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Avatar for Fizzyhair

So I have come into 3 pairs of monitors but which should I be using as my mains? I intent to set up all 3 for reference but which...

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Avatar for Fizzyhair
Fizzyhair 11th May 2011
Avatar for bassmac

Sean, I hope you don't mind me using your quote to start a new thread, but since I've seen so many varying opinions on this...

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Avatar for StratSvante
StratSvante 11th May 2011
Avatar for binarymilton

Yes, there are similar threads on this board, which I've read, but not for a good 4 years or so. OK, I've been using the MOTU...

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Avatar for binarymilton
binarymilton 11th May 2011
Avatar for t_d

i have a new ATB04m and am having problems getting the 2 fx auxes to work. i've got two Eventide racks that i want to put into...

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Avatar for t_d
t_d 11th May 2011
Avatar for grayedout

Been doing this for ages, but looking at the Kenton cv guide I seevthe Roland is 5v and the arp is 15v. Anyone know if there is...

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Avatar for jupiter8
jupiter8 11th May 2011
Avatar for kjetillunde

Is there a way to measure the amount of distortion in an audio file after compressing it? Just to see how much distortion the...

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Avatar for kjetillunde
kjetillunde 11th May 2011
Avatar for robbinhood

So.... First time poster, LONG TIME lurker... A little background Im using a Korg Triton Extreme stereo Korg Radias Two...

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Avatar for robbinhood
robbinhood 11th May 2011
Avatar for retroz

Using logic, if I run a plug in, it sounds fine, (drums, synth, etc), if I use say Amplitude 2 or Guitar Rig in OSX, I get...

replies: 4 views: 563
Avatar for r4uz
r4uz 11th May 2011
Avatar for brill bedroom

mailman brought a highly anticipated 12 by 12 package today and, having only listened once through, this album is fantastic. Do...

brill bedroom
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Avatar for doug hazelrigg
doug hazelrigg 11th May 2011
Avatar for Rick Shepherd

I am trying to properly connect the PCM92 to my Computer sound card to be able to add effects to my tracks. Here is my...

Rick Shepherd
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Avatar for backindauk
backindauk 11th May 2011
Avatar for camredfield

I was wondering if anyone knew about any synthesizers that contain multitrack sequencers, or really any synthesizers that have...

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Avatar for Marc Void
Marc Void 11th May 2011
Avatar for Deleted User

YouTube - def leppard - Gods Of War - Hysteria I always feel this track is overlooked when it comes to Production masterpieces....

Deleted User
replies: 18 views: 4,010
Avatar for synthetic
synthetic 11th May 2011
Avatar for aeroc

Can anybody identify this board? Any additional info/opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

replies: 8 views: 7,087
Avatar for IonicBreed
IonicBreed 11th May 2011
Avatar for Marc Void

Hello slutz, Im choosing between two mic pres. Either a gap 73 or the bla autuer. Ive never heard either one or a 1073'...

Marc Void
replies: 0 views: 451
Avatar for Marc Void
Marc Void 11th May 2011
Avatar for MakeMeRich

so i just went to a few stores today and nobody had firewire ports on their computers...i havent chcked any out in a couple years...

replies: 11 views: 2,183
Avatar for Osumosan
Osumosan 11th May 2011
Avatar for Ree Fungorio

Hey everyone, if this belongs in another topic, my apology. I'm planning on using a DC-Brick with a Pedaltrain board, and would...

Ree Fungorio
replies: 4 views: 2,466
Avatar for aNiMaL ChIcKeN
aNiMaL ChIcKeN 11th May 2011
Avatar for edneysis

Hi!i read many time on GS that when you mixing using console u have better separation then ITB. Is that true or another myth?...

replies: 69 views: 5,962
Avatar for RKrizman
RKrizman 11th May 2011
Avatar for Clayphish

If anyone is interested Fleet Foxes is playing a live show in Austin Texas which is being streamed live right now. Here is the...

replies: 2 views: 607
Avatar for Clayphish
Clayphish 11th May 2011
Avatar for desipate

Did anyone else happen to catch this on Lady Gaga HBO special? At the end, Lady Gaga sings Born This Way with a piano in what...

replies: 23 views: 3,928
Avatar for energizer bunny
energizer bunny 11th May 2011
Avatar for camerondye

I was recording some basslines and my second monitor went black while I was recording. What's weird about it is when I switch...

replies: 2 views: 558
Avatar for camerondye
camerondye 11th May 2011
Avatar for snouta

Hey there everyone, My name is Kristian and i thought i would just stop by the Aussie/NZ section to say hi to everyone here and...

replies: 14 views: 473
Avatar for snouta
snouta 11th May 2011
Avatar for Upright

I currently have a JBL MSC1 that I will be taking back to Guitar Center because both left and right outputs on all speakers with...

replies: 0 views: 594
Avatar for Upright
Upright 11th May 2011
Avatar for Deleted 6ccb844

Anyone got some prime examples they can share? I have one ;) 46UyjvkR7EE

Deleted 6ccb844
replies: 14 views: 3,127
Avatar for mattg082
mattg082 11th May 2011
Avatar for simondog

I would really like to create an automatic dialogue mixer-kind of setup within a DAW that works like a Dan Dugan unit ( Dugan...

replies: 0 views: 527
Avatar for simondog
simondog 11th May 2011
Avatar for kjetillunde

I`m going to AB test UAD 1176LN and 2-1176 hardware on a mono track. What`s the best way to measure the same volume so I can...

replies: 3 views: 578
Avatar for kjetillunde
kjetillunde 11th May 2011
Avatar for imaginaryday

mytek had the following posted on their site: ...

replies: 3 views: 1,098
Avatar for imaginaryday
imaginaryday 10th May 2011
Avatar for Mikeeyb

How many of you guys have monitors in your vocal booth for lyrics and stuff? I have a Hawk Radeon 5770 running Dual monitors...

replies: 5 views: 1,755
Avatar for scottstoked
scottstoked 10th May 2011
Avatar for Heretic Beats

Please help. Tomorrow evening (Danish time) my big-brother is going home to Copenhagen, and I need to have him record some...

Heretic Beats
replies: 4 views: 5,909
Avatar for Epileptick
Epileptick 10th May 2011
Avatar for illuminati

I have a final project coming up for school, where I'll be bringing in a violinist. I'm going to be using mostly EWQL or vienna,...

replies: 17 views: 1,391
Avatar for robertshaw
robertshaw 10th May 2011
Avatar for Sliver2281

Hey, I recently came across an old Kramer Strat-style guitar. It's an Aero Star ZX30H. The serial number is AA5364 on the back...

replies: 2 views: 1,022
Avatar for Sliver2281
Sliver2281 10th May 2011
Avatar for You_Father_Sky

The new website is up, still have a couple small things to add like more photos including my new room build and updated...

replies: 2 views: 1,603
Avatar for You_Father_Sky
You_Father_Sky 10th May 2011
Avatar for musicguitar

Hello everyone, I have been recording my Roland TD-20SX drum kit and having some issues with a low hum or static. 1. At...

replies: 6 views: 2,956
Avatar for TRJanuary
TRJanuary 10th May 2011
Avatar for OzDrum

Hi all, We are looking at putting on an Open Day for prospective artists and engineers to check out our facilities. We have...

replies: 4 views: 1,743
Avatar for Greg Curtis
Greg Curtis 10th May 2011
Avatar for SteveNexus

So i got about half way through my rough draft for my patchbay and i feel like i'm missing something... the problem arises...

replies: 7 views: 1,690
Avatar for SteveNexus
SteveNexus 10th May 2011
Avatar for Audionaut

Other than about $197.60, is there a sizable difference in using something like a Belden or Tripp Lite gold connector, shielded...

replies: 9 views: 2,432
Avatar for Dean Roddey
Dean Roddey 10th May 2011
Avatar for maraisdecygnes

Looking for the heavy duty kind that have a sort of round barrel at the front. Anyone point me in the right direction. USA and...

replies: 0 views: 668
Avatar for maraisdecygnes
maraisdecygnes 10th May 2011
Avatar for Kentoby

Having just got off the phone with Roland tech support ("...what's a plug-in??"), I learned that Protools does not...

replies: 2 views: 904
Avatar for Kentoby
Kentoby 10th May 2011
Avatar for shawntp

Hey folks, I currently do not have an SDC's in the locker and am looking for a pair to use primarily just to capture acoustic...

replies: 20 views: 1,559
Avatar for Jeff A. Roberts
Jeff A. Roberts 10th May 2011
Avatar for shani haider

Mytek 96 A/D, Benchmark ADC A/D OR Lavry AD 10 A/D? I love my Benchmark DAC-1 for mixing/monitoring through it. Now I want to...

shani haider
replies: 4 views: 2,438
Avatar for Kaigen
Kaigen 10th May 2011
Avatar for stresstour

It has been awhile since the Vintech came on the scene. I have the 273's and am wanting to get a couple more or a better Neve...

replies: 17 views: 6,848
Avatar for StewartFang
StewartFang 10th May 2011
Avatar for egoEgo

Hello! Amplifier with no feedback is better then the with fb?

replies: 0 views: 889
Avatar for egoEgo
egoEgo 10th May 2011
Avatar for Luno

Hey all! I've been a long time lurker here on GS and usually find a satisfactory answer to my query with just a few...

replies: 10 views: 1,490
Avatar for nedorama
nedorama 10th May 2011
Avatar for simondog

Hi was wondering what fellow AEs think of the weird tremolo, almost pump-comp sounding effect on the two first songs...

replies: 5 views: 912
Avatar for takman
takman 10th May 2011
Avatar for paulpod

Hi there, I have the focusrite saffire Le, but am having a problem with one of the 2 mic pres in that it is giving a...

replies: 7 views: 807
Avatar for drumdrum
drumdrum 10th May 2011
Avatar for methodinsane

Hi, Not sure if this is the right forum so apologies if I'm wrong. Just bought a Kurzweil Rumour from Guitar Zero and I'm...

replies: 0 views: 933
Avatar for methodinsane
methodinsane 10th May 2011
Avatar for Claude G.

Have had this for a while & never thought of using it as my "main" mixer. Hooked it all up the other day & I'm...

Claude G.
replies: 0 views: 3,240
Avatar for Claude G.
Claude G. 10th May 2011
Avatar for slipperydip

Okay... so I'm moving to the Netherlands from Australia and I need a portable recording setup that lets me track vocals, guitars,...

replies: 5 views: 2,802
Avatar for JonesH
JonesH 10th May 2011
Avatar for Outlaw Hans

A client brought this to my attention. city 6 07 sounds alright but looks funny. We weren´t looking during the takes so never...

Outlaw Hans
replies: 2 views: 604
Avatar for Matti
Matti 10th May 2011
Avatar for Unknown soldier

You've probably noticed that standing to the left or right of your speaker cabinets is better sounding than standing right in...

Unknown soldier
replies: 2 views: 628
Avatar for jimcroisdale
jimcroisdale 10th May 2011
Avatar for PJD3

Well, while mixing the vocals for my bands demo, I found that the main vocal's double in the chorus section is severely distorted...

replies: 4 views: 900
Avatar for soundinista
soundinista 10th May 2011


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