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Avatar for thelordhastits

Seen this monitor a few times but can't put my finger on what it is. Any ideas?

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Avatar for john caldwell
john caldwell 24th June 2011
Avatar for ChemicalFire

At the moment I am using VST software amps to record (i'm working on getting a mic set up for my little 1watt Blackstar so I can...

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Avatar for Tal Black
Tal Black 24th June 2011
Avatar for keyboardwizard

Want to see your photos of your studio lighting. Ceiling lamps, downlights, floor lamps, and everything you use to create the...

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Avatar for junemartys
junemartys 24th June 2011
Avatar for chrisprescott

OK so I have a UA LA610 and I was considering getting another one to record stereo. I know that panel ageing can affect the...

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Avatar for AndyFromDenver
AndyFromDenver 24th June 2011
Avatar for Pies

Hi I have got a ISA which has developed a fault when you turn it on it flashes through the clock settings and powers up but then...

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Avatar for WillFocusrite
WillFocusrite 24th June 2011
Avatar for jstummbillig

There is this web project I and a few friends are currently working on. It's going to be called Audiostunt. It's meant to be a...

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Avatar for jstummbillig
jstummbillig 24th June 2011
Avatar for norwegian_guy

Anybody been using either (or both) and can say anything about those recorders? I'm looking for a decent portable recorder, but...

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Avatar for richgilb
richgilb 24th June 2011
Avatar for GuitarGod

Can someone enlighten me about the pros/cons of setting up an aux send with a saturation plugin. I can only find extremely...

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Avatar for Karloff70
Karloff70 24th June 2011
Avatar for JTC111

Looking for opinions... I'm going to be recording male vocals (low tenor/baritone range), singer/songwriter genre. Dynamically,...

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Avatar for VT-MHE
VT-MHE 24th June 2011
Avatar for bbyrno

Quick question.. got a DuKane mic (7A520) that I've never heard of but I got it because it looked exactly like the EV 660. Its...

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Avatar for MikeCleaver
MikeCleaver 24th June 2011
Avatar for Deltones

... for the bass frequency dips and peaks happening at your mixing position? I would guess that most of us don't exactly have the...

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Avatar for Liquid360
Liquid360 24th June 2011
Avatar for pbs

I'm recording some songs for a fellow audio enthusiast who pays me in gear, and I'm trying to settle on a dual preamp out of...

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Avatar for John N
John N 24th June 2011
Avatar for aj633

Does anyone know if the original Mark I L47 is hot swappable?

replies: 6 views: 1,216
Avatar for sr2000
sr2000 24th June 2011
Avatar for CISUM

Well to look at the reviews everyone has been writing about in the forums as of late, it makes me wonder as a Metallica fan, who...

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Avatar for Luc Sabourin
Luc Sabourin 24th June 2011
Avatar for desmond22

Hi all. Ive been going analog recently and love it, but lack of tracks count on my next project worries me a bit , not to...

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Avatar for desmond22
desmond22 24th June 2011
Avatar for DigitalVictim

So how do you guys back up your hard work at the end of the day, and off-site later? Are there any off-site services with post...

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Avatar for backup
backup 24th June 2011
Avatar for Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording

They're backed by Slate (for some reason) and they're offering their service/software free right now while it's in Beta testing....

Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording
replies: 4 views: 1,134
Avatar for ObiK
ObiK 24th June 2011
Avatar for 777funk

I've been working on improving the sound of my vocals. I don't have much in terms of gear and it's time to start either improving...

replies: 8 views: 849
Avatar for Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller 24th June 2011
Avatar for ciociosan

The guy I'm going to be working with in about a week certainly isn't bad, but he definitely isn't the best drummer ever. I'm...

replies: 19 views: 1,449
Avatar for Sk106
Sk106 24th June 2011
Avatar for ddeez

I got pro tools native 9 for my pc. I've never used pro tools before, my background is on cubase. I'm wondering if anyone can...

replies: 25 views: 4,590
Avatar for gonklives
gonklives 23rd June 2011
Avatar for loscolorados

which plugin can best emulate this keyboard sound on the start?

replies: 0 views: 422
Avatar for loscolorados
loscolorados 23rd June 2011
Avatar for TeamContra

Ok so I got a idea on how to. 1. Record Gtr first breaking the song in parts and tempo mapping it that way. Issue with that...

replies: 5 views: 1,132
Avatar for TeamContra
TeamContra 23rd June 2011
Avatar for mattg082

I've been searching a bit on the forum and have read a lot of great info about guitars,eqing ect. My question is in newer...

replies: 36 views: 9,299
Avatar for zvish
zvish 23rd June 2011
Avatar for cporro

i've seen some threads on midi interfaces here. not sure if my needs require such precision. can someone summarize the issues...

replies: 3 views: 581
Avatar for Muser
Muser 23rd June 2011
Avatar for joelpatterson

I do know enough to know that 128 is "worse" and 320 is "better," but do I also vaguely understand that 128...

replies: 10 views: 3,191
Avatar for MarkRB
MarkRB 23rd June 2011
Avatar for bayko

Hey guys, I have a few questions about building a TC Electronic Booster Linedriver Distortion pedal. I have a friend who's really...

replies: 1 views: 1,596
Avatar for bayko
bayko 23rd June 2011
Avatar for mikoo69

I am doing my first tape recordings soon and am wondering about how to best monitor while tracking and getting levels. I have...

replies: 5 views: 1,669
Avatar for ofajen
ofajen 23rd June 2011
Avatar for UnTamed

hey, im new into music production although i always have had experience with music. im looking to buy a new setup for making...

replies: 14 views: 868
Avatar for Loc9
Loc9 23rd June 2011
Avatar for imajon

Anyone out there maybe has a clue as to what is going on here. Zed R-16 and Paris Pro DAW adat connection issue. I will try to...

replies: 2 views: 1,162
Avatar for imajon
imajon 23rd June 2011
Avatar for StickyBandit

One day left! Great condition and as long as it hits $600, its yours. Comes with monitors, everything is like new. Akai MPC1000...

replies: 1 views: 478
Avatar for StickyBandit
StickyBandit 23rd June 2011
Avatar for Klauth

Seems that the 500 series format is building speed.....ya' think Neve will hop on the band wagon and stuff their,...

replies: 7 views: 2,898
Avatar for Airyck
Airyck 23rd June 2011
Avatar for anemicrock

Can't find one anywhere and don't want to sign up for the 4 month waiting list.

replies: 0 views: 502
Avatar for anemicrock
anemicrock 23rd June 2011
Avatar for Jeff16years

So my Masterlink is dead and I realized that I only use it for a cd player these days. I want something cheap but with xlr and...

replies: 5 views: 1,812
Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 23rd June 2011
Avatar for JaeKelz24

My setup is digi 002 and pro tools 8.03 O.S. PC Wins. 7 I have $2600 to drop. Looking to upgrade my converters since i mix ITB....

replies: 20 views: 2,020
Avatar for JaeKelz24
JaeKelz24 23rd June 2011
Avatar for mkbigmoz

Im looking for a pair of good, wireless headphones, primarily for the gym. My budget is around $300. I was waiting on 50s new...

replies: 5 views: 779
Avatar for mkbigmoz
mkbigmoz 23rd June 2011
Avatar for Ken Walker

I'm looking for a tube that will allow me to really drive the unit while getting a nice open sound--just on the edge of...

Ken Walker
replies: 2 views: 615
Avatar for yotonic
yotonic 23rd June 2011
Avatar for Sk106

I’d like to talk and hear some about your level/volume strategies and approaches when mixing - internal levels that is, not...

replies: 13 views: 7,288
Avatar for Bruno B
Bruno B 23rd June 2011
Avatar for bassam_m

Hello everyone, I finally received my FMR RNP. I tried to connect it using a pair of 1/4'' TS cables to my profire 610...

replies: 4 views: 1,382
Avatar for 113568
113568 23rd June 2011
Avatar for groams

Hi! I am new to all the electronic music stuff, but I am trying to learn. So I am thinking of buying either the NI Maschine...

replies: 3 views: 559
Avatar for DenisArturia
DenisArturia 23rd June 2011
Avatar for YULOGY

It seems that 90% of my work these days is the "fixing" of vocals. All the tedious but often necessary tasks of...

replies: 2 views: 282
Avatar for anguswoodhead
anguswoodhead 23rd June 2011
Avatar for

Hello, could someone please tell me if it's possible to sync the LFO's on the Mutator to the tempo of my track playing within...

[email protected]
replies: 0 views: 988
Avatar for
[email protected] 23rd June 2011
Avatar for guitar4982

I'm running Pro Tools and need to record high quality vocals out of home. The rest I hire a studio or program music for. I'm...

replies: 7 views: 1,185
Avatar for Fletcher
Fletcher 23rd June 2011
Avatar for jasongolf

The Ping K15 Driver features patent pending Straigt Flight Technology that uses an extreme external weight pad to move 10% of the...

replies: 0 views: 488
Avatar for jasongolf
jasongolf 23rd June 2011
Avatar for Shannon Adkins

When recording a male tenor who can sound somewhat piercing when singing in his upper registers, how would an RE-20 compare to an...

Shannon Adkins
replies: 2 views: 962
Avatar for Shannon Adkins
Shannon Adkins 23rd June 2011
Avatar for svijayrathinam

Hi, I have been following this forum for quite a while and I really enjoy reading these discussions here. You guys are...

replies: 0 views: 1,725
Avatar for svijayrathinam
svijayrathinam 23rd June 2011
Avatar for radiospace

I'm staying in beautiful Portland for a few days. If anybody wants to grab a coffee or see a band shoot me a pm. (Especially if...

replies: 5 views: 607
Avatar for xhavepatiencex
xhavepatiencex 23rd June 2011
Avatar for Schwarzwald

I have some KRK Rokit 5 G2's. I'm leaving in about 20 minutes to go on a trip to chill and make music with some friends....

replies: 14 views: 1,289
Avatar for depulse
depulse 23rd June 2011
Avatar for redskycellos

Another interface thread. With more and more analog mixers / desks offering digital connectors i definitely look forward to go...

replies: 0 views: 1,040
Avatar for redskycellos
redskycellos 23rd June 2011
Avatar for youthclub

Hey there. I'm wondering if anybody here would be able to shed some light on a specific microphone I'm looking for. It...

replies: 28 views: 5,584
Avatar for 12ax7
12ax7 23rd June 2011
Avatar for rellrellpro

If tomorrow morning you wake up, go through your daily morning ritual of coffee, toast, and ESPN, head outside after a nice...

replies: 1 views: 703
Avatar for Joao B.
Joao B. 23rd June 2011


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