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From what I understand, a lot of people like 3U audio mics. I'm not an producer or sound engineer. Could you folks tell me in...

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imdasloth 9 minutes ago
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Hey Everyone, I have an apollo 8 and I've used up all my I/O with outboard gear. I feel like I've heard people talking about...

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jonpaulr123 13 minutes ago
Avatar for Gears

I've been wondering for awhile why most of us prefer the sound of analog gear generally speaking. Yes, I know digital has come a...

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Sharp11 13 minutes ago
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This is an audio excerpt from Glenn Fricker's recent video: "The Truth about Expensive Studio Gear". And since I'm...

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oneblackened 19 minutes ago
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I like the drums in this Phil Collins song. Listen after 3:40 YouTube I am not highly experienced with recording drum. ...

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thethrillfactor 28 minutes ago
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Hi guys Im looking at some new headphones as I seem to miss loads with my HD25 when mixing my tunes. There does seem to be...

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MandoBastardo 28 minutes ago
Avatar for Stealtheos

I know I probably lost some views writing "Signal Flow" haha but... Just purchased an SSL2+... sounds great from the...

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Stealtheos 46 minutes ago
Avatar for CheesyCrust

I recently picked up an SSL 2+ interface after using my trusty Apogee Duet 2 for what feels like a million years now. The SSL has...

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CheesyCrust 1 hour ago
Avatar for rickenbacker198

I want to add another stereo pair to my collection. For OH / Room / instrumental duties and a vocal option. Looking at the...

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thepilgrimsdream 1 hour ago
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hey guys do u have any idea whats the efx on the drums of "I cant go for that< no can do i". is it reverb with...

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mrufino1 1 hour ago
Avatar for hebjam

Anyone have any info at all on the recording of Plasmatics- new Hope for the Wretched?

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Drumsound 1 hour ago
Avatar for sri.soundbeing

Wondering if anyone in Canada ordered anything from Thomann. At the checkout only UPS Express is offered as a transport option....

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Avatar for GP_Hawk
GP_Hawk 2 hours ago
Avatar for Bobhoffnar

I'm looking into finding a great 500 series DI for recording pedalsteel. My current signal chain is a Sarno Solutions V8...

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Avatar for dagogo
dagogo 2 hours ago
Avatar for Zman4700

Hi Guys, I’m looking to buy a vintage U87 or at least the components that make up a U87 and have it put together (which...

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Avatar for Klaus
Klaus 3 hours ago
Avatar for bambamboom

As many of you may be aware, due to some label disputes, Taylor Swift is apparently planning to re-record her previous 6...

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chessparov2.0 3 hours ago
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Just curious. Is anyone still using hardware reverb units in the studio since we have a LOT of awesome reverb plugins like...

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Avatar for TobyToby
TobyToby 3 hours ago
Avatar for steelyfan

Jamerson was the man for R&B And Soul bass playing, who were some of the staple guitar players that were creative and...

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Avatar for Sharp11
Sharp11 4 hours ago
Avatar for zerosoma

Been using the 3035 for my own vocals (as well as any talent I record) for the last 11 years. Alternative rock - I'm a tenor, and...

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Avatar for weave
weave 4 hours ago
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Avatar for kmade
kmade 4 hours ago
Avatar for AldenW

Hey guys! I was just gifted a pair of Tannoy 8Ds, which were originally compatible with Tannoy's "Active Assist" room...

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Avatar for raulgz04
raulgz04 4 hours ago
Avatar for yellowpad

I'm about to pull the trigger on purchasing the new AKG K371 headphones for voiceover studio use in my makeshift home studio...

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Avatar for Earcatcher
Earcatcher 5 hours ago
Avatar for Nate99

Hi does anyone have any help with microphone hissing where it wasn't before. Tried checking cables, replacing etc. It has...

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Avatar for Nate99
Nate99 5 hours ago
Avatar for Samsonincredible

Does anyone know how to connect these together for mixing and mastering, with the mpc being the interface

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Avatar for johannburkard
johannburkard 5 hours ago
Avatar for deluca631

Hi Slutz, I pick up a DDA DMR12 last year from an early 20's young guy that got from his friend and original owner but the...

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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 6 hours ago
Avatar for labman

I am looking to get some new nearfields and have 3 options in mind. Adam AX5 with sub (thinking the mids may be better with a...

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Avatar for DirkP
DirkP 6 hours ago
Avatar for kikendo

I have a Mackie 1202-VLZ PRO and I love it, but it's getting a little bit banged up by now, and I notice mainly a lot of noise in...

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Avatar for JLast
JLast 6 hours ago
Avatar for nemo2000

Hi. I am planning to perform live with an acoustic set, just my voice and ac.guitar. As regards my voice, I am looking for FX...

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NGprodCre8tor 6 hours ago
Avatar for reverbpervert

Hey everyone. Hope you all have kept sane during the pandemic. I feel somewhat accomplished. At least I finished my MA in English...

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Avatar for de003
de003 7 hours ago
Avatar for Jon Best

So my (17yo) daughter and a couple of her friends are getting into recording/production. For my part, I've owned a studio,...

Jon Best
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Avatar for bowzin
bowzin 8 hours ago
Avatar for maxtmaples

Can anyone identify the instrument that (I think) comes in at 3:58, possibly doubled with a piano there panned hard left. And...

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Avatar for rezident
rezident 8 hours ago
Avatar for imloggedin

If you could only use one hardware compressor on vocals (recording and mixing) for the rest of your life, which one would it be?...

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Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut
Wiggy Neve Slut 8 hours ago
Avatar for camomiletea

I could play the bassline one octave higher up and leave the kick drum in the lowest octave but would that be enough? Should...

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Avatar for Timesaver800W
Timesaver800W 8 hours ago
Avatar for Metahedron

Greetings slutz, I've been trying to free up some rack space, and I was wondering if anyone has come across a half-rack patchbay...

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Avatar for bowzin
bowzin 9 hours ago
Avatar for LevinGuitar

I bought an old M-Audio Nova mic (35€) because someone told it have a good capsule. I feel a bit lucky because it is the old...

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Avatar for LevinGuitar
LevinGuitar 10 hours ago
Avatar for fieroturbo

(I know this site is mostly about recording instead of live stuff, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway) shiee I'm going...

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Avatar for Joegrane
Joegrane 10 hours ago
Avatar for SouthernComfort

Just saw it on Facebook today... guess they just announced it. Klark Teknik...

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Avatar for rosewood123
rosewood123 10 hours ago
Avatar for t-bone

EQP-KT | Equalizers | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Group Price anyone?

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Avatar for rosewood123
rosewood123 11 hours ago
Avatar for Karpmentalise

Hello all! Just wanted to give you guys some updatse on our side as a lot of you were really interested in the products we...

replies: 591 views: 55,374
Avatar for Patrick_
Patrick_ 11 hours ago
Avatar for Studio54

I'm a solo producer working in a home studio. I track guitar & bass -- everything else (drums, percussion, keys) is a VI. I...

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Avatar for Enlightened Hand
Enlightened Hand 12 hours ago
Avatar for smoke_thief

Hiya, I have some NS10s and some Events that I like to switch between, but at the moment I have to unplug the cables from the...

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Avatar for Gusss
Gusss 12 hours ago
Avatar for onshott1

This is my first tube Mic and I have some questions. I've heard for tube mics you have to let them warm up for 30 minutes before...

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Avatar for onshott1
onshott1 14 hours ago
Avatar for engineejoel

I know this is common practice; but, first time for me: Guitar player will be standing in main tracking room with all the...

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Avatar for Jon Best
Jon Best 14 hours ago
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

There is an enless thread on gearsltuz how this compressor smokes. Well it still does. I have used this compressor for bass,...

Glenn Bucci
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Avatar for augustin187
augustin187 15 hours ago
Avatar for CKenterpro

I know this has been discussed many times but I need a pair of headphones to do mixing on late at night since I don't have too...

replies: 4,714 views: 1,032,715
Avatar for danger
danger 16 hours ago
Avatar for sd-cd

I got unbalanced ASR-10. I want to connect ASR to the REAR Profire 610 interface ins (because I got my front ins occupied by my...

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Avatar for EvLoutonian
EvLoutonian 18 hours ago
Avatar for Anje

Dear all, as a short intro to my post & questions I'm planning to get a good analog console for tracking & mixing and...

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Avatar for MiA Prod
MiA Prod 19 hours ago
Avatar for Demonslave

Hi slutz, Just wondering if there are any "true" "pro" High end studios (ones that have high end clientele)...

replies: 157 views: 15,442
Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 20 hours ago
Avatar for elbib

Hi, Has anyone seen this brand before? I came across them on instagram and wondered if anyone had any experience with one of...

replies: 5 views: 320
Avatar for Singular Audio
Singular Audio 20 hours ago
Avatar for Tonymia

Interested in people’s thoughts on this. I need to pull the trigger on some new monitors.

replies: 8 views: 2,507
Avatar for Nadz
Nadz 20 hours ago
Avatar for BMXnotFix

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. So all the sudden, last week, two channels (9 and 10 if I'm remembering correctly) on my...

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Avatar for BMXnotFix
BMXnotFix 21 hours ago


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