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So much gear, so little time

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Avatar for cheu78

I just read this, I've never been there nor I have have any financial interest, but I think it's worth sharing.. and this part of...

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Avatar for DistortingJack
DistortingJack 1 day ago
Avatar for NikolajD

Hi. I need some opinions for the smartest investment for buying studio gear. Current recording setup: Warm Audio WA12-500...

replies: 5 views: 258
Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 13 minutes ago
Avatar for WheelieR

Hey folks, For the sake of easy recall and flexibility, I am trying to get rid of any hardware on my mixbus. I usually use...

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Avatar for WheelieR
WheelieR 18 minutes ago
Avatar for RawBeanZen

OK, giving away some things I didn't need yesterday was fun, and I even made a couple new friends in the process. There's a...

replies: 43,912 views: 2,344,243
Avatar for Unclenny
Unclenny 25 minutes ago
Avatar for t-bone

EQP-KT | Equalizers | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Group Price anyone?

replies: 924 views: 106,633
Avatar for chrizzi
chrizzi 31 minutes ago
Avatar for rschlierbeck

Hi, I'm looking to purchase a Tube Preamp for vocals. I currently have an Allen & Heath Qu-16 for my audio interface. I...

replies: 14 views: 349
Avatar for soundmodel
soundmodel 1 hour ago
Avatar for bleep

I mix on a pair of Yamaha NS10m studios w/sub. But I’ve learned the hard way not to crank the ns10s as I blew a tweeter, I was...

replies: 10 views: 425
Avatar for Sky
Sky 1 hour ago
Avatar for super teaboy87

Hello all. I will be recording a band in the not to distant future who have quite a late 80s pop influence in their...

super teaboy87
replies: 23 views: 3,671
Avatar for bangbang
bangbang 1 hour ago
Avatar for thenameisryan

I found this in an antique shop the other day. Has anyone seen one of these? What sort of power cable would I need? I'm not...

replies: 4 views: 463
Avatar for thismercifulfate
thismercifulfate 1 hour ago
Avatar for soundmodel

Why aren't more people sampling their gear for Nebula? Particularly, because I find it a bit problematic that there are few guys...

replies: 0 views: 60
Avatar for soundmodel
soundmodel 1 hour ago
Avatar for italo de angelis

kfhkh By far delay is the most used effect of the most used effects, chorus, delay, reverb. By far delay has the widest range...

italo de angelis
replies: 24 views: 6,837
Avatar for ruffrecords
ruffrecords 2 hours ago
Avatar for Karpmentalise

Hello all! Just wanted to give you guys some updatse on our side as a lot of you were really interested in the products we...

replies: 36 views: 1,859
Avatar for Ells
Ells 2 hours ago
Avatar for The Convicted

Has anyone heard of Ross Martin Audio. He has a 2 channel ad converter for $200, and a 2 channel Da converter for $300. Using...

The Convicted
replies: 400 views: 73,792
Avatar for victoroni
victoroni 2 hours ago
Avatar for zinzin

looking for a "darker" vocal mic. i use for vocals michael joly hulk - very good, rode nt2a - mostly to bright and...

replies: 323 views: 21,603
Avatar for zinzin
zinzin 4 hours ago
Avatar for noah440

For the first Van Halen record, which sounds very small and thin drum-wise to me, what kind of drumset and snare did he use, and...

replies: 0 views: 124
Avatar for noah440
noah440 5 hours ago
Avatar for zinedine

hey, i found that old cassette recorder and want to run some drums through it. now my question, where is the input and where the...

replies: 5 views: 240
Avatar for soundebler
soundebler 6 hours ago
replies: - views: -
Avatar for trevon
trevon 6 hours ago
Avatar for logjamparty

I like the D-Box, but not having a remote is a deal breaker for me. Also, reports from a few people who own one, indicate routing...

replies: 7 views: 1,408
Avatar for acupunk
acupunk 6 hours ago
Avatar for dusted william

Tweaker was supposed to be out by now, but I don't see new video's or press. anyone have any new news? Thanks, dw

dusted william
replies: 76 views: 11,904
Avatar for szyam
szyam 8 hours ago
Avatar for ali3la3la

S*** just got real. Real affordable. From their FB page: Introducing the WA73 Family by Warm Audio. • 1073-style British...

replies: 1,285 views: 173,783
Avatar for szyam
szyam 8 hours ago
Avatar for jtsv2

Title says it all really, are there any vocal mics with a small boost at 200hz? thanks Update: only one I've found so far is the...

replies: 13 views: 647
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 8 hours ago
Avatar for alexbassguy

Here's a question - any slutz know of any new/upcoming Neve 2254/2264/33609-type units in development or coming out anytime soon?...

replies: 16 views: 750
Avatar for Joe Hone
Joe Hone 8 hours ago
Avatar for Ain't Nobody

I've always avoided widening plugs and typically thought that plus the occasional half-hearted check in mono was enough, but I'm...

Ain't Nobody
replies: 88 views: 3,291
Avatar for Ain't Nobody
Ain't Nobody 9 hours ago
Avatar for mcsharp

I just thought this would be a fun discussion. Here's mine: I recently bought a Heil PR40 off some kid. The poor innocent PR40...

replies: 51 views: 1,291
Avatar for Lance Lawson
Lance Lawson 9 hours ago
Avatar for mcj.joseph7

I have an Apollo Twin with Quad processing, an SM7B and a Cloudlifter. I've recently made a thread asking for help with some hiss...

replies: 0 views: 135
Avatar for mcj.joseph7
mcj.joseph7 10 hours ago
Avatar for Ain't Nobody

Seems like every time I try to compare any mix I'm working on to any pop reference, I ALWAYS want more 200hz in there than the...

Ain't Nobody
replies: 66 views: 2,193
Avatar for Ain't Nobody
Ain't Nobody 11 hours ago
Avatar for livingloud

Hi all, Obviously I am not the only one who is using old Soundcraft desks, and since Soundcraft does not stock parts from the...

replies: 43 views: 1,866
Avatar for gpiccolini
gpiccolini 12 hours ago
Avatar for Rob Coates

I know it's their dime but...what do you do with a client that nit piks every tiny detail of the mix and wants constant changes...

Rob Coates
replies: 166 views: 5,122
Avatar for joeq
joeq 12 hours ago
Avatar for Matchless1069

So has anyone worked with the Sony MXP 2000 before. What are they worth? What's the good and bad of...

replies: 37 views: 19,774
Avatar for dlmorley
dlmorley 12 hours ago
Avatar for NamelessUnknown

Hello, I am a gearslut and have some money, so it must be spent. I have a Blackspade UM17R that carries most of the vocal duty...

replies: 33 views: 1,954
Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 12 hours ago
Avatar for bobby yarrow

So, is any old lightpipe cable the same thing as an ADAT lightpipe cable, or do they just look the same? Thanks.

bobby yarrow
replies: 24 views: 12,871
Avatar for d_r_i_x
d_r_i_x 12 hours ago
Avatar for Guitarist93

Which Mic is better for vocal recording? I have a dynamic sm48 and a condenser neewer bm-8000.

replies: 0 views: 210
Avatar for Guitarist93
Guitarist93 13 hours ago
Avatar for buzzripper

Simple question: I have a small semi-pro studio, some 6" Tannoys for primary monitors, which are hooked up to a...

replies: 0 views: 169
Avatar for buzzripper
buzzripper 14 hours ago
Avatar for CorporateJ

Yeah, preferably a popular mic that’s consistently used and has been manufactured for decades with this quirk. Also I’d...

replies: 3 views: 270
Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 14 hours ago
Avatar for boboji

I am constantly trying to stand on or wrap around a mic stand or.....the chord on my headphones. When tracking guitars is when it...

replies: 17 views: 17,686
Avatar for steveisaudio
steveisaudio 14 hours ago
Avatar for kojak

Sorry gang, posted the below earlier but neglected to post the link to the sounds like a tool. Dig it: Hey gang, just got my...

replies: 2 views: 286
Avatar for kojak
kojak 15 hours ago
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I’ve been considering the ISK 2B Beauty mic for recording vocals but I have been recommended the Avantone CV-12 by a...

replies: 16 views: 681
Avatar for PickledPat
PickledPat 15 hours ago
Avatar for pete

hey! I tested a Townsend Labs Sphere L22 today and was a bit disapointed about the sound - I didnt expect it to be very close...

replies: 2 views: 399
Avatar for jonespnice
jonespnice 15 hours ago
Avatar for kevinc

What`s the deal with these strange looking fellas ? I`ve got one that I never had a cord to work with it. The damn things...

replies: 41 views: 39,311
Avatar for vernier
vernier 15 hours ago
Avatar for deern

I've been thinking of buying a single cymbal to use for recording, which I mentioned in another thread: But I'm also...

replies: 9 views: 354
Avatar for vernier
vernier 16 hours ago
Avatar for sameey

Hey guys, I recently posted a question about which monitors to get. So I ended up getting the KRK v8s4 today, I was excited to...

replies: 62 views: 2,544
Avatar for richrenken
richrenken 17 hours ago
Avatar for erike123

Is Serban mixing all itb or is he using some outboard? What plugins is he using? Someone has to know something about his...

replies: 198 views: 13,356
Avatar for newguy1
newguy1 17 hours ago
Avatar for laperlestudio

Anybody saw these?! Instagram That's exciting!

replies: 40 views: 5,063
Avatar for alanhyatt
alanhyatt 18 hours ago
Avatar for Gwengolo

Hi, I have an issue with my patchbay neutrik NPPA-TT-PT I have big humming issues It's a half normalled connection. After...

replies: 0 views: 177
Avatar for Gwengolo
Gwengolo 18 hours ago
Avatar for Gammon2004

Link to shootout files is kind of buried, so here it is at the top: Box Hi all - I recently got this mod done and put together...

replies: 27 views: 1,456
Avatar for thermos
thermos 18 hours ago
Avatar for r0ck1r0ck2

well the 277 for example... anyone? let her rip

replies: 14 views: 5,148
Avatar for djepifanio
djepifanio 19 hours ago
Avatar for attaboy_jhb

Ok so I am about to buy one of these mics... has anybody tried all three? has anybody tried two? I would love to hear from you I...

replies: 45 views: 8,262
Avatar for Sigfried Chicken
Sigfried Chicken 19 hours ago
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

Does anyone know of or have an MP3 upload of the "Linndrum alternate sounds demo tape"? There's an ad for it in this...

replies: 0 views: 213
Avatar for rhythmcomposer
rhythmcomposer 19 hours ago
Avatar for John N

Title pretty much sums it up. Which one has more vibe, more fun and more toneful? Looking for a moderately budget friendly comp...

John N
replies: 8 views: 511
Avatar for John N
John N 19 hours ago
Avatar for zinedine

hey guys, do you know which synthesizer (or instruments) they used to create that sounds at the beginning? YouTube i hear...

replies: 0 views: 201
Avatar for zinedine
zinedine 20 hours ago
Avatar for ShadowAMD

Yeah, this topic has been dragged through the hedges many times but c'mon so has most topics here ;).. I have a bit of a tale to...

replies: 0 views: 214
Avatar for ShadowAMD
ShadowAMD 20 hours ago


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