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26th April 2019 Views: 2,247
Views: 2,247
26th April 2019
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Avatar for Rednose

My buddy lent my studio his AT 4050 for about two years. He recently got a home setup again and decided he wanted the mic back. I...

replies: 35 views: 5,022
Avatar for musicianof1
musicianof1 9th February 2010
Avatar for Curtis Day

I want reasonable quality at a decent price. Anyone have any ideas?

Curtis Day
replies: 19 views: 9,118
Avatar for Ethan Winer
Ethan Winer 9th February 2010
Avatar for Bater

Hey all, just wanted to see what you thought of my new toy. I just purchase a CAD m179 on ebay for $72 (delivered). Pretty good...

replies: 6 views: 2,071
Avatar for That One Guy
That One Guy 9th February 2010
replies: 1 views: 563
Avatar for Calum_H
Calum_H 9th February 2010
Avatar for SurfingMusicMan

Hey, my fiance and I have decided that we're going to move to England from Kansas City. What kind of issues am I going to have...

replies: 124 views: 4,961
Avatar for SurfingMusicMan
SurfingMusicMan 9th February 2010
Avatar for csiking

Hi, I do spot production and am wanting to find a 'ducker' plugin for the Mac platform, specifically Digital Performer. Allow...

replies: 0 views: 1,340
Avatar for csiking
csiking 9th February 2010
Avatar for Beneficial

I've been trying to find analog rack gear, particularly FX, that can be controlled via midi. It would be especially nice to find...

replies: 2 views: 1,284
Avatar for Beneficial
Beneficial 9th February 2010
Avatar for chadster

Has anyone ever heard of a Planar Magnetic Transducer? I found one here at work and can't exactly figure out what it does. It's...

replies: 4 views: 1,207
Avatar for chadster
chadster 9th February 2010
Avatar for chess999

looking to use for tracking and mixdown bass, vocals, guitars, overheads. Not looking to use either as a bus compressor or over...

replies: 4 views: 1,545
Avatar for Mike Brown
Mike Brown 9th February 2010
Avatar for owens311

i have a roctron midi mate and want to know what a good cheap expression pedal is for it. preferably cheaper than the HEX....

replies: 0 views: 2,617
Avatar for owens311
owens311 9th February 2010
Avatar for DaVinci

I'm trying to wrap my head around reverb. I've done many... MANY hours of experimentation, but I don't have the benefit of...

replies: 2 views: 1,280
Avatar for DaVinci
DaVinci 9th February 2010
Avatar for rajprods

I realize I'm comparing hardware versus software, but if you've had experience with all three, I'm looking for some feedback on...

replies: 5 views: 6,706
Avatar for IzzyRock
IzzyRock 9th February 2010
Avatar for superwack

Got a pair of dBX 160VUs that have 2 RED LEDs on each unit instead of the 1 RED, 1 AMBER LED... does that mean anything to...

replies: 2 views: 796
Avatar for superwack
superwack 9th February 2010
Avatar for henryrobinett

Does anyone know a source for buying mic stand parts? I have an assistant who, from time to time, takes them a part, even after...

replies: 3 views: 1,925
Avatar for henryrobinett
henryrobinett 9th February 2010
Avatar for babydaddymusic

I am debating getting a new mic pre-(actually replacing one that was on loan.) I really would like two channels, but could get...

replies: 102 views: 9,055
Avatar for dualflip
dualflip 9th February 2010
Avatar for pullpush

Hi from Spain, My Yamaha DM1000 it´s getting obsolete in my studio. I,m only use it for the DA section to my Mackie Big Knob...

replies: 3 views: 1,145
Avatar for pullpush
pullpush 9th February 2010
Avatar for asagaai

I am getting a A Designs Reddi to use as DI bass. I intend running out of Reddi into a fully carnhill/motorola modded CL7602-...

replies: 4 views: 1,604
Avatar for Snatchman
Snatchman 9th February 2010
Avatar for mikrokev

Hi, Am looking for any suggestions on stereo microphones to record different environments. From offices to restaurants or quiet...

replies: 5 views: 1,363
Avatar for Prick Up UR Ears
Prick Up UR Ears 9th February 2010
Avatar for RWagner

Anyone have the HD192? What do you about headphone monitoring if its all you've got? Obviously its only got xlr outputs...Do you...

replies: 24 views: 1,932
Avatar for Karloff70
Karloff70 9th February 2010
Avatar for cltd

Sorry for rookie question, but... Is it comparable? I mean such hardware analog filters like Sherman Filterbank, Akai MFC42,...

replies: 1 views: 773
Avatar for cltd
cltd 9th February 2010
Avatar for rackdude

So, I hear all of this talk about hardware reverbs, and am wondering how, since it's digital, could sound better than software...

replies: 205 views: 23,661
Avatar for Firechild
Firechild 9th February 2010
Avatar for Amadeus Awad

Hello Guys. Superb forum, I love you all. I am programming some drum tracks on BFD II for an old school heavy metal band and I...

Amadeus Awad
replies: 3 views: 569
Avatar for Amadeus Awad
Amadeus Awad 9th February 2010
Avatar for sarmad_dehnadi

Hi everybody I'm using sonar 8 and I'm going to buy Mackie control surface with 3 extender units in order to have complete...

replies: 5 views: 2,220
Avatar for sarmad_dehnadi
sarmad_dehnadi 9th February 2010
Avatar for Turdadactyl

Ok, so I rewired a bit in an effort to eliminate as much as possible from my signal chain that might take away from my sound...

replies: 6 views: 838
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 9th February 2010
Avatar for studio3point3

Hi all, I'm going to start doing small-time recordings, and I was going to do all digital recording (PreSonus Firewire...

replies: 10 views: 3,296
Avatar for Beyersound
Beyersound 9th February 2010
Avatar for skiroy

A guy helped me mix a song today. Hes pretty good but he used a HPF up to 200-260Hz on all the Electric guitars. I thought it was...

replies: 2 views: 593
Avatar for pan
pan 9th February 2010
Avatar for mossimo654

PLEASE forgive a n00b here, I just got a profire 610 (hasn't broken down yet... thank you M-Audio) I just had a few questions. ...

replies: 0 views: 459
Avatar for mossimo654
mossimo654 9th February 2010
Avatar for skiroy

IM sending soemthing to be mastered for the first time. It was recorded in 24 bit so I know to not convrt it to 16 bit,so...

replies: 0 views: 376
Avatar for skiroy
skiroy 9th February 2010
Avatar for Addni

Hello there slutz. Wonder if anyone out there can help me. I need something in between A laptop and the master inputs of the...

replies: 1 views: 534
Avatar for rcb4t2
rcb4t2 9th February 2010
Avatar for griff71177 Stronger Everyday: Jon B.: Music anyone?

replies: 2 views: 620
Avatar for hirocaster
hirocaster 9th February 2010
Avatar for LilShadyBaby

Ay, yo! The name's Lil Shady. And uhh.. I'm new to this whole recording engineer and techy-tech stuff. For me, I'm more like...

replies: 30 views: 6,931
Avatar for drp audio
drp audio 9th February 2010
Avatar for jah279

Okay everybody... I'm trying to prioritize a bit, figure out exactly what I want/need to expand my gear and sound. I currently...

replies: 14 views: 836
Avatar for mikethedrummer
mikethedrummer 9th February 2010
Avatar for antoniosolo

At about 3:00 or so they show a mic...what is it? Thanks for your expert analysis. YouTube - The Dream Making a Beat in the...

replies: 5 views: 578
Avatar for Deleted User
Deleted User 9th February 2010
Avatar for Machinetooth

Mac Pro - $3700 Mics - $2500 Audio Interface 'Orpheus'?-$4500 Multi Mic Pre - $1100 Moniters 'JBL LSR4328P Pak' - $1400 Comp....

replies: 61 views: 7,147
Avatar for Mr.HOLMES
Mr.HOLMES 9th February 2010
Avatar for ZEBRAAA

YouTube - Fionn Regan - Put A Penny In The Slot what mic would they have used? nice and warm...and direct. love to use...

replies: 0 views: 679
Avatar for ZEBRAAA
ZEBRAAA 9th February 2010
Avatar for Surbitone

Hi, diddlydoo Does anyone know of an alternative VST, PC equivalent to the Waves SSL channel plugin? Sonics aside, I really...

replies: 4 views: 2,245
Avatar for Surbitone
Surbitone 9th February 2010
Avatar for kingdice86

I am either going to get a 49 or a 61 key controller from M-Audio, but I see them both in BLACK and in GREY and can't seem to...

replies: 4 views: 1,639
Avatar for kingdice86
kingdice86 9th February 2010
Avatar for cl516

I need to replace the tubes for Thermionic Culture Vulture + Massive Passive. What's the min. quality of the replacement tube so...

replies: 0 views: 1,370
Avatar for cl516
cl516 9th February 2010
Avatar for ReubenTobias

Anybody got any experience with this? ART TCS Is it any good? How does it compare to the ART Pro...

replies: 0 views: 726
Avatar for ReubenTobias
ReubenTobias 9th February 2010
Avatar for jayjames

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question. Moderators feel free to move this. My band just finished tracking...

replies: 5 views: 853
Avatar for matt2525
matt2525 9th February 2010
Avatar for Weiss

Hi! What do you think i would be better??? two 1176nl linked or the stereo unit, 2-1176??? Thank you. W

replies: 5 views: 1,038
Avatar for Diogo C
Diogo C 9th February 2010
Avatar for Yorke

I have added a couple of Mandala pads to my drumset, they are multi-zone electronic drum pads, I am using Battery 3 software and...

replies: 6 views: 1,589
Avatar for travisbrown
travisbrown 9th February 2010
replies: 0 views: 531
Avatar for BringItBack
BringItBack 9th February 2010
Avatar for bboyt3nsk

Hi everyone, I have been pondering this question for awhile... I am 24 years old and will be 25 in the summer time and live in...

replies: 27 views: 8,813
Avatar for bkbirge
bkbirge 8th February 2010
Avatar for TLMUSIC

I've just been listening to this album and I think it sounds great...especially the drums. Anyone here have any info on it? ...

replies: 1 views: 577
Avatar for j-uk
j-uk 8th February 2010
Avatar for mattg082

all i have right now for vocals is an sm 57 that's on the way and was thinking of doing the 80dollar tab mod at the end of the...

replies: 1 views: 1,147
Avatar for mattg082
mattg082 8th February 2010
Avatar for pascalm

i've not really listened to that much lofi music until recently, i'm guessing that most gearslutz would hate the thought of lofi...

replies: 20 views: 2,041
Avatar for GoldenOne
GoldenOne 8th February 2010
Avatar for Barnaby150

Hey guys, I know how basic this question might sound, but I really need some help. I have Pro tools M-powered and I want to hook...

replies: 1 views: 453
Avatar for Johnny Paez
Johnny Paez 8th February 2010
Avatar for dbbubba

A few weeks back I posted a thread debating why the mixes that I had mastered by a name ME in Nashville came back to me...

replies: 21 views: 1,487
Avatar for RockManDan
RockManDan 8th February 2010
Avatar for Stage_One

Hello All, I would just like to say what an amazing resource this site is. I've looked through the boards as a guest for many...

replies: 23 views: 1,311
Avatar for Duardo
Duardo 8th February 2010


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