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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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Drumsound 3 hours ago
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SPL audio company with 120v technology can be showing big number of dbu ...... +36dbu. It’s so sexy and nice . Less noise and...

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toofanstudio 7 minutes ago
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What would be the cheapest and best way to get 8 more channels to go with my Apollo 8? I obviously want more or less the same...

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Ells 28 minutes ago
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Hi everyone, so, for years I've been trying to figure out what it was that I hated about every single of my vocal takes...

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James Lehmann 34 minutes ago
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Hey Apols if this isnt the right forum section but i'm looking for a reasonably priced A&H mixer technician in London. If...

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James Lehmann 52 minutes ago
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Hey all, so I have a pair of Pioneer CS-703's that I want to use but know absolutely nothing about poweramps. All I know is...

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burp182 1 hour ago
Avatar for Pandemonium

Hi. I want to try ribbon mics as overheads, to tame the hihats and cymbal sizzle. I have low ceilings, so Beyer M160 is the...

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leitmo 2 hours ago
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Just wondering. Every time I try it out (I've tried it on pretty much everything) I end up using something else. Perhaps...

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JohnDrake 2 hours ago
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Hi everyone. Title says it all. I've read that spending a lot on monitors is only a good idea if you have a treated room. ...

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Noctambulant 2 hours ago
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Hi guys, It's been almost 3 years since I have a Yamaha HS80 and I was wondering about the lifespan of monitors. They are in...

Diogo C
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Noctambulant 2 hours ago
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Do pultec type eq's only let you boost with Q setting? I have the Klark teknik one and it seems to only have a high frquency...

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camomiletea 2 hours ago
Avatar for Rob Coates

Since people are now receiving their ZULU, and testing it, I think it's time for a new thread dedicated to ZULU. I got mine this...

Rob Coates
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Brent Hahn 2 hours ago
Avatar for ketrance

Hello, Im between Presonus 1810c and 1810 , one its usb-c and the other one usb 2.0, tech specs are the same, do you think it...

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ketrance 2 hours ago
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Saw them :) Anyone here own a pair, they seem to be priced in the range of Genelecs,Adams etc.. ie Les Paul 6 Studio Monitors...

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Avatar for Noctambulant
Noctambulant 2 hours ago
Avatar for Mr Funk

I used to have an SPX50D and really liked the symphonic effect. Is there any software that does this? It's a kind of multi-voice...

Mr Funk
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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 3 hours ago
Avatar for xenozeno

So the XLII has been discounted at Sweetwater and the B-ULS seems to go for around $850 used. I've got experience with both...

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Avatar for xenozeno
xenozeno 4 hours ago
Avatar for DarkandKurious

I've found a vintage dynamic AKG mic that I can't find the model for. It seems to have been made for other manufacturers such as...

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DarkandKurious 4 hours ago
Avatar for lacnadon

HI Guys, I had pair of Adam which i returned so now i am looking at the Lyd7 And Aps Klasik i never heard the Klasik but i did...

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Sanchez 5 hours ago
Avatar for erike123

I want to treat my ITB mixes with some analog delightness - what kind of components in analog gear is responsible for the 3D...

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mahler007 6 hours ago
Avatar for Mr Funk

This DAC (Sabaj D5) seems great value. I've read two reviews from people who also own the RME ADI-2 and say it sounds as good...

Mr Funk
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Avatar for Mickboy
Mickboy 6 hours ago
Avatar for dialectic

I'm due to be recording with a band in the coming week whose bass player uses a MXR M81 bass preamp pedal as part of his live set...

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dialectic 6 hours ago
Avatar for jeebles

Can anyone help identify the exact synth(s) used in this track? I love that lush sound with the slight grainy quality to...

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jeebles 6 hours ago
Avatar for afrr

Hey all. I've seen it written that duet firewire will not work with Mac Catalina. Is this true? Apogee Maestro 2 is 64 bit. Is it...

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Carlster 7 hours ago
Avatar for Arseny

Imagine a nightmare, where you have to sell your Bricasti M7. What would you do to reduce the pain? Is there anything in the...

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Avatar for not_so_new
not_so_new 9 hours ago
Avatar for Mr Funk

$149 seems like a great deal to me. Add the colour of your choice for a few extra $. CP5 Mic Preamp Kit Preorder – DIYRE

Mr Funk
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Avatar for REMIXER31
REMIXER31 9 hours ago
Avatar for 7up partridge

Has anyone done a direct shootout, own both, or (pleeeaaaase) have audio samples? I'm specifically interested in a pair of...

7up partridge
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Avatar for roger
roger 10 hours ago
Avatar for Unknown soldier

Got the 1st generation Dbox...using the headphones fed from an SPL Neos (via the dangerous analog inputs) The Neos is very...

Unknown soldier
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masque13 12 hours ago
Avatar for captain54

It's been almost 20 yrs now that Roland VS recorders hit the market I've noticed there's a wealth of used recorders on...

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cjogo 12 hours ago
Avatar for TS-12

whats you go-to VCA channel compressor plugin(s) ?

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TS-12 13 hours ago
Avatar for Providence

Sooo, I have a XLR (female) to 1/8 cable that Im using for mic preamp out into my OP-1 for live recording/sampling. Problem is...

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Avatar for melveyr
melveyr 13 hours ago
Avatar for Deleted 5edf3fa

Please post surprising mixing tricks that you learned from someone. Something that is simple, and actually works more often than...

Deleted 5edf3fa
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chessparov2.0 13 hours ago
Avatar for EMMST

Can anyone ID the yellow unit at the bottom of the middle rack, below the Culture Vulture in this photo? ...

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Avatar for j.frad
j.frad 13 hours ago
Avatar for funkrhodes

Hi All - I've been searching for a 500 series breadboard that I can use to build some custom hardware, but I've struck out. ...

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Avatar for funkrhodes
funkrhodes 13 hours ago
Avatar for MisterCrayle

Hello folks. I'm looking to get an 1176-style compressor & leaning towards the WA-76. I've been seeing some people...

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Avatar for Quetz
Quetz 14 hours ago
Avatar for NoPro

The mono in and out on my pedal is messed up. I get sound when plugging into stereo in and out. Is this ok? Am I getting stereo...

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Avatar for NoPro
NoPro 15 hours ago
Avatar for mikoo69

Thinking of making an investment into a U67 reissue. Primary uses would be Vocals (Female and Male), Acoustic Guitar and Electric...

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Avatar for brewbacker
brewbacker 15 hours ago
Avatar for rickymix

Hi guys! Question: I'm looking for someplace in Southern California, near LA, where I can transfer my old analog tapes,...

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Avatar for Oldone
Oldone 16 hours ago
Avatar for Karpmentalise

Hello all! Just wanted to give you guys some updatse on our side as a lot of you were really interested in the products we...

replies: 422 views: 33,292
Avatar for Karpmentalise
Karpmentalise 16 hours ago
Avatar for nightchef

I'm doing a studio makeover and I'm thinking a monitor upgrade should probably be part of it. I'm currently working on JBL...

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Avatar for nightchef
nightchef 16 hours ago
Avatar for David1085

I’d like to introduce this thread by a review of to classic reggae albums that are on my point of view also two of the best...

replies: 399 views: 54,930
Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 16 hours ago
Avatar for Mr Funk

Looks like Neve is trying to entice the high end audiophile community? $5k for the DAC seems a little...

Mr Funk
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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 16 hours ago
Avatar for Nightmara

Anyone know if ur242 headphone out can drive K701/2 properly? I currently have DT770 80ohm version but looking to upgrade to...

replies: 5 views: 148
Avatar for nicholasr325
nicholasr325 17 hours ago
Avatar for electricity17

I'm looking for a studio in Austin TX to record piano overdubs for a project that I'm working on. Going in for a day, interested...

replies: 8 views: 273
Avatar for kellyd
kellyd 17 hours ago
Avatar for 777

How Long Do You Run Your Mic./Line/Instrument Cables? Me, my mic cables are all Mogami, & never run more than...

replies: 14 views: 7,470
Avatar for swafford
swafford 18 hours ago
Avatar for JonnBoy

Just now seeing these available on Sweetwater. Almost seems too good to be true to have a legitimate 3-way design with that kind...

replies: 216 views: 30,292
Avatar for lacnadon
lacnadon 20 hours ago
Avatar for Tom F

Hi Tribute 1 users, I have a Beesneez T1 since 5 years. The mic is really great, love its sound!!! The mount not really. The...

Tom F
replies: 12 views: 643
Avatar for J. Lemons
J. Lemons 20 hours ago
Avatar for Mr Phil

Has anyone here had a bad experience with PMC before? I have both my TwoTwo 5’s go down with a fault. Basically the display on...

Mr Phil
replies: 16 views: 908
Avatar for Mr Phil
Mr Phil 21 hours ago
Avatar for SaschaP

Saw this on Instagram today. Does anyone have info? They look tasty....

replies: 94 views: 7,108
Avatar for White Falcon
White Falcon 21 hours ago
Avatar for andow

I recently changed my setup to the following: RME RayDAT in my PC with SSL Alphalink AX and Apogee Rosetta 200 converters. The...

replies: 2 views: 195
Avatar for Jim@SSL
[email protected] 22 hours ago
Avatar for MeatisOmalley

the pair of Sennheiser HD600's I bought came in the mail today. I was generally pleased with the sound quality, but right now I'm...

replies: 2 views: 150
Avatar for hello people
hello people 22 hours ago
Avatar for ELI-173

Hey gang, I'm investigating the Toft ATB24. Possibly getting one a bit down the road this year. I've heard great things...

replies: 156 views: 53,904
Avatar for Cosmic Turtle
Cosmic Turtle 1 day ago


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