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Hey guys, Does anyone have both Arturia's V Collection and Spectrasonics Omnisphere? If I were to purchase 1 of the two,...

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Progger 17 minutes ago
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Hi all. Through some simple soldering I made my own MIDI Y-cable. I send from my sequencer to two synths and it has worked fine....

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adomaimamelneach 17 minutes ago
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I'm looking to make slight shifts to vowels in vocals and was wondering what the best method is? I guess the 'obvious' way is...

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CoolDude 22 minutes ago
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Hey everyone, I recently started getting into 500 series modules and I'm loving it so far. One thing I'm thinking about is if...

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tomkow12 29 minutes ago
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Hey all! I’ve recently made my way back to recording after a bit of an absence (divorce, addiction, living situation,...

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Brent Hahn 35 minutes ago
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Hi guys :) Focal was back-ordered on the ALPHA 65's I had decided to go with, so my guy told me to try the ALPHA 50's with a...

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jerrydpi 39 minutes ago
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I am at my wit's end. I'm going to get into an overview of how I am trying to utilize my equipment with a hybrid mixing setup and...

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Averyblack 55 minutes ago
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Hi, I´ve seen Paul McCartney in his studio in many videos, specially one where he does a tour and shows a Fairchild...

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AlexHerd 1 hour ago
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Hey people, do you have a recommendation for a ribbon mic in the price range up to 400€? I‘d like to record acoustic...

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GreenNeedle 1 hour ago
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Hello. I have a big problem with my Apogee Symphony 1. When I try to turn on the ventilator starts, it tries but the lights...

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Solmusic 1 hour ago
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I got a couple of their products and plan to buy more but I don't see much here about them so I thought it would be a good idea...

Skamm Goodiez
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Wiggy Neve Slut 1 hour ago
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Hi everyone, I'm going crazy right now searching the right product for my use case. What I originally wanted to do was get a...

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itsnotme 1 hour ago
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I've been, pretty often, struggling with laying down drums, bass, keyboard instruments, guitar, voice, percussion, all by my...

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Ragan 1 hour ago
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I want to experiment from digital to hybrid with a Warm Audio WA-73 pre -> audio interface and then add some more...

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gearstudent 1 hour ago
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Hello, I'm looking to buy a Stellar CM5, but I can't find any online, even used and their website isn't working with any...

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DukeMonk 1 hour ago
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EQP-KT | Equalizers | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Group Price anyone?

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rbbrchckn 2 hours ago
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So after years of trying different outboard gear for different sources, I decided I was missing the accumulated sound of using...

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Jeff16years 2 hours ago
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I need suggestions for a vocal mic for my home untreated bedroom studio. I’ve been using a crappy Behringer B1 for years. I...

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mrufino1 2 hours ago
Avatar for wildplum

When recording electric guitar amps, I usually use a Royer 121 paired with a Shure sm57, or a EV RE16, or Beyer M201. I am...

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CarloEspresso 2 hours ago
Avatar for Tex Willer

Dear all, I'm going to buy a pair of active speaker to listen hi-fi music (mainly rock and jazz, some pop). Listening distance...

Tex Willer
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mcgilroy 2 hours ago
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Hello all! Just wanted to give you guys some updatse on our side as a lot of you were really interested in the products we...

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wickett 2 hours ago
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Hi, I have finally moved into my house, and need some studio monitors. I used to own KRK VXT8s, and have some Samson Resolv 50as...

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aslutforgear 2 hours ago
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Is the goal of hi-fi reproduction to reproduce, at home, the sound of the control-room mix? When mixing, we work hard to...

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Sigma 3 hours ago
Avatar for ev33

Hey! Are there any SSL Sigma users out there? I have a question for ya... The Sigma appears to be grouped into 16 stereo...

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kev1n28 3 hours ago
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Hi, I'm considering buying the new Fredenstein Bento 8 Pure Analogue but I'm on the fence here because I'm seeing mixed...

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Mr Funk 3 hours ago
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Dear Gearslutz, users and visitors. In this thread you will find usefull information, tips and tricks, opinions from experienced...

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jerrydpi 3 hours ago
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Synth Guru 3 hours ago
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I inherited a minty tc 2290 (and the big ol’ pedal board that goes with it)... it sits in a giant Lukather type rolling rack...

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Rumi 4 hours ago
Avatar for giilll

Hi all, I recently bought a Focusrite ISA 2 which I am running into an Focusrite LS56 interface - but I can't seem to get rid...

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giilll 4 hours ago
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Borrowed my siter inlaws copy after not hearing it in 10 years. All I can say is WOW what a great record. Anybody know anything...

The dman
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KevinNYC 4 hours ago
Avatar for EPCav

In a world full of opinion, it’s hard to come to an unbiased conclusion on analog vs digital. I’ve felt myself drawn to...

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Bushman 4 hours ago
Avatar for aslutforgear

Hello everyone, I have a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 gen 3 and Focal Alpha 65s, which have no volume control on the back. Now I can...

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weave 4 hours ago
Avatar for bababa411

Hi guys, I'm using a Neumann Tlm 102 microphone plugged to an UAD TWIN DUO. The signal recorded from the mic sometime gets...

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bababa411 5 hours ago
Avatar for alxne

I have my first pair of studio monitors and I've got a weird problem where they crack/pop only when I get out of my chair and...

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Dipsne 5 hours ago
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Donovan Jenkins 6 hours ago
Avatar for bulletproofbell

Greetings fellow gear nerds, I believe I've done due diligence in checking the rules and policies - no desire to sully the forum...

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bulletproofbell 6 hours ago
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Hey all, Looks like these are out now, so wondering who’s heard them? I’m looking to replace a pair of Focal CMS 50s one...

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Tetness 6 hours ago
Avatar for FatBear

Hello fellow Gear Slutz, Just ordered the AT 4060. I will only be recording vocals with it. Genre: Hip hop / Rnb...

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tenderboy 7 hours ago
Avatar for harky

Hello, my 2nd hand focals which Ive had and looked after for 4 years have started making this noise *sometimes* Like hardly...

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harky 7 hours ago
Avatar for gravyface

What’s out there that’s actually small, like CM3 small? Something that can take snare top SPL.

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loujudson 8 hours ago
Avatar for makasi

What are your favourite FPGA plugins?

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makasi 8 hours ago
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Listen to the interview with Jules here. IdfEqLukkU4 It's happening. Jules and GS team, thank you! kfhkh

replies: 429 views: 8,405
Avatar for Jules
Jules 8 hours ago
Avatar for paseppa

I am looking for some multitrack recorder to record synths and bass and later mix the tracks on daw. I was thinking about the...

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Avatar for paseppa
paseppa 8 hours ago
Avatar for Rkaderobot

Hi guys, I'm hoping anyone can help me diagnose a problem with my Digitech talker. I know nothing about repairing gear but am...

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Avatar for Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 9 hours ago
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I am currently using a pair of Neumann KH120’s with an Eve TS108 sub. I’ve had the KH120’s for around 8 years and the...

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busty_audio 9 hours ago
Avatar for Rumi

I've bought a Sony C38B, and the swivel mount screw thread is very big. Is there a good way to use adapters to get it to the...

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Avatar for Rumi
Rumi 9 hours ago
Avatar for Rob Coates

Since people are now receiving their ZULU, and testing it, I think it's time for a new thread dedicated to ZULU. I got mine this...

Rob Coates
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Avatar for Caet
Caet 10 hours ago
Avatar for riquier

Hi guys, Is anyone familiar with this album ? It was recorded and mixed by STEVE CHRISTENSEN last year. It's a wonderful record...

replies: 8 views: 2,217
Avatar for the fxs
the fxs 13 hours ago
Avatar for simonharris

Hi, I use Genelec 8040's with Sonarworks Ref 4 calibration as my main monitors and I also have some NS10's - my question is this...

replies: 17 views: 321
Avatar for RJHollins
RJHollins 14 hours ago
Avatar for iknow

I need to buy my FIRST microphone for my new recording studio. Most of my productions will consist of virtual instruments or some...

replies: 4 views: 152
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dickiefunk 14 hours ago


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