Soundtracs Topaz problem
Old 12th December 2003
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Soundtracs Topaz problem

Hey, I have a Soundtracs Topaz Project 8 w/ meter bridge. I was wondering if anyone else has an issue with the headphone output being somewhat weak.

I'm concerned that I won't be able to get adequate volume for overdubs. I suppose I can boost the headphone output with an amp of some sort?

I got this console used and had gotten the soldering mod done to switch the tape ins/outs to be +4dbu (from the factory-set -10dbu) in case that's a possible factor.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Old 13th December 2003
That was one of my first boards.
Long sold off and gone..

I do not recall having any issues driving
7506s with that hp amp.
If your trying to drive more than one pr.
that could be your issue.
It is not meant for that.
Set up a real hp system for multiple users.

I will say that I had MANY, MANY issues
with the construction of that board and
everytime I had it repaired it came back with
another issue.
I did like the sound alot though.
Suprisingly cool eq if memory is correct.

Hope this helps.

Old 16th December 2003
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Thanks for the reply. I'm just using 1 pair of headphones directly into the headphones output on the board and it's just not a strong signal. I'll look into amp'ing the signal, then.

Yeah, the board seems kinda flimsy, but I'm hopeful I'll get some good-sounding use out of it.

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