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Focal chorus 706V

Hi Guys,

a friend of mine really likes my Focal CMS 65 and would like a pair of Passive Focal for his living room.

Looking at the Focal web site, I noticed the Chorus 706V Model, seems to be kind of a passive CMS65, same polyglass woofer and inverted dome tweeter. biggest difference is in the freq response where the only do 55Hz-28kHzand the CMS is stated 45Hz-28kHz.

Chorus 706 V, bookshelf compact Focal loudspeakers

anyone ever heard them ? Reviews online are mostly positive.

even the Center channel models look like Twin 6 be!

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Hi, I have the larger stands, the 716V's, while I also have the CMS65's in my studio.
I think they're a bit different to some extent in the mids mostly; they're both quite direct sounding, but the 716V's seem to have an ever so scooped mid-range (very little scoop), but the CMS65's are a bit mid-forward to some extent.
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Thanks for the info!
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I've got a 5.1 setup of the Chorus 800V for my home theater and love it.
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