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Avatar for Kvochko

Hi, I'll be in Detroit soon looking for Avantone Mixcubes and Senheiser HD 600 Headphones. Any good gear stores you can...

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Avatar for Kvochko
Kvochko 20th April 2013
Avatar for dbenjamin86

Hey, guys. Anyone know what mic is this?

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Avatar for dbenjamin86
dbenjamin86 20th April 2013
Avatar for Johnkenn

I'm trying to find some kind of pad I can hit with sticks...I'm just trying to program ghost notes and can't really do it on the...

replies: 10 views: 1,206
Avatar for e3p0
e3p0 20th April 2013
Avatar for Raw Science

Hi i'm currently setting up a turntable to archive some acetates and i'm looking for a cable to connect a phono pre to my audio...

Raw Science
replies: 4 views: 1,133
Avatar for Speedskater
Speedskater 20th April 2013
Avatar for crying1986

Just wondering: I can run a guitar di through my patchbay to the performance room to a combo amp no problem. The sound is...

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Avatar for e3p0
e3p0 20th April 2013
Avatar for Royaldeadman

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot! I'm having issues with my monitors and have no idea if these are way to close to the wall or...

replies: 1 views: 699
Avatar for Mike Green
Mike Green 20th April 2013
Avatar for EngineerTheEnemy

Hello Slutz!!! I'm recently in the market for some 500 series gear as I got a 500 rack in a trade. I could use some higher...

replies: 24 views: 13,897
Avatar for Lud
Lud 20th April 2013
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Avatar for Call_me_Switters
Call_me_Switters 20th April 2013
Avatar for soundmixer

hi guys... Lately I've been reading quiet a bit about more and more evidence suggesting that if you record at 24 bit, you no...

replies: 65 views: 4,797
Avatar for Mr. Lau
Mr. Lau 20th April 2013
Avatar for BasHermus

At the moment I'm happily recording using a Korg D888, 8 track recorder, which want te be using for a very long time. I was...

replies: 6 views: 4,356
Avatar for bigdee11
bigdee11 20th April 2013
Avatar for Lee Cardan

I have one room I'm not really making use of, It's a large room, with high ceilings and great acoustics (designed by Dave...

Lee Cardan
replies: 2 views: 316
Avatar for Lee Cardan
Lee Cardan 20th April 2013
Avatar for mazymus

Hi Need a few types of adaptors, ie, convert 1/4 mail to xlr male. Any good recs? Found this on amazon, any...

replies: 1 views: 589
Avatar for mazymus
mazymus 20th April 2013
Avatar for martinforest

Hi. thanks for trying to help me. abduction. :lol: Well I'll try to describe what I need and why. I am a vocalist type...

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Avatar for martinforest
martinforest 20th April 2013
Avatar for jsbeeth

I've been looking to pick one of these for on the odd occasion I need a few extra cheap channels. However, I came across some...

replies: 4 views: 1,129
Avatar for jsbeeth
jsbeeth 20th April 2013
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Avatar for GKelly
GKelly 20th April 2013
Avatar for anthonyjvezza

Who knows what this is? Can't seem to find it. Someone I know recorded a record I really like so I'm sound...

replies: 2 views: 847
Avatar for anthonyjvezza
anthonyjvezza 20th April 2013
Avatar for S21

I was buying something else, and got shipped a Aune S2 Headphone Amp by mistake. The store is offering a very good deal on it...

replies: 1 views: 1,325
Avatar for S21
S21 20th April 2013
Avatar for Unknown soldier

One of my setups involves an old fostex recorder that uses unbalance RCA -10 levels. I'm feeding a midas venice which of course...

Unknown soldier
replies: 8 views: 1,222
Avatar for S21
S21 20th April 2013
Avatar for Mr. President

Hi, Can someone who owns an Avid Omni please help me understand the I/O limitations please? I want to know if when I connect...

Mr. President
replies: 7 views: 1,801
Avatar for Mr. President
Mr. President 20th April 2013
Avatar for minsue

ok so i just got my K2 in today, plugged it in and sang into just to see if it worked. it worked. now im using a fasttrack c600...

replies: 11 views: 1,410
Avatar for Vintageidiot
Vintageidiot 20th April 2013
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, As a beginner I would like to ask some basic questions about compressors. I hope you guys (and girls?) can help...

replies: 3 views: 1,284
Avatar for Stelios_Drk
Stelios_Drk 20th April 2013
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Avatar for jkervin
jkervin 20th April 2013
Avatar for Jay M

I have never seen this before. Why two mics? ~Jay

Jay M
replies: 13 views: 2,895
Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 20th April 2013
Avatar for andydrum82

Just wondering if anyone in Oz knows where to buy a Echo 12 as I can't find a dealer anywhere. Help please.

replies: 4 views: 265
Avatar for andrew caramia
andrew caramia 20th April 2013
Avatar for javiceres

So I got an Eventide PitchFactor and as much as I liked the thing for all kinds of fx, the pitch shifting in large proportions...

replies: 1 views: 949
Avatar for javiceres
javiceres 20th April 2013
Avatar for kiopo

I wonder how many people on here feel that the multiplicity of opinions on equipment, the almost fashion-like status of certain...

replies: 18 views: 1,214
Avatar for Unclenny
Unclenny 20th April 2013
Avatar for RayNil

Hi there! So, I am from the UK and am going to University to study Music Technology and possibly go on to complete a PhD in...

replies: 28 views: 2,775
Avatar for drumdrum
drumdrum 20th April 2013
Avatar for Madsiboy1995

Hey guys! I bought a Eventide Pitchfactor a month ago, and i love it. I wanted to try it out for live performance last...

replies: 4 views: 2,058
Avatar for Madsiboy1995
Madsiboy1995 20th April 2013
Avatar for griffiti

Got a drummer coming in to studio for some tracking. I'm so excited. Never tracked live drums before. A bit nervous but sometimes...

replies: 1 views: 698
Avatar for Beat Poet
Beat Poet 19th April 2013
Avatar for rack gear

adrennalinn III - better then the pod and so many amp/sim plug ins, plus provides unique effects that can patched into channel...

rack gear
replies: 166 views: 32,975
Avatar for BFrederick
BFrederick 19th April 2013
Avatar for TeamContra

Hi guys! I'm looking on trying to upgrade my gear to better my mixes. I just got a Distressor Brit mod, and was thinking of...

replies: 19 views: 1,780
Avatar for Bob Olhsson
Bob Olhsson 19th April 2013
Avatar for HaveItAll

Where is a good place to replace the backlights on a Korg Triton Extreme and a Roland X6? Must be in Melbourne. B

replies: 2 views: 190
Avatar for TheLastByte
TheLastByte 19th April 2013
Avatar for RKelly

Figured this would be the right spot to post this. I'll be repping NYC at the show this year and would love to meet some other GS...

replies: 40 views: 4,583
Avatar for tomdarude
tomdarude 19th April 2013
Avatar for Tilde White

Helloes. I made this same thread on MusicRadar, but, well, no luck yet, and I'm kinda rushing this since I'm getting my teeth...

Tilde White
replies: 15 views: 3,836
Avatar for Tilde White
Tilde White 19th April 2013
Avatar for muziksculp

Here are the Musikmesse International Press Awards (MIPA) winners for 2013 : 14th mipa - Musikmesse International Press Award...

replies: 0 views: 1,102
Avatar for muziksculp
muziksculp 19th April 2013
Avatar for hazza

Hi All, Have been checking out the latest news from Musikmesse this last month and have been rather sad not to have gone...

replies: 2 views: 1,240
Avatar for MrMesh
MrMesh 19th April 2013
Avatar for Cookie

Anyone have any insight to this? I haven't used either -- other than the plugin version of the 2500. I'm wanting something to...

replies: 13 views: 6,583
Avatar for Cookie
Cookie 19th April 2013
Avatar for tehlord

Wanted to get your thoughts on this. I was initially looking at an RME UFX and Avid MC Control/Mix as the 'front end' of my...

replies: 6 views: 2,039
Avatar for 79_Limited
79_Limited 19th April 2013
Avatar for Code93

I havent never seen this plugin does anybody know what it is would be greatly...

replies: 1 views: 643
Avatar for BLUElightCory
BLUElightCory 19th April 2013
Avatar for allaccess

Studio Prodigy returns with Ross Hogarth hosting Session Two: Whatever Works at Universal Mastering Studios on May 4. Ross will...

replies: 1 views: 703
Avatar for Allen Wrench
Allen Wrench 19th April 2013
Avatar for TS-12

I'm looking for simple controler that I can assign parameters to control with a slider (or knob) for doing automation on various...

replies: 0 views: 526
Avatar for TS-12
TS-12 19th April 2013
Avatar for ag75

Does anyone know if they make a set of headphone that aren't 100% isolating or where you can control the amount of isolation? I...

replies: 0 views: 465
Avatar for ag75
ag75 19th April 2013
Avatar for LiveLife

Has anyone had any experience using these on OHs, Guitar Cabs, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar? I'm looking for a new pair of microphones...

replies: 31 views: 9,212
ROCKER STUDIOS 19th April 2013
Avatar for griffiti

I'm currently upgrading my studio. I currently have a Macbook Pro (2012 model, i7 plus 8gb ram). Last night I ran it in...

replies: 12 views: 1,268
Avatar for griffiti
griffiti 19th April 2013
Avatar for PB+J

So my Firewire Duet crapped out on me yesterday, just as a project was due. I went out and got a Duet2. It does seem to me to...

replies: 0 views: 911
Avatar for PB+J
PB+J 19th April 2013
Avatar for BadBwai

Hey guys! I recently ordered a Shure KSM32 for strictly vocals! I know I'll be needing a Pop Shield & Microphone Stand. These...

replies: 3 views: 1,262
Avatar for dazola
dazola 19th April 2013
Avatar for erictarr

Here is a video tutorial on mixing drums with the Kramer Tape, Tubes, and Transistors bundle. The Kramer Master Tape, PIE...

replies: 0 views: 1,225
Avatar for erictarr
erictarr 19th April 2013
Avatar for trancio

I need some serious points about my setup.. :) First of all Im working with 99% dance music. Very much vocal stuff so I...

replies: 4 views: 942
Avatar for trancio
trancio 19th April 2013
Avatar for relayer

First off, I'm a DIY, and I'm using an OctaPre Mk II Dynamic for my 8 drum mics, lightpiped into my computer, where I use...

replies: 31 views: 5,187
Avatar for PhaseCrazy
PhaseCrazy 19th April 2013
Avatar for HSLand

Is it the 'nonlin' preset? There's Ambience, Hall B3, Hall C1, Nonlin 2, Plate A1, Reverse 1, and Room A1. All of them sound good...

replies: 0 views: 1,296
Avatar for HSLand
HSLand 19th April 2013


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