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Check it out: 99 NAMM videos in all their glory! kfhkh :cowbell: rockout :synth: freshflowe...

The Press Desk
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Drumsound 7th February 2020
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Ι came across this today and I think I can get it for about 70€. The demos I found online were a bit disappointing. Couldn't...

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jrakarl 1 minute ago
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I am a beginner. How do I manage with field-recording (outside), a stereo microphone set and a handy recorder with only two hands...

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PureSound 1 minute ago
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Hi there, I could buy a used, old RME Babyface USB (the guy bought it back in 2008) or a brand new Focusrite Clarett 2pre USB...

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marco_well 2 minutes ago
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You know what I mean. We've all got 'em! Ok, I'll go first; Why does a graphic waveform have top and bottom shapes that aren't...

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Emarcy 6 minutes ago
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I have two two channel preamps (one tube and one solid state) that I like to run mixes through at the final stages of mixing. ...

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monkeyxx 38 minutes ago
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I can buy a pair of NS 10, but I can´t find any info on why these are another color, not black and white? Can anybody help me,...

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tiv 42 minutes ago
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Hey guys, I currently have a UA Apollo 8 DUO with an Audient ASP880 connected via ADAT. I don't tend to use UA plugins and...

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Matti 50 minutes ago
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After a long wait the first Silver Bullets started trickling out and I was one of the first to receive one. As fate would have it...

replies: 4,532 views: 414,766
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Nick Morris 50 minutes ago
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Hi guys. I’m interested to hear some experiences you have had with the M50. Got to love that capsule!!

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deedeeyeah 54 minutes ago
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Hey all, could really use some advice. I've been mixing on Focal Alpha 65s for about 2 years now and I'm looking to upgrade my...

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John Willett 1 hour ago
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I found this video of Bernie Grundman Mastering where the interviewer is touring the room of engineer Brian 'Big Bass' Gardner, I...

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jensenmann 1 hour ago
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Hi all, I'm looking around to upgrade my mic collection, and am in need of nice stereo pair. I don't have a lot of mics and...

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John Willett 1 hour ago
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Hi, I’m moving from the in the box world to mixing on a Desk. Just got a tac scorpion console and Have a question. It has 4...

replies: 11 views: 195
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jensenmann 1 hour ago
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Heya guys, I mix for my living from home. Im currently using Mackie HR624 Mk1s which ive had for 15 years or so! I know them very...

replies: 3 views: 91
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John Willett 1 hour ago
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JK. You can't change my mind. rockoutrockout

replies: 14 views: 406
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Bouroki 1 hour ago
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Hi I decided I probably need small diaphragm mic. Because every cool kid around says that and I decided it might be indeed good...

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lapsio 1 hour ago
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Just what the title said: listen to Perry Como, Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Julie London and others recorded way back then. They sound as...

John Galt
replies: 445 views: 12,611
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RayHeath 1 hour ago
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Hi Slutz. I am casually in the market for my first console. (OK, not really true, I've owned a few budget small consoles like...

replies: 18 views: 436
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Andysw 4 hours ago
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Hi, the previous thread seems to be closed for no apparent reason but there's some useful progress for people who own this desk....

replies: 1,272 views: 183,999
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Rtroost 4 hours ago
Avatar for nomoreflakes

hardware manufacturers selling their products as 100% modeled digital recreations. smells bad no?

replies: 3 views: 155
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thismercifulfate 4 hours ago
Avatar for ywshuo

Seems the two can do quite similar things. I wonder if anyone who owns both could do a comparison. Or if they are simply not same...

replies: 17 views: 5,271
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bgood 4 hours ago
replies: 69 views: 1,888
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Paul_G 5 hours ago
Avatar for unclejoe

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone may be able to shed any light on this little sony desk. I've googled it to no avail, so I...

replies: 73 views: 29,560
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ZRobertson512 6 hours ago
Avatar for qqq773

Hello everyone! Does anybody know the model of this mic?

replies: 12 views: 237
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joeq 7 hours ago
Avatar for mp3

Sooo... Mr. Internet knows next to nothing about her aside from this pic of the yet-to-be-released next month's copy of SOS mag....

replies: 1,412 views: 182,967
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chaosium 7 hours ago
replies: 1,897 views: 164,968
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Lon7 7 hours ago
Avatar for bill5

For those who have tried both, which do you prefer and why?

replies: 1 views: 97
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RBHan 7 hours ago
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Hello Gearslutz, I’m looking to make my next big mic purchase for an overall improvement of production quality at my studio....

replies: 21 views: 1,490
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rectifried 7 hours ago
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So I have an API 512c and Great River with an Apoggee Rosetta I use for conversion. Just bought a 500 series Capi Headphone Amp,...

replies: 1 views: 97
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Brent Hahn 8 hours ago
Avatar for Derek Reese

Hello everyone, I’ve been recording acoustic guitar and experimenting with one U67 microphone. So far I’ve been positioning...

Derek Reese
replies: 85 views: 1,682
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Derek Reese 9 hours ago
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there are some threads about this but they seem pretty out-of-date. what are your favorites? how do they sound? what are you...

replies: 42 views: 1,137
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Luckyd77 10 hours ago
Avatar for tonseyd

Updating my studio and noticed I've got both 1/4" TRS & XLR inputs in my amp. Currently going from my audio interface...

replies: 3 views: 234
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FranciscoFrugoni 10 hours ago
Avatar for haystack

As mtr 90 thread, can we also have a thread for MX80 users on tips, finding spares, fault finding, sharing any ideas about the...

replies: 110 views: 10,771
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joe hammer 11 hours ago
Avatar for mkdvb

Sorry, bad thread title but I've done a lot of research, read (& reread) a lot of 500 series threads & it seems like...

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mkdvb 11 hours ago
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AquaBoogie 12 hours ago
Avatar for starbrite

Hey guys- I have a Neumann TLM 103 with a shock mount, but since its such a short mic, I can't fit it inside of my Kaotica...

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starbrite 12 hours ago
Avatar for Griffo

Hello, iam thinking about upgrading the photocell in my KT-2a for an Kenetekt T4B. Iam recording Rap und Singing primarly with...

replies: 3 views: 243
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demode_iowa 12 hours ago
Avatar for Vinny554

Hey all, hoping to get your input (no pun intended...har har) on the use of DI boxes for my particular recording setup. I'm aware...

replies: 1 views: 117
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Kronos147 12 hours ago
Avatar for Janne19691

I was kind of surprised to see this photo of Ian Paice playing live. They look like SM7 and I guess they...

replies: 6 views: 188
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deedeeyeah 12 hours ago
Avatar for RonCarlston

I have always been a huge fan of these guys and saved up money for a long time to have my pedals sent to them and modded. Was...

replies: 22 views: 1,442
Avatar for TobyToby
TobyToby 13 hours ago
Avatar for Tony Shepperd

I've got a few easy questions for everyone. 1. Who on GS is using analog summing? 2. How many channels are you summing?...

Tony Shepperd
replies: 312 views: 41,574
Avatar for matskull
matskull 13 hours ago
Avatar for freshstartfresh

Say I want to high pass the sidechain on an outboard compressor.... Can I save an input channel on my interface by sending the...

replies: 1 views: 128
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Cabirio 13 hours ago
Avatar for tannercampbell

Hi folks. Longtime lurker, first time poster. I own a podcast recording studio in Maine - - and the mics...

replies: 26 views: 478
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joeq 14 hours ago
Avatar for wnoise

Hi guys, first post. Decided to sign up in my hunt for a mic. Along my way I came across this mic: Avantone CV-95 Avantone...

replies: 15 views: 4,916
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thismercifulfate 14 hours ago
Avatar for dazelbc

Wassup, I'm currently upgrading my gear and I already bought a new Apollo and Neve 1073 Spx Pre. Now I'm searching for the...

replies: 6 views: 225
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etrella 14 hours ago
Avatar for dlmorley

Hi all There is a pair of VH2108 for sale locally.. (passive 8" 2 way) Any opinions on this model in particular for...

replies: 9 views: 565
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JClay 15 hours ago
Avatar for kraftrourke

What room is this? Clear rear diffusor, BAD panels, SSL and TG1234

replies: 0 views: 91
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kraftrourke 15 hours ago
Avatar for chicomac

Hi, i am new here and i got a questions because i am looking to get a 24 channels console with meter bridge if this possible for...

replies: 123 views: 35,602
Avatar for shibboleth
shibboleth 17 hours ago
Avatar for studioguy

The 'Hot Rod' Eureka is a special edition of the Presonus Eureka customized with a high-zoot chipset and tranny - OpAmps Linear...

replies: 109 views: 39,568
Avatar for cdkelly
cdkelly 17 hours ago
Avatar for ade2

Saw this and wondered have any of you had any experience with their gear or had the chance to try their gear at NAMM?...

replies: 2 views: 221
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JLast 17 hours ago


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