchatov Nuke Equipment - a set on Flickr

replies: 2 views: 559
Avatar for Makinithappen
Makinithappen 15th April 2009
Avatar for matt thomas

can anyone recommend where to buy MacPro memory in NZ? I'm wanting a cheaper place, but one that knows what apple computers...

matt thomas
replies: 5 views: 180
Avatar for matt thomas
matt thomas 15th April 2009
Avatar for gb-jazz

I thought it might be fun to list your #1 favorite producer and why? What kind of producer-songwriter-engineer ect.. was he or...

replies: 70 views: 6,100
Avatar for speakercoil
speakercoil 15th April 2009
Avatar for jonnymac

just got mackie in HUI mode working to operate protools 8. everything works except the shuttle wheel. it does however work in...

replies: 0 views: 646
Avatar for jonnymac
jonnymac 15th April 2009
Avatar for hectc7

Ok, so I was working on a mix yesterday with a band I came accros something. I mixed down a version of their song to a stereo...

replies: 10 views: 2,344
Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 15th April 2009
Avatar for alexis

I have a Mr. Microphone ;-) , looking to update. I sing lead and background in a 60s through current pop-rock band. I'm a guy,...

replies: 10 views: 944
Avatar for sosebeemusic
sosebeemusic 15th April 2009
Avatar for Sun Touch

Hello, gearslutz. I'm considering purchasing an Akai S900/950, but I'd like to know if it will utterly destroy a sample when you...

Sun Touch
replies: 12 views: 4,629
Avatar for peterpiper0815
peterpiper0815 15th April 2009
Avatar for CISUM

So, I sat back and thought about it...... Would or Wouldn't the hip hop model of business work for rock music?! Rap artists...

replies: 19 views: 1,383
Avatar for Backhousepro
Backhousepro 14th April 2009
Avatar for SANDS

SM Pro Audio: Download VFX MAC Beta

replies: 0 views: 942
Avatar for SANDS
SANDS 14th April 2009
Avatar for nick-the-sax

i am just curious about JL Cooper controllers. their transport controller looks quite nice as do the other ones. havn't heard...

replies: 0 views: 537
Avatar for nick-the-sax
nick-the-sax 14th April 2009
Avatar for thesteve

I have been noticing something interesting.... almost all of the pictures of peoples racks have no space between gear. Even with...

replies: 1 views: 666
Avatar for Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 14th April 2009
Avatar for Fandango

It's difficult to reach the USB & Firewire ports on the back of my computers. I would love to get them plugged in and...

replies: 7 views: 626
Avatar for tINY
tINY 14th April 2009
Avatar for hassanperryon

Theres seems to be a typo on the digi 003r itself.... on line input 5 I have my robbie connected with 1/4 trs but it has a...

replies: 3 views: 672
Avatar for sleeper1400
sleeper1400 14th April 2009
Avatar for skythemusic

Hi, I have a 12 space rack unit with 4 Kepex Gates and 2 Gain Brains from Allison Research. These are the originals, not II's. ...

replies: 1 views: 705
Avatar for Steffmo
Steffmo 14th April 2009
Avatar for Inca

Hey guys, just curious if any of you have done this? I really miss having a mixer in front of me and have heard great things...

replies: 4 views: 3,436
Avatar for Inca
Inca 14th April 2009
Avatar for Table Syrup Records

Another thread stirred up a post I made on another forum in October Just think about it. Your thoughts? It's kind of general,...

Table Syrup Records
replies: 0 views: 2,210
Avatar for Table Syrup Records
Table Syrup Records 14th April 2009
Avatar for Aaron Miller

Hi, my current gear includes: Aurora GTQ2 Lavry Black AD & DA Apogee Ensemble Right now the Ensemble gives me four extra...

Aaron Miller
replies: 33 views: 2,617
Avatar for climber
climber 14th April 2009
Avatar for rajprods

Currently have a Yamaha 02R version 2. I would like to be able to use an existing stereo compressor and stereo eq's to use...

replies: 20 views: 5,169
Avatar for labman
labman 14th April 2009
Avatar for metroplex

I had the pleasure of working with a band on an ICON desk recently and all I can say is WOW. With Massenburg himself using and...

replies: 285 views: 20,302
Avatar for Duardo
Duardo 14th April 2009


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