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Avatar for erobillard

I've been picking up interesting mics when I can afford 'em, and the other day it was a minty RCA Model 508 Microphone still with...

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Avatar for erobillard
erobillard 29th May 2011
Avatar for uptoolate

I am seriously wanting to start mixing on an anlogue board. The Toft ATB to be exact. My biggest concern is how I will deal...

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Avatar for Mr. Tom
Mr. Tom 28th May 2011
Avatar for cbd

I have a set dynaudio bm5s. I'll work on a mix for a while and get it to where it sounds great to me. Then, if I put on a...

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Avatar for cbd
cbd 28th May 2011
Avatar for Kocak

Hello everyone, First post here on the forum. I've been looking for different/experimental ways to record an upright...

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Avatar for MagnumXK
MagnumXK 28th May 2011

Anyone using Both (likes,Dislikes) Favor one over the other

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ROCKER STUDIOS 28th May 2011
Avatar for Jumpy

I have some AKG 414 TLII und tested the Brauner Valvet X if it is worth to buy. Preamp was a SPL 2485 with Lundahls. 1*.wav...

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Avatar for Jumpy
Jumpy 28th May 2011
Avatar for Edward Shnapper

Hi, these days i'm on the look out for a new stand alone pre to go into my RME UC and then into my computer. However, everything...

Edward Shnapper
replies: 2 views: 636
Avatar for Snatchman
Snatchman 28th May 2011
Avatar for Audio Child

When you guys mix are you setting levels and grouping before all dynamics and effects are dialled in ? Is this the way to do...

Audio Child
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Avatar for Audio Child
Audio Child 28th May 2011
Avatar for MWP

Recorded Live??? YouTube - ‪Weezer - Paranoid Android‬‏ MWP

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Avatar for evangelista
evangelista 28th May 2011
Avatar for newmusic11

Hey there everyone. I am looking to start buying my home studio equipment. Mostly for Hip-Hop/ Rap. I'm not going for super...

replies: 12 views: 1,406
Avatar for newmusic11
newmusic11 28th May 2011
Avatar for amost

Any pointers? Trying to dirty up a harmonica, using Lo-Fi. Sounds pretty good but wondering what might be some tips. I copied the...

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Avatar for skythemusic
skythemusic 28th May 2011
Avatar for Conductor71

I live in Los Angeles, and am visiting London next week. I need to do some composing on a system identical to my set up in...

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Avatar for therealbigd
therealbigd 28th May 2011
Avatar for coachz

Can you guys tell me how you think these guitars were miced and with what kind of mic? There is one left and one right The left...

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Avatar for coachz
coachz 28th May 2011
Avatar for Eternal_One

Hey all, using a Blue Yeti USB Microphone (haven't stepped up to anything else yet because of my budget). One problem, it picks...

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Avatar for Eternal_One
Eternal_One 28th May 2011
Avatar for ryst

Is there a way I can find the frequency response of certain popular mixing consoles? For instance, the SSL 4k. Any info out...

replies: 5 views: 2,712
Avatar for stinkyfingers
stinkyfingers 28th May 2011
Avatar for bruceferraudi

If given the choice between these three digital pianos what would you choose? The Yamaha is used, but in good condition and...

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Avatar for bruceferraudi
bruceferraudi 28th May 2011
Avatar for zoro

Hi I need a pad from my Neve DPA to Apogee Ensemble. Would M-patch2 do the trick ? or do i need the more expensive ATTY....

replies: 5 views: 982
Avatar for Muser
Muser 28th May 2011
Avatar for skuthepoo

Hi gearslutz population im new here, but i enrolled purely for the following request im currently working on logic pro...

replies: 12 views: 4,027
Avatar for Byll
Byll 28th May 2011
Avatar for Polarelch

It's time to get me a 2nd audio interface! My old Echo Audiofire 4 is still decent, but since I need it for my secondary studio...

replies: 11 views: 5,018
Avatar for mike vee
mike vee 28th May 2011
Avatar for Deleted 651cf92

Ok, i have been reading a bit about different speaker systems recently, and all the manufacturers seem to spend an awful amount...

Deleted 651cf92
replies: 10 views: 1,487
Avatar for ivansc
ivansc 28th May 2011
Avatar for davey k

Hello, I'm writing a report on software emulations and want to gain a bit of background knowledge. If anyone can help, I have...

davey k
replies: 10 views: 625
Avatar for stinkyfingers
stinkyfingers 28th May 2011
Avatar for fuzzblaster

Hilarious parody of those audio engineering schools that guarantee you a job.....nowhere..... Because as everyone finds out...

replies: 1 views: 1,796
Avatar for Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording
Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording 28th May 2011
Avatar for gonklives

Interesting BBC article showing us Scientists looking at a different type of string theory to visualize how instruments...

replies: 0 views: 576
Avatar for gonklives
gonklives 28th May 2011
Avatar for Surp

I bought a Heil PR-35 last year for live use and it pretty much changed my life, so I'm looking at importing a HDK-8 kit for...

replies: 1 views: 1,154
Avatar for Sean Walker
Sean Walker 28th May 2011
Avatar for VinceJ

Hey everyone, I am currently looking into setting up a small studio for recording multiple Guitars and Mics. Although I am...

replies: 3 views: 646
Avatar for VinceJ
VinceJ 28th May 2011
Avatar for RTR

Sorry if this in in the wrong spot! Not sure if many o you have seen this but for the ones who have not, this is very cool!! A...

replies: 6 views: 934
Avatar for RTR
RTR 28th May 2011
Avatar for Shrum

hy guys, a guitar player which I will be recording has active pickups and I want to record a DI signal and later reamp the...

replies: 6 views: 949
Avatar for Shrum
Shrum 28th May 2011
Avatar for MACHINE

can anyone reccomand some, something a lot of unique sounds and the kinds that have a lot of unique evolving soundscapes or a...

replies: 42 views: 14,709
Avatar for LiquidChild
LiquidChild 28th May 2011
Avatar for Bobo09

I'm trying to find a good set of drum mics. i don't want to buy a mic package because i want to be able to use some of the mics i...

replies: 3 views: 583
Avatar for takman
takman 28th May 2011
Avatar for Geddyleewannabe

Please don't rake me over the coals for asking this. I've read other threads similar to this, but they just turned into post...

replies: 9 views: 2,293
Avatar for robertshaw
robertshaw 28th May 2011
Avatar for Tommy Zai

Is this possible and practical? Do NOT use a DAW. . . no Live, Logic, DP, etc. Use something like Numerology or another...

Tommy Zai
replies: 73 views: 7,981
Avatar for cjogo
cjogo 28th May 2011
Avatar for danalexander

Im curious if anyone has a picture, or firsthand knowledge of the beatles in front of any abbey road console, other than the well...

replies: 103 views: 26,237
Avatar for bishopdante
bishopdante 28th May 2011
Avatar for StarfishMusic

I'm trying to get a smooth, big, and interesting vocal sound for my smooth jazz project. I've read much about the 1176 into the...

replies: 0 views: 753
Avatar for StarfishMusic
StarfishMusic 28th May 2011
Avatar for Ken Walker

If this works, it's a game changer!

Ken Walker
replies: 18 views: 3,918
Avatar for elijahbrown
elijahbrown 28th May 2011
Avatar for Songwriter30

I got the fractal audio axe fx for recording guitars. It is a digital modeler and effects unit. Overall it is cool but needs alot...

replies: 1 views: 495
Avatar for dhiltonlittle
dhiltonlittle 28th May 2011
Avatar for CodyMFDubb

Does anyone know what has happened and what I need to do to fix this? It was working fine until I noticed the battery was...

replies: 8 views: 4,306
Avatar for wesarvin
wesarvin 28th May 2011
Avatar for PVAUDIO

So it seems there is no where to rent gear in Boston. Do any Boston slutz here rent/share gear. I'm dying for a few pieces...

replies: 4 views: 680
Avatar for gravymanstan
gravymanstan 28th May 2011
Avatar for onemoretime

Our worlds are different. The gearslutz community is very diverse and there are people from all walks of life who like all sorts...

replies: 3 views: 791
Avatar for onemoretime
onemoretime 28th May 2011
Avatar for prontold

I heard a shootout of a few preamps including the hamptone HVTP2 and Five Fish X72...

replies: 4 views: 1,292
Avatar for prontold
prontold 28th May 2011
Avatar for JonathanJ

:facepalm: I've just purchased the central station and remote. I've set it up. Talkback feature has yet to work. Am I doing...

replies: 1 views: 3,269
Avatar for pdlstl
pdlstl 28th May 2011
Avatar for Audio Child

Who are the top engineers for urban/pop music in UK ?

Audio Child
replies: 3 views: 947
Avatar for Audio Child
Audio Child 27th May 2011
Avatar for Seba_Moro

Hey folks, just going mad while I can't decide myself.. Which of these vocal performances & recordings sounds best to...

replies: 13 views: 831
Avatar for Seba_Moro
Seba_Moro 27th May 2011
Avatar for dcvangerwen

hello people I have a question for you. do you have experience with either of these two products I really can not choose. if...

replies: 0 views: 583
Avatar for dcvangerwen
dcvangerwen 27th May 2011
Avatar for fuzzface777

I am getting more set on buying the RME FF800 for my next interface, big step up from mbox2pro! It also has firewire 800...

replies: 64 views: 5,102
Avatar for thepilgrimsdream
thepilgrimsdream 27th May 2011
Avatar for mactac

OK, first a little about me: I've produce myself a lot (electronic & band stuff), done a lot of mixing & some mastering....

replies: 37 views: 2,799
Avatar for Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording
Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording 27th May 2011
Avatar for awolf97

I'm looking at: Yamaha YPG535 Roland A800 Pro 61-Key Akai Pro MPK88 Hammer Action Korg X50 61 Key I like the Pitch/Mod...

replies: 1 views: 1,266
Avatar for Phil Aiken
Phil Aiken 27th May 2011
Avatar for captainate

Well, what is it? What do you think it is being used for? This is from Paul McCartney: Live at the White House DVD on PBS

replies: 3 views: 1,036
Avatar for ionian
ionian 27th May 2011
Avatar for Jack Luminous

I've been offered 2 TOA RD15C condenser mics for €200. Anyone know this thing ? What are they worth ? How do they sound ? I...

Jack Luminous
replies: 5 views: 2,137
Avatar for DCtoDaylight
DCtoDaylight 27th May 2011
Avatar for dcvangerwen

hello dear people I have a question I would build a studio (already had one) but now I want to do well now I've come to the...

replies: 3 views: 3,771
Avatar for joeq
joeq 27th May 2011
Avatar for jeffinaustin

Still trying to figure out which route to go for a 500 series comp for bass at mixdown. Feedback?

replies: 1 views: 761
Avatar for the_sonic
the_sonic 27th May 2011


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