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Ok so this product should be launched in another month or so at the cool price of 999 usd. I am a staunch supporter to a...

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string6theory 4 minutes ago
Avatar for 3dsmatt

Hi again.... I have been reading for a day or two about different plugins and how they compare to their tangible counterparts....

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Looneytune 15 minutes ago
Avatar for sein83

Hey slutz, I heard some comparison of the LXP15 and PCM80 and seem to find that LXP sounds not so far away from the PCM. I...

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italo de angelis 28 minutes ago
Avatar for bill5

Yeah I know, who cares, it's how it sounds that matters...but as I said elsewhere, for singers at least, there often is at least...

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deedeeyeah 1 hour ago
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We have so many choices in plugins these days, so I thought it would be useful to get some insight into which plugins have been...

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Dirk Churlish 1 hour ago
Avatar for Jim@SSL

Analogue Cascade-able £1675+tax X-Desk and other new products can be seen at Booth B75, Hall 5.1, Messe Frankfurt from 9AM on...

[email protected]
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Avatar for gypsymoth
gypsymoth 1 hour ago
Avatar for Nanashi

So I was wondering who else just uses a pair of bookshelfs for their primary monitors? My favorite monitors have been B & Ws...

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Avatar for Dirk Churlish
Dirk Churlish 1 hour ago
Avatar for jml designs

I've confirmed w Dangrous my D-Box is set up correctly so thats not an issue. I am only getting hard left or right (when...

jml designs
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Avatar for makemusic3
makemusic3 1 hour ago
Avatar for chessparov2.0

Generally I'm noticing I get bigger sounding vocals, off of LDC (or MDC) condensers. (even though The Launcher helps) Is this...

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MandoBastardo 2 hours ago
Avatar for konkon

So I have a Vermona DSR-3 dual channel spring reverb on the way. I am expecting this to be a pretty good spring reverb...

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joeq 4 hours ago
Avatar for greatgreatriver

If you had to choose 3 microphones to use the rest of your life. One ribbon, dynamic and condenser microphone. Which one would...

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Avatar for MandoBastardo
MandoBastardo 4 hours ago
Avatar for tymish

A friend of mine owns Innovation Station Music in Annandale. It was broken into and wiped out a lot of gear. here's a list of the...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 4 hours ago
Avatar for CKenterpro

I know this has been discussed many times but I need a pair of headphones to do mixing on late at night since I don't have too...

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Avatar for B.Collins
B.Collins 4 hours ago
Avatar for _Mark

I accidentally hit my TLM 102 with a drum stick, and there is a very minimal dent on the grill. What's the best way to push it...

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Avatar for John Caf
John Caf 4 hours ago
Avatar for willmarshall

Hey guys, Because of the global pandemic, I bailed out of New York and went home to Wellington, New Zealand. I'm shipping my...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 7 hours ago
Avatar for zydeceltico

Hi Gang - I record myself. I have a great song tracked and 1) love my vocal track (performance-wise) but 2) despise the tone...

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Avatar for zydeceltico
zydeceltico 7 hours ago
Avatar for Tablex

Heyy, i'm looking for a warm/vintage sounding mic specifically for vocals. Let me know if I'm missing other options in the same...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 7 hours ago
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I have a project coming up where I'll be transferring a lot of 1/4" tapes for a label, and I was wondering if 4 hours was...

Sean Sullivan
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Avatar for GLouie
GLouie 8 hours ago
Avatar for chessparov2.0

And what signal chains, would you use to fit within Modern Pop, if you were Producing/Engineering it? Talking roughly, records...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 8 hours ago
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Avatar for maostudios
maostudios 8 hours ago
Avatar for zoobooboozoo

Hey all, I've been watching Chris Lord Alge mixing Lifeboats(Puremix) and it seems in Prep his assistant normalizes all tracks...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 8 hours ago
Avatar for t-bone

500 Series | dbx Professional Audio

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Avatar for dwellander
dwellander 9 hours ago
Avatar for innerbooty

Greetings, Looks like the tech I've been using who is upstate a bit has shut down his operation, I'm hoping just temporarily....

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Avatar for Carabinerx
Carabinerx 9 hours ago
Avatar for mitec1602

Hello! I could get a Midiverb II for 30 EUR and a Microverb III for 60 EUR. Which one would you choose for analog drum...

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Avatar for dwellander
dwellander 9 hours ago
Avatar for mini logo

Just out of curiousity, does anyone have any info regarding the recording/mixing of the drums on this album? I believe its more...

mini logo
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Avatar for StevenLMorgan
StevenLMorgan 9 hours ago
Avatar for Rob Coates

Since people are now receiving their ZULU, and testing it, I think it's time for a new thread dedicated to ZULU. I got mine this...

Rob Coates
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Avatar for JGM
JGM 10 hours ago
Avatar for Matthewrayrgv

Anyone have any experience with both of these mics? I am looking into them (specifically to use with the b6 cap). I'm just...

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Avatar for N1Greg
N1Greg 10 hours ago
Avatar for gurujon

Is it still possible to buy the midipoly kit for Korg MonoPoly? I found an old blog, but it seems to be dead. Any info on how...

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Avatar for axkan
axkan 10 hours ago
Avatar for yellowrobin

What would give me the most 2 buss "transformer mojo" for the money ? The WesAudio ngBusComp or the revered Silver...

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Avatar for Diogo C
Diogo C 11 hours ago
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Avatar for nickknack
nickknack 11 hours ago
Avatar for engmix

Hi to those who are reading this. I have a rack mount LA-2A. Although I really dig what it does, I'm wondering if there is a 500...

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Avatar for sonus
sonus 11 hours ago
Avatar for robertgeorge

Someone told me the other day this was a terrific mic. Anyone else tried it. Seems to be a sleeper on the net.

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Avatar for Whoopysnorp
Whoopysnorp 11 hours ago
Avatar for Jules

Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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Avatar for StevenLMorgan
StevenLMorgan 11 hours ago
Avatar for lucasmusic

Without suggesting triggers or new drummer, (cause at the venue I mix live, we get different drummers.) is there a magic formula...

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Avatar for kennybro
kennybro 12 hours ago
Avatar for KazRemark

These both look quite nice, but there isn't much information available online. Anyone played with either of them?

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Avatar for momoko
momoko 12 hours ago
Avatar for Johnbarnesiii

Hi guys, I’ll be recording an album soon and for bass and am wanting recommendation for a direct box for bass going directly...

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Avatar for monkeyxx
monkeyxx 12 hours ago
Avatar for Chris4eyez

My friend is an outstanding female singer who sings pop/newage and has an extremely high range. Her songs usually keep her in the...

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Avatar for PMF
PMF 13 hours ago
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Avatar for Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 13 hours ago
Avatar for geddydawg

Luv the overall flexibility, close to the same price. Avantone 35mm capsule vs Vanguard 34mm capsule Avantone has switchable...

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Avatar for andersmv
andersmv 13 hours ago
Avatar for OzNimbus

Hey guys, Glenn Fricker here! Check this out....

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Avatar for gixertrix
gixertrix 14 hours ago
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Avatar for Wayne
Wayne 14 hours ago
Avatar for orbita

Hi, I make techno using headphones (HD600) and find my tracks not translating well. It sounds much better in the headphones than...

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Avatar for SUBPAC
SUBPAC 14 hours ago
Avatar for Dopamine

Just wondering if modern pro mixers are still using this unit? Or do plugs make it redundant?

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Avatar for Fade45
Fade45 14 hours ago
Avatar for JKBorman

Hello, community! I would like you to suggest me a pair of under 150$ headphones suitable for tracking the acoustic guitar. I...

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Avatar for thismercifulfate
thismercifulfate 14 hours ago
Avatar for Pindrive

There are 2 output expanders currently listed by different sellers (eBay). The listed Prices are "plus fuel" to the...

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Avatar for Pindrive
Pindrive 14 hours ago
Avatar for Evml

I've had a Boss BR-600 for about 15 years. It's broken and buggy and I'm finally going to replace it. At first I was looking to...

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Avatar for JLast
JLast 14 hours ago
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I'm looking for a small pair of monitors to use mainly at a school for playing backing tracks for pianists to play along...

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Avatar for dickiefunk
dickiefunk 15 hours ago
Avatar for Mulldog

Hello all, I put an order in a month ago but understand due to the Coronavirus that production has slowed down. Has anybody...

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Avatar for Oldone
Oldone 17 hours ago
Avatar for tension22

Hey, First post here. Looking to get 2 sets of monitors some Genelec for mixing and another set for writing and general...

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Avatar for WiZKiD
WiZKiD 17 hours ago
Avatar for gravyface

vintage D12E inside along side a Audix D6, as a shootout. D6 is just too processed for a lot of stuff other than hard...

replies: 55 views: 1,020
Avatar for themiracle
themiracle 17 hours ago


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