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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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OliverOctave 2 days ago
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Check it out: 99 NAMM videos in all their glory! kfhkh :cowbell: rockout :synth: freshflowe...

The Press Desk
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Drumsound 7th February 2020
Avatar for traynor_garnet

I have a little music room in my home which is both a jam room and a recording room. Most of the recording is done direct so...

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ChunkTunnel 23 minutes ago
Avatar for usrockband

Hi all, I’m currently in the market for a pair of monitors for my small apartment. I currently have a set of HS8s in my main...

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cheu78 37 minutes ago
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Hey All, This is another thread where I'm looking for suggestions on future purchases that can't happen right away. I've...

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Progmatic-Studios 50 minutes ago
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FF to 29:45 where he voices his explicit opinion on using hardware to mix....

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IM WHO YOU THINK 50 minutes ago
Avatar for tuppaware

I know a number of people are doing to hard at the moment, but for those of us outside of the US is now the best time to buy...

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B.Collins 59 minutes ago
Avatar for jdurango

After considering the Behringer P16 system, I'm now interested in the DP48 for obvious reasons. My main concern is that (at least...

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jdurango 1 hour ago
Avatar for ladydogbrain

Hey y'all I'm looking to up my vocal and (electric) guitar recordings on the cheap - came into a bit of spare cash recently and...

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Drumsound 1 hour ago
Avatar for TheSLIP

Hi everyone, Brand new member here, so I hope I'm in the right forum. I've been recording on and off in a very amateur fashion...

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DrScruggs 1 hour ago
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I have an EVE TS108, always wondering that this speaker is already the same price as my satellite box! Isn't the subwoofer simply...

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Felix233 1 hour ago
Avatar for RightOnRome

I think this needs its own thread! not much talk about them...

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ASiK 2 hours ago
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I'm a noob regarding hardware but I'll try to keep it short: I'm looking for an affordable hardware unit with which I can run...

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Avatar for sirjuxtable
sirjuxtable 2 hours ago
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Just curious. Is anyone still using hardware reverb units in the studio since we have a LOT of awesome reverb plugins like...

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Bassmankr 2 hours ago
Avatar for guitarmax_99

So I've recently bought a new computer and am in the process of trying to update Pro Tools. I'm now on day 2 of trying to get...

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Avatar for Poopypants
Poopypants 2 hours ago
Avatar for camomiletea

There is a technique for getting your spaced stereo pair of microphones "in phase" before recording. It basically...

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joeq 3 hours ago
Avatar for Flymax

Well here goes-- M149 - Rich and full- great drum room mic and for big male vx Vintech 473 - sounds killer..BTW the DI's are...

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Avatar for Seamus TM
Seamus TM 3 hours ago
Avatar for kijix84

Any good mics for recording grand piano on a budget? Anyone have any recordings of anything?

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Avatar for Issadore
Issadore 3 hours ago
Avatar for akim74

Ok so I'm a real noob to this stuff. My equipment consists of the Earthworks 1024 preamp and Lynx (n) aurora AD/DA convertor. I...

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akim74 4 hours ago
Avatar for otherworld1

At the moment i have JBL LSR 305 which i find good, but somehow lack clearity for me, so i wanna step up now and buy one of those...

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Avatar for N1Greg
N1Greg 4 hours ago
Avatar for Gear Celibacy

Hi there. I messaged Timbaland's studio manager on Twitter – as he was new to Twitter – and he basically told me that the...

Gear Celibacy
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TheLastByte 4 hours ago
Avatar for Scragend

I suspect people may start shopping a little more discerningly these days! What was you last non-Chinese made hardware...

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fried fingers 4 hours ago
Avatar for filmcomposer

Is there a way of linking a studio 'RECORDING' light to the recording control of a DAW?

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Avatar for Glamrock80
Glamrock80 5 hours ago
Avatar for Luca79

Would you still use a SDC like a KM184, or would you use a LDC (in this case, any suggestions for the best options?). Thanks

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Avatar for sirjuxtable
sirjuxtable 5 hours ago
Avatar for David1085

I’d like to introduce this thread by a review of to classic reggae albums that are on my point of view also two of the best...

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Avatar for Funny Cat
Funny Cat 5 hours ago
Avatar for Mindfood

Hello there ! I'm new here and first i want to begin saying thanks because i've learned a lot reading this forum ! Finally i...

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Avatar for JohnDrake
JohnDrake 5 hours ago
Avatar for CKenterpro

I know this has been discussed many times but I need a pair of headphones to do mixing on late at night since I don't have too...

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Avatar for ardis
ardis 6 hours ago
Avatar for ayskura

Ninjam is amazing! I can't express how is it cool to have something like that a reality! this is the most advanced thing in music...

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ayskura 6 hours ago
Avatar for HOTC

Since Feb I have had hearing problems, It started as hearing off centre but for the past few months it's bass. When I hear bass...

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Avatar for Countmorris
Countmorris 7 hours ago
Avatar for octanemedia

So with Akais latest release of the MPC, the MPC One, I am now aced with a decision. Get rid of my renaissance for an MPC one. Im...

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octanemedia 9 hours ago
Avatar for MADA

Hi there! Id like to buy a pair of hi end headphones for mixing and mastering purposes, I always liked using cans for that, I...

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haysonics 9 hours ago
Avatar for James Lugo

I have been thinking about doing this, assembling a list of all current SSL console owners and users and their console...

James Lugo
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Avatar for oyanliz
oyanliz 10 hours ago
Avatar for mc2600

All, My Josephson C715 is my favorite vocal mic. C716 was on my list to get next. I love the company and the mics. Now I see a...

replies: 52 views: 11,251
Avatar for andersmv
andersmv 10 hours ago
Avatar for MayorAdamWest

I’ve just purchased a new MixPre-6 II and a Royer R-122 MkII. They are replacing a Zoom H6 and a Shure Beta58a. Upon my...

replies: 16 views: 265
Avatar for MayorAdamWest
MayorAdamWest 11 hours ago
Avatar for Tristan_Mendoza

I'm in the market for a new interface that uses Thunderbolt 3 and works with PC. I currently have an Apollo Twin mk2 connected...

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Avatar for Tristan_Mendoza
Tristan_Mendoza 11 hours ago
Avatar for StefanLL1991

I am looking for a kind of software that I can use to particularly remove the wow from vinyl recordings. What kind of software...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 11 hours ago
Avatar for soilworker24

Hi guys! Im looking for a way to have a few inputs for headphones in my studio. For now there is only 1 that comes from my...

replies: 9 views: 214
Avatar for bowzin
bowzin 12 hours ago
Avatar for ardis

Hey just got an email about Tfunk tubes from the company. Anyone tried the new ones. Noticed they are made with JJ and even had...

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Avatar for ardis
ardis 12 hours ago
Avatar for Okatvius

Hey, could you give me a tip for the level between my monitorcontroller and the active monitorspeaker. On the mackie...

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Avatar for Okatvius
Okatvius 12 hours ago
Avatar for Dokterrock

Okay, real simple. I have all three of these microphones and thought I would upload some tracks for your illumination since I...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 13 hours ago
Avatar for juicylime

You know what I mean. We've all got 'em! Ok, I'll go first; Why does a graphic waveform have top and bottom shapes that aren't...

replies: 6,264 views: 646,686
Avatar for IGotWorms
IGotWorms 13 hours ago
Avatar for erike123

Are these useful in any way for recording, mixing etc.?

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Avatar for erike123
erike123 14 hours ago
Avatar for Szorn

Hi guys, My studio is currently a one room set up and at the moment my kit is on a rug which I can drag the whole kit around...

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Avatar for Bassmankr
Bassmankr 14 hours ago
Avatar for andychamp

I just got hold of an Electrovoice PL 6 mic. It's in pretty good shape and a quick A/B with a SM58 showed less highs but richer...

replies: 17 views: 10,711
Avatar for JLast
JLast 14 hours ago
Avatar for Freak s Utopia

Hi, I would pay about 270 € one Amek mz 15 channel strip, the channel strips were recently serviced, Is it...

Freak s Utopia
replies: 17 views: 2,877
Avatar for Matt Syson
Matt Syson 16 hours ago
Avatar for Seedra92

Hi Everybody, I play violin and alto professionally and I need a mic to make home recordings of me (solo instrument) or small...

replies: 10 views: 262
Avatar for Hozay
Hozay 16 hours ago
Avatar for RonT

Sorry if this has been discussed but, I was getting ready to get another Furman for my rack and like I alway do I come to GS to...

replies: 57 views: 56,324
Avatar for mrfantastic
mrfantastic 18 hours ago
Avatar for pettrer

Hi, Due to the current situation, I am now away from my studio phones (Sony 7506 and AKG 712 Pro). In addition, I have no...

replies: 0 views: 93
Avatar for pettrer
pettrer 18 hours ago
Avatar for Telefunken Lab

Are you, like us, working from home with your TELEFUNKEN mics? We'd like to see! Comment or DM us your photos and we will add...

Telefunken Lab
replies: 2 views: 139
Avatar for RayHeath
RayHeath 18 hours ago
Avatar for sensationblack

Hi all The inital plan after getting the SSL SiX, was to add Elysia Xfilter + Xpressor. Heard every demo online and decided...

replies: 12 views: 651
Avatar for bowzin
bowzin 19 hours ago
Avatar for Tristan_Mendoza

Hey guys, hope everyone is staying safe out there, or I guess "In there" for most of us now. Anyways! I'm building a...

replies: 1 views: 116
Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 20 hours ago
Avatar for djfearny

Hi. I am looking for a headphone around the £100 Mark to be closed back and relativy portable. I use HD650 for my main studio...

replies: 10 views: 316
Avatar for Mike Lambert
Mike Lambert 20 hours ago


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