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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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Scholl 1 hour ago
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Check it out: 99 NAMM videos in all their glory! kfhkh :cowbell: rockout :synth: freshflowe...

The Press Desk
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Drumsound 7th February 2020
Avatar for beau_mckee

Ive started recording drums in an old church using shotgun microphones facing the ceiling as a wide pair, and sounds unreal. I...

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edva 3 minutes ago
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Good Morning Good Morning! In a situation where I'm ready to do the 'bigger/better' monitor upgrade. I've done some research...

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SecretSociety 10 minutes ago
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Hi One of the areas I would like to try and improve upon is tightening up the low end. Below is a short example of something I...

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CJ Mastering 11 minutes ago
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During this quarantine I’ve been watching lots of pro mixers and producers talking about how they made several hit songs, and I...

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DirkP 14 minutes ago
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Just curious. Is anyone still using hardware reverb units in the studio since we have a LOT of awesome reverb plugins like...

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ionian 19 minutes ago
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After many years of dreaming about it, I've decided to get some nice outboard gear. The two pieces I've committed to thus far...

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CJ Mastering 19 minutes ago
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Adam Audio S3X-V or Adam a77X or Eve SC307 - Help please So long story short, im looking at new speakers, i have a 9m X 6m room...

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SecretSociety 20 minutes ago
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Hello everyone, I've been lurking on the forum for ages, just never bothered to make an account as most information is already...

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SecretSociety 28 minutes ago
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Hey everybody, I’am looking to buy a new microphone for gaming/youtube/streaming. I was thinking about at2035 or nt1-a, which...

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Insearchforamic 33 minutes ago
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Hi everyone. Title says it all. I've read that spending a lot on monitors is only a good idea if you have a treated room. ...

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SecretSociety 36 minutes ago
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Hi there, I see someone selling a DJX-2 and I have the DJX-1 which I really like, but space and budget is tight so I'm just...

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Lotuz2019 38 minutes ago
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Over the last decade or so, the only small condenser microphones I've used are the KM 184 D, some discontinued Cascade ones...

Per Lichtman
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Per Lichtman 46 minutes ago
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Easy guys, Hope you are all keeping well and locked into the studio at this bizarre but potentially productive time. I'm...

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joshay3000 55 minutes ago
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I’m looking for a nice LDC that will be used mainly for acoustic guitar and voice. I already have a pair of KM184’s but...

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Luca79 1 hour ago
Avatar for Pjrvmg

Hi all. I am looking to spend $1-2k on a LDC to use specifically on violin in my home studio. So far I have been recommended to...

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ljona 1 hour ago
Avatar for ShockedFermi

I used my Zoom h2n for the first time in many years, and unfortunately it produces a nasty high pitched noise (heard throughout...

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ShockedFermi 1 hour ago
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Hey guys, Im new to the forum so apologies if this post isnt in the right area. Im looking to purchase my first proper pair...

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Avatar for Sync Symphonies
Sync Symphonies 2 hours ago
Avatar for funkybenjy

Hi all, I'm a bedroom artist and mostly record my own voice and guitar, and piano as well in my modest home studio (acoustic...

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funkybenjy 3 hours ago
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

Here is a new comparison of the 3 great mics against each other. All of them are great. It all depends on your source to...

Glenn Bucci
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waldie wave 3 hours ago
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Hello, I have a Tascam 58 machine, that I have hardly touched since obtaining it. The time has come for that to change. It...

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robbi 4 hours ago
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I've decided to use all this downtime to finally get some good quality recording done and wanted to go all out (relative to my...

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thismercifulfate 5 hours ago
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thismercifulfate 5 hours ago
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I've never really heard this discussed much and I realize I may take some flak on this one. ;-) I'm just wondering if I'm alone...

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thethrillfactor 5 hours ago
Avatar for andersmv

I’ve been gradually moving more towards delays than reverbs, both on guitars and mixing. I had the Strymon Volante for a few...

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Avatar for brokesnob
brokesnob 5 hours ago
Avatar for ZZZXXX

hope everyone is healthy and well right now: im looking for my first real pre! will be recording 90% vocals (from modern rnb...

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cheu78 5 hours ago
Avatar for MRAP

Hello everyone I live in an apartment. I am not able to treat the room to make the acoustics good. Also, I don't want to spend...

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joeq 6 hours ago
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StudiodeKadent 6 hours ago
Avatar for Schizzo

Hello, I am searching opinions between this two monitors. Which would you take and why? Which one of these are the more...

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Avatar for Parkhill
Parkhill 6 hours ago
Avatar for Wizards Machine

I just picked up an EV 655C dynamic OMNI mic. It was known as the "slim trim". What a mic. I read a lot about it and...

Wizards Machine
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chessparov2.0 8 hours ago
Avatar for RawBeanZen

OK, giving away some things I didn't need yesterday was fun, and I even made a couple new friends in the process. There's a...

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Avatar for foxwaves
foxwaves 8 hours ago
Avatar for judedog

I just got a Retro 2a3 yesterday. Just for fun I ran my Kemper through it and could not stop playing. It made the kemper sound...

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rwsand 9 hours ago
Avatar for qualityfreak

I'd like a fully transparent interface that can power the HD 600. No not dedicate amps, I solely want an interface. Would the...

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Avatar for N1Greg
N1Greg 9 hours ago
Avatar for Pjrvmg

Hi all. I am a violinist/guitarist who has done session work in in around Chicago for the past 10 years. I’ve started building...

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Avatar for MikeInOttawa
MikeInOttawa 9 hours ago
Avatar for stephenb

Hey guys, I'm looking at purchasing a tape machine and I'm hoping someone can help steer me in the right direction. I make...

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dagogo 9 hours ago
Avatar for Skamm Goodiez

I got a couple of their products and plan to buy more but I don't see much here about them so I thought it would be a good idea...

Skamm Goodiez
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Avatar for AudioScape
AudioScape 10 hours ago
Avatar for Ijahqulah

Hi All. Thanks to you lot my brain as turned to mush. But, again thanks to you lot I have learned so much. I’m after a...

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Avatar for plainofjars
plainofjars 12 hours ago
Avatar for Rob Coates

Since people are now receiving their ZULU, and testing it, I think it's time for a new thread dedicated to ZULU. I got mine this...

Rob Coates
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Avatar for Jeru215
Jeru215 13 hours ago
Avatar for N1Greg

FF to 29:45 where he voices his explicit opinion on using hardware to mix....

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 13 hours ago
Avatar for camomiletea

Sorry. I know the question sounds a bit lame but really didn't know how else to ask it. I only have a Rode Nt1a and I really like...

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Avatar for DirkP
DirkP 13 hours ago
Avatar for Dwayne7

I'm looking to upgrade my Midi Keyboard to something with 61+ keys and better quality playability so improvising chords and top...

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Avatar for DirkP
DirkP 13 hours ago
Avatar for tuppaware

I’ve been wanting one of these since I was 18 years old, and now its dirt cheap to buy one! So for $50 I bought a Roland VS-840...

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Avatar for tuppaware
tuppaware 13 hours ago
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Avatar for StevenLMorgan
StevenLMorgan 13 hours ago
Avatar for Pjrvmg

I recently bought a Gefell M300 to compliment my AEA R84/RPQ500 for recording violin primarily. I am recording in my home in a...

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Avatar for cheu78
cheu78 14 hours ago
Avatar for Don Solaris

The unit had a low battery issue (common problem). Anyway, the ROM content somehow got messed up. The reset didn't helped. (Load...

Don Solaris
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Avatar for Karolisv
Karolisv 14 hours ago
Avatar for midnightsun

I am discovering a serious problem with RECORDING THE BEATLES by Ryan & Kehew. This is a very large book and I am having a...

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Avatar for candyflip
candyflip 14 hours ago
Avatar for Fings

Dear Gearslutz members is anyone heard the new Rcf Ayra PRO studio monitors? I used older one about 5 years, they are...

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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 14 hours ago
Avatar for chessparov2.0

Just thought it would be cool to "Centralize" conversation, Oktava audio clips "in action", etc. All...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 15 hours ago
Avatar for NaaR

Hi crew ! I got a problem with those 80M yammies i recently found on the internet . I want to buy them but already got those...

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Avatar for NaaR
NaaR 15 hours ago
Avatar for vibralux

Hi guys I am working on my second album which features a lot of whispery vocals kind like the ones from Massive Attack albums...

replies: 15 views: 2,841
Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut
Wiggy Neve Slut 15 hours ago
Avatar for englishguitarist

Well, I'm all set on getting a pair of MC930s...then I see a chart, apparently supplied with a matched pair (on another forum),...

replies: 18 views: 5,085
Avatar for lobsterinn
lobsterinn 15 hours ago


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