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I'm wondering if any RE-301 users can clear something up for me about the sound on sound function: If I understand the block...

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hylaster 3 minutes ago
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I've been, pretty often, struggling with laying down drums, bass, keyboard instruments, guitar, voice, percussion, all by my...

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vernier 3 minutes ago
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Hey folks! I'm looking for a new pair of nearfields for my small treated control room and after a lot of reading I've narrowed...

Ivan Mihaljevic
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Ivan Mihaljevic 5 minutes ago
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Can we take a second to talk about the new Taylor Swift album? No offense to anyone(no idea who it was) but it sounds like...

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kennybro 16 minutes ago
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Been very interested in the whole "colored" ADC game lately and wondering what you guys are doing with your signal if...

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Sabovic Adis 36 minutes ago
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So i consider buying Beyerdynamics DT 990 Pro (250 ohm impedance) and an audio interface. But i really don't know very much about...

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timmymacdd 37 minutes ago
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I got a couple of their products and plan to buy more but I don't see much here about them so I thought it would be a good idea...

Skamm Goodiez
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AudioScape 43 minutes ago
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Soooo...I've JUST heard about Audioscape products today! I somehow stumbled upon the 1176-KT (which doesn't seem to have much...

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AudioScape 46 minutes ago
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About 10 years ago I had an old Allen & Heath 24 channel board I used as a front end for my studio with a motu 828 mii and an...

Sad Iron Studio
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Dennis4 51 minutes ago
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I'm using a Shure SM7B with an MKIII Gap Pre-73 and a Focusrite Scarlett 3rd gen (USB -> computer) to exclusively record...

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ImShure 52 minutes ago
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Hi, I need some tips/advice on my Tascam 48! He’s been in storage and has not been operational since 15 years! I’ve...

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studioguitarman 56 minutes ago
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Just posted my review of this wonderful new 47 family mic from Weird Audio. this thing is amazing. Anyone else out there...

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Dennis4 59 minutes ago
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Hey guys, I have a bunch of these units (HTPS7000) and some came without rack ears. I know a few other models have compatible...

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algorithmruss 1 hour ago
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Long time reader. First time poster. Another annoying "which mic should I buy post" just so you're aware. And no I...

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dzb 1 hour ago
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I've been following drum-focused GS threads (my main focus) for many years, and have recently added a Sebatron VMP 4000e after...

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Dennis4 1 hour ago
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Do tubes in mics actually color the sound at all? Take a look at the attached pictures which show the signal curve of a tube and...

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miroslav 2 hours ago
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I must connect some devices having consumer SPDIF digital out to my console equipped with pro AES3 in. So I need such multiple...

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JayTee4303 2 hours ago
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Hello fellow slutz, I have a very stupid question. Can anyone recommend ****ty speakers that make for a similar comparison as...

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joeq 3 hours ago
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I just bought a pair of Alpha 50s. really nice sound for price point - but I have a buzz/hum sound from each speaker when powered...

Deleted User
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alphanoise 3 hours ago
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$300 with a 2 year warrantee through sweetwater is a pretty solid deal for such a unit imo.. but I hear so many people trash the...

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GreenNeedle 3 hours ago
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hey, i got some mv692's and quite a lot of capsules. they all sound quite different, but i have two m70's and m94's which...

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GuitarPimp 3 hours ago
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Guys, I know those passive summing boxes like Fulcrum, DIY-RE SB2 or Little Lab. We use mic pres after those devices to regain...

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zvukofor 4 hours ago
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I know this has been discussed many times but I need a pair of headphones to do mixing on late at night since I don't have too...

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Piedpiper 4 hours ago
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EQP-KT | Equalizers | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Group Price anyone?

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rosewood123 4 hours ago
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Hey all, I love old EV microphones and already own two standard branded RE10s and some 635a's... killer for lots of stuff, but...

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coloradobenedic 4 hours ago
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Hey there, I know there are countless vs. threads, but I recently found issues with my WA76 where I'm not sure I want to invest...

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Stam Audio 4 hours ago
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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Mods please move it to the right place. My question is this: Say you recorded a cover...

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Trakworx 5 hours ago
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Hi guys! My Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen died and I am looking for a replacement. I would the interface for recording...

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telecode 5 hours ago
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Hello all! Just wanted to give you guys some updatse on our side as a lot of you were really interested in the products we...

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JGM 6 hours ago
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Hey guys! I’m about to get some analog warm for my cold ITB mixes. First thought is getting a mix buss compressor and some...

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Buddhaman 7 hours ago
Avatar for brownbear

Hi, everyone, I am looking for a pair of small condenser microphones to record some harpsichord under $200 (student budget)....

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kennybro 7 hours ago
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I've been trying to get in touch with the folks at Aurora Audio on and off for months, regarding some technical issue with a...

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Pyeguy 8 hours ago
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I've got a 1176LN on the way and am gonna use my first patchbay. The 1176LN, as you gear freaks know, has no 1/4"...

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hummarstra 9 hours ago
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Hello. I use the forum for a really long time now, it's been really helpful, but this is my first post. I have recently set my...

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rag0n 9 hours ago
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Bass chain


To all you bass players out there: In your opinion what is a good and affordable chain for tracking bass in a home studio? I'm...

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PMF 9 hours ago
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Hy, i have questions about recording classical Trumpet. I'm recording myself more frequently now (no concerts...) and want to...

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david89 9 hours ago
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So I’m looking for an audio interface with great sound quality. If my understanding is correct, you would want the Twin over...

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mrufino1 10 hours ago
Avatar for s wave

Trying to just get ideas and a general discussion going here. Such as bang for the buck and special uses as well as your personal...

s wave
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s wave 15 hours ago
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Hello, I just bought this unit today and haven't had time to unpack it yet, but I've read the PDF file and have a question for...

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Shimon 18 hours ago
Avatar for pax_eterna

Need some help in trying to assign specific MIDI channels to the ports...the manual sorta "hints" at this, so I am not...

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crackrockrevival 18 hours ago
Avatar for RightOnRome

Anyone seen these on ebay? super cheap but looks decent, US company in KeyWest?

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RightOnRome 18 hours ago
Avatar for johnsmith1261

Hi! I haven't really found too much info on the net about this mixer. Some posts suggest that it's really great sounding, but...

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YashN 20 hours ago

Greetings fellow gear-beasts! This is my first posting. I am trying to wrap my head around the concept of converters and...

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omegaomega 20 hours ago
Avatar for Nakajun

Hello all, I've just wanted to share with you and ask something, so I've got today these headphones. After reading tones of...

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fatfro 21 hours ago
Avatar for TGuven

Hi, Although I have been playing the guitar in various styles for a very long time, I am a newbie in the digital...

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kennybro 23 hours ago
Avatar for Rea

HI All- Im on the verge of ordering one, however i cant seem to find any proper thread with actual users. When i run a search i...

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backfisch123 23 hours ago
Avatar for rdsyo

Hey all - looking for an SDC for acoustic guitar. I’ve been using ribbons for years but want to capture a little less room and...

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Avatar for TobyB
TobyB 1 day ago
Avatar for jcowan

I'm building a 10 space 500 series rack. I'm taking my time, looking used and trying to find best bang for buck type modules....

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jcowan 1 day ago
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Hey all, I’m new around here but have certainly spent my fair share of time reading thru a million threads over the years when...

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gavros777 1 day ago
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Hi, the previous thread seems to be closed for no apparent reason but there's some useful progress for people who own this desk....

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Avatar for Rtroost
Rtroost 1 day ago