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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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weave 3 minutes ago
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Hello, I am in search of a pair of high-end headphones for long production sessions in an acoustically non-treated room. I was...

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Stefanob 7 minutes ago
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I think I've narrowed my search for a VO mic. I really need help of those who tried these mics for spoken word. To my ears,...

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Dohreetoh 16 minutes ago
Avatar for Granny Nakajima

Hi, I'm looking for a vocal microphone that can pick up sounds in a wide area. Tell me some vocal microphones with a wider...

Granny Nakajima
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thismercifulfate 58 minutes ago
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Hi I'm considering buy another pair of PSI A23M monitors which is a fairly hefty investment for a long term studio. But I've...

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johannburkard 1 hour ago
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Hi, my fellow Gearslutz, as we all probably know, Behrinher is teasing for some time its new, "most amazing" etc....

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Leveuho 1 hour ago
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I think this needs its own thread! not much talk about them...

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manpile 2 hours ago
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i don't know if anyone is going to look in the thread i asked in ("fan disable or not"), so i thought i'd make a thread...

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RickD 2 hours ago
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hi there :) for my studies in audio engineering I write an article about the unconventional use of audio equipment. Examples...

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Sigma 2 hours ago
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Hello all! Just wanted to give you guys some updatse on our side as a lot of you were really interested in the products we...

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metalplated 2 hours ago
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HI all, I am a little concerned about the monitoring output of my SSL Six. I hear it a bit ¨SSl colored¨, the sound is...

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[email protected] 3 hours ago
Avatar for Funny Cat

Pretty simple question. I think I have a grasp on the answer but am quite interested in others' opinions on this. I haven't...

Funny Cat
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Prosny 3 hours ago
Avatar for jazzcabbage

@ 2:44 in. That glitchy effect on the guitar. What might that be?

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jazzcabbage 4 hours ago
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I always see people complaining how the Neumann TLM 103 can be overly bright and on the strident side. But i think i found a...

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BIG BUDDHA 4 hours ago
Avatar for henryrobinett

I just did an important two days session recording jazz. This is going to compromise two albums with of music. Great drummer flew...

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BIG BUDDHA 4 hours ago
Avatar for bill5

Any rumours of what to expect?

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BIG BUDDHA 4 hours ago
Avatar for gearholic

I bought a dbx 286s recently, and it makes a buzzing sound, with nothing connected but the power cable, and all dials turned to...

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gearholic 5 hours ago
Avatar for konkon

So I have a Vermona DSR-3 dual channel spring reverb on the way. I am expecting this to be a pretty good spring reverb...

replies: 156 views: 4,049
Avatar for konkon
konkon 5 hours ago
Avatar for tkaitkai

When researching various M49-style mics (especially the cheaper options), there’s plenty of technical info to be found, but not...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 7 hours ago
Avatar for tboston007

I am working in ProTools/Cubase with Apollo Silver, summing into Dangerous DBox (original) then through ADesigns The Nail and...

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Avatar for zilla_studios
zilla_studios 7 hours ago
Avatar for DanTheMan06

OK guys and gals, I own a small but expanding studio, mostly recording, in order to survive and grow I am doing more business...

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DanTheMan06 8 hours ago
Avatar for golders

Hey all, I'd just like your opinion on this one please. I have the opportunity to get a 1960 Gates "TV-10 audio control...

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fromthepuggle 8 hours ago
Avatar for chessparov2.0

So I finally completed the 5(!) "George Harrison" verses, and the main Chorus of the Traveling Wilburys "Handle...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 8 hours ago
Avatar for Blu3sh1ft

Should I worry about the rust spreading to my mic etc? It had been left outside for 2 years. When I pull the mic stand in and out...

replies: 4 views: 262
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gwlee7 8 hours ago
Avatar for soupking

Okay, last winter I bought a Pultec MH-4 tube mixer. The purchase at the time seemed kind of novel. I was getting this great...

replies: 38 views: 15,205
Avatar for fromthepuggle
fromthepuggle 9 hours ago
Avatar for Con1741

If you had roughly €500-€800 to spend on a ribbon mic would you go for an old refurbished vintage one or a new build?

replies: 1 views: 143
Avatar for andersmv
andersmv 9 hours ago
replies: 25 views: 1,318
Avatar for Eric Edwards
Eric Edwards 10 hours ago
Avatar for DJ.Makosi

Though hardly revolutionary, it bears repeating. Leave all your DAW faders, including returns and master at 0. Never touch...

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RBHan 10 hours ago
Avatar for Con1741

Hi all, new on here so this is my first post. I recently bought a used UAD 4-710d unit. Upon arriving I set it up and tried each...

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Avatar for Con1741
Con1741 10 hours ago
Avatar for konkon

Hey guys. If I am recording or mixing through a chain of outboard gear, what do I do if one item has unbalanced ins/outs? From a...

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Avatar for konkon
konkon 11 hours ago
Avatar for Musikorta

Hello everyone! I have in the workshop this German vintage EQ, of which I have virtually no information. According to the seller...

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Musikorta 11 hours ago
Avatar for konkon

Hi guys. I have a little story. If anyone can help advise I would really appreciate it. So today most of my gear arrived for...

replies: 134 views: 2,168
Avatar for konkon
konkon 11 hours ago
Avatar for Mendocino beano

I bought a used 6176. It looks... well used. I suspect that it’s not operating at full capacity for a couple reasons... for...

Mendocino beano
replies: 2 views: 260
Avatar for Mendocino beano
Mendocino beano 11 hours ago
Avatar for IsleBeatUDown

Anyone have any experience with a KRK authorized service center? Most likely I have amplifier issues in a VXT8, i.e. not...

replies: 1 views: 457
Avatar for JIminyglitch
JIminyglitch 11 hours ago
Avatar for esppse

Hello, I just purchased a Soundcraft MH3 for my studio to use the EQ only. I am going out the DAW, into the EQ, and...

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Avatar for esppse
esppse 11 hours ago
Avatar for brianellefson

That Audio Test Kitchen page has been super cool for comparing mics. Kudos to them for making something so useful for all of us....

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Avatar for brianellefson
brianellefson 11 hours ago
Avatar for AlanWalk

LED lights induced noise>> removed by a simple thin foil and a stupid wire. HOW?! More...

replies: 11 views: 423
Avatar for AlanWalk
AlanWalk 12 hours ago
Avatar for jazzmik2000

Is it redundant having the same type/family monitors? I have a set of the A77x and looking for a smaller 2-way. Am I better off...

replies: 7 views: 206
Avatar for Slug1
Slug1 12 hours ago
Avatar for zovar

Hi everybody, I am experiencing some weird problems with my Metric Halo 2822 interface (3D upgraded). When I connect any of the...

replies: 1 views: 208
Avatar for mh_bj
mh_bj 12 hours ago
Avatar for tomwatson

At the exact time I was considering buying a Daking Mic Pre 500, I discovered that they appear to have been discontinued :(...

replies: 26 views: 3,963
Avatar for votive
votive 12 hours ago
Avatar for Alt_ok

First post. hope this is the right way to do it. I recently procured a BAE 2CR with two 1073 modules for a ridiculous price. I'm...

replies: 2 views: 161
Avatar for James7800
James7800 13 hours ago
Avatar for mattrico

Recently came into possession of this desk and can't find any information anywhere about it. was hoping there might be at least...

replies: 5 views: 336
Avatar for mattrico
mattrico 13 hours ago
Avatar for Rob Coates

Since people are now receiving their ZULU, and testing it, I think it's time for a new thread dedicated to ZULU. I got mine this...

Rob Coates
replies: 2,525 views: 253,366
Avatar for basic
basic 13 hours ago
Avatar for kwazi

Hi folks, These appeared on my radar recently, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with them and how they compare...

replies: 52 views: 7,240
Avatar for roger
roger 13 hours ago
Avatar for CaptainGear

About to have a project mastered. I've been thinking I'll have Sterling Sound do it. However, an engineer at a recording studio I...

replies: 61 views: 2,317
Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 14 hours ago
Avatar for JWSpaceMan

Hi -- Tweaking guitar rack and adding a Focusrite interface. Image is in attachment. Several steps have been taken to...

replies: 2 views: 137
Avatar for JWSpaceMan
JWSpaceMan 15 hours ago
Avatar for konkon

Hi guys. BSS DPR 402 vs 404 vs 422 (Opal) Does anyone know the difference between these three BSS compressor / de-esser...

replies: 22 views: 805
Avatar for konkon
konkon 16 hours ago
Avatar for JayRobIBZ

Hello, I am in the process of getting a home studio set up. My buddies want to do some multi-performer recording sessions and I...

replies: 0 views: 123
Avatar for JayRobIBZ
JayRobIBZ 16 hours ago
Avatar for DMan

Hi, I've just gone from KRK Rokit 5 G3s to Adam A7x's but my stereo image has completely changed. I'm trying to pinpoint...

replies: 11 views: 1,159
Avatar for Wayne
Wayne 16 hours ago
Avatar for Maya Pinion

I've been using the same pair of NS10M's for a VERY long time. I know they are notoriously controversial, but that's not what...

Maya Pinion
replies: 15 views: 1,199
Avatar for GreenNeedle
GreenNeedle 17 hours ago
Avatar for camomiletea

Thought it might be nice to do a comparison between the standard preamps on a Clarett 4pre (under 100usd per channel) and the ISA...

replies: 55 views: 2,709
Avatar for tedtan
tedtan 18 hours ago


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