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26th April 2019 Views: 7
Views: 7
26th April 2019
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Avatar for Acorn

YouTube - Alex Somers_Jonsi Good interview, but I can't really see what reverb unit he is using. Can anybody identify...

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Avatar for Acorn
Acorn 11th December 2010
Avatar for disco violence

Is there a way to connect active di box such as radial di box to emu 1212m sice they require phantom power.Could i use...

disco violence
replies: 2 views: 717
Avatar for ark
ark 11th December 2010
Avatar for AudioGeekRI

When I went to school we recorded two singers with a figure 8 and recording each side on a separate channels. What do I need to...

replies: 9 views: 806
Avatar for AudioGeekRI
AudioGeekRI 11th December 2010
Avatar for sameal

So i got burned awhile back (well sorta burned. depends how you look at it.) some dumbass tried building a d.i. box with line...

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Avatar for sameal
sameal 11th December 2010
Avatar for cassiopamusic

Looking for a vocal coach in the brooklyn/nyc area who isn't so high end (price wise and serious-wise). I am looking for myself,...

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Avatar for cassiopamusic
cassiopamusic 11th December 2010
Avatar for Demonslave

Hiya! What would y'all estimate the value of a met 140 tube with remote at these days? Thanks !!!!!!

replies: 4 views: 1,199
Avatar for Telefunk
Telefunk 11th December 2010
Avatar for Anon502

I have a really cool boss at my daytime job who is looking for a new challenge and is willing to finance any business that I want...

replies: 19 views: 7,664
Avatar for Anon502
Anon502 11th December 2010
Avatar for Roman

I've got my ramsa wr8616, revox c270 and I'm buying effects. So far I've bought: Fisher Spacexpander Spring reverb (for king...

replies: 7 views: 2,717
Avatar for RusRant
RusRant 11th December 2010
Avatar for mmahan40

Hey everyone, I'm about to drop some more money on my setup. My current gear is pretty much an maudio fast track pro, an sm7b,...

replies: 29 views: 1,340
Avatar for mmahan40
mmahan40 11th December 2010
Avatar for dakillbass

Hello, Who knows Lafont console? Can we compare with Neve, Audient, SSL, Amek gear...??? I need technical information about...

replies: 0 views: 971
Avatar for dakillbass
dakillbass 11th December 2010
Avatar for aleatoric

Pretty sure I have seen something like this before. I tried looking on a few pro audio dealer sites but could not find anything....

replies: 3 views: 1,386
Avatar for CompEq
CompEq 11th December 2010
Avatar for niknieb

The manual, I feel, is lacking a few things. First of all, how do you change the files from AIFF to WAV? Second of all, where are...

replies: 1 views: 711
Avatar for The Real MC
The Real MC 10th December 2010
Avatar for Mgr

Reference cd's are important, share which are yours and what kind of music you use them for ! Posted via the Gearslutz iPhone...

replies: 1 views: 570
Avatar for marcus
marcus 10th December 2010
Avatar for nawtika

Hi folks, Second post here-- be kind. I've been doing so much gearslutz reading about these monitors that my head is spinning. I...

replies: 5 views: 928
Avatar for nawtika
nawtika 10th December 2010
Avatar for rockxrock

Ive just bought the dbx-900 with 9 slots on the front but only 8 connection on the back...?? it looks just like the one on the...

replies: 1 views: 842
Avatar for Rick Sutton
Rick Sutton 10th December 2010
Avatar for JboJbo

I have a basic home studio and I've got a nice little christmas cheque to spend. It's around $4000USD and I would like some...

replies: 8 views: 611
Avatar for dalcl
dalcl 10th December 2010
Avatar for robmix

So after dropping hints for the past two months it's time I posted some pics of the new console. I was trying to wait until it...

replies: 50 views: 18,751
Avatar for dalcl
dalcl 10th December 2010
Avatar for bezusheist

SO...after purchasing the Apogee Duet, i realized that it was not even close to what they advertise...they pepper their...

replies: 81 views: 4,940
Avatar for mixerguy
mixerguy 10th December 2010
Avatar for KillerV

I had something very interesting happen during a guitar tracking session today. I'm busy producing an album for a band who is in...

replies: 3 views: 793
Avatar for sailor
sailor 10th December 2010
Avatar for superwack

Searched around - surprised I couldn't find anything... Let's say you have 2 compressors w/o detents, switches or even...

replies: 8 views: 1,043
Avatar for superwack
superwack 10th December 2010
Avatar for Webb

I'd like to get into reamping and have started looking at my DI options. I currently have a Great River ME1-NV and just bought a...

replies: 10 views: 1,674
Avatar for Webb
Webb 10th December 2010
Avatar for daubie

Hey Slutz, I'm at the point where I want to start recording in my home studio as my main source of income. I would love to hear...

replies: 15 views: 1,143
Avatar for 95svtcobta
95svtcobta 10th December 2010
Avatar for Blind

Dear Sluts, i have the chance to test some mics on my drumkit. The current setup is: Coles 4038 in AB over the kit U87...

replies: 2 views: 1,297
Avatar for Joram
Joram 10th December 2010
Avatar for Joeytpg

I have and have had my fair share of M-audio gear and they seem to be coming out with a lot of cool gear in the last couple of...

replies: 3 views: 978
Avatar for Jay-
Jay- 10th December 2010
Avatar for hralman

Hi everyone, I'm currently considering to make a DAW based recording studio, and I am in the phase of researching stuff. I'd...

replies: 11 views: 2,830
Avatar for thegatsby
thegatsby 10th December 2010
Avatar for Keire

I wanted to let you guys know about a great and affordable 1272 clone from a fellow Canadian. Ive used them against 1073 and...

replies: 2 views: 943
Avatar for Keire
Keire 10th December 2010
Avatar for Daeronb

yo guys, Im burning in my monitors atm. And i just had an idea! I made the music i play through them at the moment MONO. Then i...

replies: 10 views: 762
Avatar for JoaT
JoaT 10th December 2010
Avatar for Kris

In another 10 years or so all the great records of the last 10 years will begin to be re-released as new and improved...

replies: 1 views: 534
Avatar for TurboJets
TurboJets 10th December 2010
Avatar for babydaddymusic

I have Yamaha HS50m’s, and I feel my room is treated well with rockwool bass traps, desk placement etc...I have traps also on...

replies: 0 views: 582
Avatar for babydaddymusic
babydaddymusic 10th December 2010
Avatar for zoro

Hi Slutz I really want a small controller like Tranzport or Alphatrack, but when i search for compatibility with Logic 9 is...

replies: 6 views: 1,074
Avatar for davey boy
davey boy 10th December 2010
Avatar for Michael.C

Hi. In about a month Namm 11 will be held. Just wondering - what major things has been announced at Namm before. I'm...

replies: 0 views: 611
Avatar for Michael.C
Michael.C 10th December 2010
Avatar for elan

Hello I use reamp quite often and I would like to get a D.I. sound from my twin reverb, I want to use the twin reverb for...

replies: 8 views: 1,907
Avatar for elan
elan 10th December 2010
Avatar for Lil' Psych

How good are the pre's and converters? wht do they compare too? i previously had a 96 i/o and a digidesign PRE on a hd 1 system...

Lil' Psych
replies: 10 views: 1,210
Avatar for Lil' Psych
Lil' Psych 10th December 2010
Avatar for The Fold Studios

Hi All, I Rencently crossgraded from Pro Tools HD3 (pci) to HD3Accel (PCI-e). On the spanking new ilok they sent me, there is a...

The Fold Studios
replies: 3 views: 1,495
Avatar for The Fold Studios
The Fold Studios 10th December 2010
Avatar for Mr.HOLMES

Hi. I know we have very experienced mixing engineers on this board. I would call my self semiprofessional and I try to get...

replies: 0 views: 487
Avatar for Mr.HOLMES
Mr.HOLMES 10th December 2010
Avatar for Lil' Psych

I was looking at the focusrite gear but I can't find much about their ad/da so any opinions and comparisons and pre's for that...

Lil' Psych
replies: 2 views: 491
Avatar for Lil' Psych
Lil' Psych 10th December 2010
Avatar for fallynnknivez

Just curious if anyone knows. I am looking at picking up a PreSonus StudioLive 24 as the front end for my Pro Tools 9 rig as i...

replies: 2 views: 2,132
Avatar for depulse
depulse 10th December 2010
Avatar for Rafa

I'm working on mix that's giving me a lot of headache with the bass / kick relation. When I solo the drums, they sound fine,...

replies: 14 views: 1,279
Avatar for binarymilton
binarymilton 10th December 2010
Avatar for Joeytpg

I got Superior Drummer 2.0 Crossgrade (I already have EZdrummer), I bought it from ( and I received this...

replies: 7 views: 6,934
Avatar for u b k
u b k 10th December 2010
Avatar for Getafix

Hi guys, So i've got the opportunity to buy either a brand new Steinberg MR816x or a used RME Fireface 400 for the same price....

replies: 0 views: 1,445
Avatar for Getafix
Getafix 10th December 2010
Avatar for ribteen

Hello Everyone.... I'm trying to make the AD122 the master clock in my setup. It is set to 44.1khz internal crystal...this is...

replies: 0 views: 579
Avatar for ribteen
ribteen 10th December 2010
Avatar for aj633

I'm currently working with a Pro Tools LE set up w/a Digi 002. I'm thinking about possibly moving to something that would add the...

replies: 23 views: 4,519
Avatar for CodyD
CodyD 10th December 2010
Avatar for rackdude

So people have bashed the advertising and I don't care, I just wanna know... how does it sound?

replies: 2 views: 1,433
Avatar for AudioCj
AudioCj 10th December 2010
Avatar for Bob Vinsick

I'm looking to get a small keyboard controller to sit on my desk so I can put down parts quickly using soft synths. I'm thinking...

Bob Vinsick
replies: 3 views: 608
Avatar for krusty
krusty 10th December 2010
replies: 26 views: 2,516
Avatar for theblue1
theblue1 10th December 2010
Avatar for finlove

Which would be best to get in peoples opinions?

replies: 29 views: 1,607
Avatar for Mr. Light
Mr. Light 10th December 2010
Avatar for Energie

What are your go to mics for micing up a piano, top up, in a good room. ready set go. (ambient mics also cool to...

replies: 38 views: 5,308
Avatar for mowmow
mowmow 10th December 2010
Avatar for MartinTroubadour

Hey guys I'm new to the forum but have been learning from it for the last year or so. haha Thought I would give a much needed in...

replies: 0 views: 1,021
Avatar for MartinTroubadour
MartinTroubadour 10th December 2010
Avatar for HOTC

I wanna get a Reel To Reel Been meaning to for a long time now only thing is it worth it if everything isnt recorded to tape...

replies: 29 views: 4,484
Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 10th December 2010
Avatar for prologicmusic

Looking for a good new mic, mainly for hiphop & rnb vocals, price range around $2000. something warm and smooth in the high...

replies: 11 views: 3,340
Avatar for etrella
etrella 10th December 2010


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