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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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vernier 10 hours ago
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Seems like the gap is getting wider and wider all the time between the “1%,” the artists with major-label backing and radio...

Brent Hahn
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SonorPhonic 1 minute ago
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Hi all, I recently received my custom LA-2A from Chris Yetter at Audio-Scape Engineering. He was amazing to work with and I...

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JSchlomo 3 minutes ago
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I decided to try the IsoAcoustic stands finally. Replaced the auralex foam pads underneath the monitors I'm currently using and...

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dickiefunk 15 minutes ago
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It's a rare thing, for the internet, but opinions on the Telefunken M60 FET SDC's seem thin on the ground. Anyone tried them?...

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JoshuaMetzger 55 minutes ago
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Looking to purchase a KM84. Suggestions on price, and variations in models? Anything to look out for specifically when finding...

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drBill 55 minutes ago
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Hi guys. Not a new topic obviously but wanted to start a conversation on using hardware pultecs into a compressor on the 2 bus.....

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Wiggy Neve Slut 1 hour ago
Avatar for SEED78

$735 for a well made u47 inspired mic sounds really good, am interested in their 251 too! Any users here?? Advanced Audio...

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Dricks123 1 hour ago
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Hi Guys, I've recorded vocals for some time now and now I get more (electric) guitar players recording stuff at my studio....

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DeadPoet 1 hour ago
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Lately I've been recording a lot of vocalists with a wide dynamics. On the verses they whisper and on the choruses they yell....

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Drumsound 1 hour ago
Avatar for Jawsome

I know that standalone combo vocal plugs just stick comp/saturator/delay/reverb/de-esser/limiter, etc. under one hood, and you...

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NathanBarley 1 hour ago
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Do I trust my video editing software's meter when it is hotter than my mixed track? I mixed my album so it's just below...

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contax 2 hours ago
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I have made a custom reverb sound out of 20+ auxiliary channels with reverbs, delay and more tricks. What do you think of this?...

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Drumsound 2 hours ago
Avatar for mikoo69

Wondering for those who’ve directly a/b’d what they’ve found? I’m going to experiment running my mics through my analog...

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Avatar for bgood
bgood 2 hours ago
Avatar for needlz

Hey All, Anyone know what mic/mics used to track MJ & Prince's (artist known as, the artist, etc. etc) vocals? I am going...

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toledo3 2 hours ago
Avatar for tomjal

Hi, i have a question. I'm planning to buy UMC1820 and I have Lynx L22, LS ADAT Audi Interface. I'm using L22 as the Audio...

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tomjal 3 hours ago
Avatar for kelitupu

Hi alll - is this possible? I want to use an outboard compressor with my VMS one....I connected the VMA one into my JoeMeek...

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Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 3 hours ago
Avatar for no1funkydrummer

Hi there, I’m under 30. I run a studio. I engineer and I produce. I get a varied bunch of artists and bands coming in. One...

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gravyface 4 hours ago
Avatar for Thavma

After my research on reverb units, plugins and gears I found out that all reverbs are digital emulations. Meaning something that...

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chrischoir 5 hours ago
Avatar for gfunny72

I recently have been listening to this album - aside from some of the best guitar playing I've heard in my life - this has some...

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gfunny72 5 hours ago
Avatar for sentimiento

When I asked this, I asked this hypothetically. I'm looking for opinions. I built an Auratone 5C style speaker and I posted it on...

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Avatar for FranciscoFrugoni
FranciscoFrugoni 5 hours ago
Avatar for jyesss

Who can tell me what piece of gear is responsible for that nauseatingly common acoustic guitar sound that was so cool 20 years...

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jyesss 6 hours ago
Avatar for GHINII

If a client sees you don't care about the music and only about the money you will lose them fast. I dealt with a engineer...

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AuldLangSine 6 hours ago
Avatar for Leveuho

Hi, my fellow Gearslutz, as we all probably know, Behrinher is teasing for some time its new, "most amazing" etc....

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Avatar for sleepyhollos
sleepyhollos 7 hours ago
Avatar for JoaT

After a move to get back in the box I have decided on Cubase / Console 1 based system. What annoys me beyond imagination is the...

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Avatar for niversen
niversen 7 hours ago
Avatar for nexus_py

Hi there, I'm working at a studio in Paraguay and there's a Fat Bustard 2 here that belongs to the owner but for some reason...

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Avatar for sleepyhollos
sleepyhollos 7 hours ago
Avatar for ForeignFaraz

Hello Gearslutz, I’m looking to make my next big mic purchase for an overall improvement of production quality at my studio....

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Avatar for tymish
tymish 8 hours ago
Avatar for RightOnRome

any opinions? Fredenstein Bento 6S 6-slot 500 Series Chassis, Black | Sweetwater Midas L6 Six Space 500 Series Rack |...

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Avatar for gypsymoth
gypsymoth 8 hours ago
Avatar for syoreed

Hi gang, So an Avalon 737 started smoking in one of the studios I manage. I shut down the session, unplugged it, and opened...

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Avatar for yunoverse
yunoverse 9 hours ago
Avatar for attaboy_jhb

I have the focusrite ISA 2 preamp going into a Clarett 4 and on the front panel of the ISA there is metering in dbfs. The problem...

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Avatar for Lumbergh
Lumbergh 9 hours ago
Avatar for Trakon

Hi everybody! I just started to build my first recording /mixing studio and i really need some help spending my budget smart. Im...

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Trakon 9 hours ago
Avatar for invalidusername

ok i'm bored so here's a list of what i could find, searching on youtube, interviews.... A lot of top 40 stuff here, sorry, but...

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Avatar for QueenSisi
QueenSisi 9 hours ago
Avatar for Rtje

Hi, I'm planning to record my upright piano. I want a permanent recording setup, but my piano is in the living room, so I want...

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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 9 hours ago
Avatar for mikoo69

Did some tests comparing a U67 and a 4038 on vocals. The 4038 required about 20db more gain than the 67 to get a similar output....

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Avatar for cheu78
cheu78 10 hours ago
Avatar for wd91204

Howdy folks! So, if you had $1000 (give or take a hundred or two) to spend on mics (or A mic), what would you buy? I'm only...

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Avatar for Mr Funk
Mr Funk 10 hours ago
Avatar for FranciscoFrugoni

Hi, I noticed a strange issue the last days. Regardless of the monitors I select, when I play a sine wave (at different...

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Avatar for theglow
theglow 10 hours ago
Avatar for vernier

I love studios, they all leave an impression. Here's some I recorded in, including a couple I mixed the project as...

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Avatar for SonorPhonic
SonorPhonic 10 hours ago
Avatar for arkyz03

Hey guys, first post on here. I was wondering if it was possible to send the Kick Drum for example on an 808 (or any drum...

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Avatar for Amsoily
Amsoily 10 hours ago
Avatar for WiZKiD

This is not a plug, just a really happy customer. This guy deserves a review. I have used a bunch of summing boxes along with...

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Avatar for husak
husak 11 hours ago
Avatar for t-bone

EQP-KT | Equalizers | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Group Price anyone?

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Avatar for Emi
Emi 11 hours ago
Avatar for lape

Hey guys. This is a poll about the distance of your monitors. I still want to know how many of you observe the...

replies: 12 views: 4,659
Avatar for goom
goom 12 hours ago
Avatar for R3KMUSIC

Hey guys-- Has anyone ever used the "Rear bus" technique? It's my understanding that Andrew Scheps sends everything in...

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Avatar for GreenNeedle
GreenNeedle 12 hours ago
Avatar for edaub1

Does anyone know what this is? This is all it has. I am guessing a bunch some wires are missing. If it at all possible.. how much...

replies: 7 views: 420
Avatar for vernier
vernier 12 hours ago
Avatar for RobinJacobsson

Hi, I just started to build a homestudio and found some speakers in the garage. What do you say about those? Which one to Keep...

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Avatar for DownTheLine
DownTheLine 12 hours ago
Avatar for thebrightestday

Has anyone tried them yet? (

replies: 11 views: 1,180
Avatar for Dokterrock
Dokterrock 13 hours ago
Avatar for Skol303

Ok, so this is one of those "which flavour ice cream?" questions... "chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?" A:...

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Avatar for Mr Funk
Mr Funk 13 hours ago
Avatar for Talljoe

After a long wait the first Silver Bullets started trickling out and I was one of the first to receive one. As fate would have it...

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Avatar for XAXAU
XAXAU 14 hours ago
Avatar for Stergios T.

hi i need some help to decide which of those 3 montors is better for my needs. I already have a really good pair of monitors...

Stergios T.
replies: 0 views: 150
Avatar for Stergios T.
Stergios T. 14 hours ago
Avatar for Ftaj

Hi folks Just joined. Here goes my first thread....a question to all you fine folks. I am thinking of using my Neumann...

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Avatar for Ftaj
Ftaj 15 hours ago
Avatar for Snarshall

I’m just curious I keep seeing lots of SM7 Mics assembled in Mexico and less SM7 Mics made in America. Is there much of a...

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Avatar for kellyd
kellyd 15 hours ago
Avatar for jacktiki411

I run a Rednet system. I needed a couple of more preamps but then I saw a deal on the Rednet 4 that has 8 mic pres. More than I...

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Avatar for Geoff Poulton
Geoff Poulton 15 hours ago


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